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OPEN ENROLLMENT 2012 (En español)

New Mobile Apps UPDATE: New Health Benefit Center – City Hall 1DS
The Human Resources Health Benefits Service Center has relocated to the first floor of City Hall, room 1D-South. The service center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • For customer service, call 888.752.9122.
  • For details regarding your benefits, you can also refer to the City of Dallas 2011 Active Employee Benefits & Enrollment Guide.


2011 Publications

2011 Active Employee Benefits & Enrollment Guide (pdf) (En e​spañol)
2011 Retiree Benefits & Enrollment Guide (pdf)
Tobacco Cessation Information (pdf)
Documentation Required for all Insured Dependents (pdf)

UHC’s new Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) – Prescription Solutions

    UHC has changed the City’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager from Medco to Prescription Solutions. Members enrolled in the 70/30/3000 and the 75/25/HRA plans will receive new Medical ID cards during the week of September 20, 2010. On October 1, discard your Medical ID card that lists Medco as the PBM and replace with the new card that lists Prescription Solutions as our new vendor.

    2011 ​Specialty Pharmacy Program Brochure
    2011 Prescription Solutions Mail Order Form
    2011 UHC Prescription Solutions PDL

    Employees and their family members enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare medical plan can obtain Tier 1 Diabetes Therapy Medications without having to meet their deductible first! If you are currently taking a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Diabetes Therapy Medication, and you are interested in discussing lower-cost alternatives with your doctor, we have provided a list that you can share with your physician. If changing your medications is not an option for you, Tier 2 and Tier 3 medications on the PDL would still be covered, they would just be at a higher out of pocket cost to you.

    2011 Summary of Prescription D​​rug List Changes
    2011 Tier 1 Diabetes Therapy Medications

2011 HRA Plan Design

2011 Forms


    Common-Law-Marriage Form (Dallas County Form; please visit your County Records 
    Building for this form)

Life Insurance

Deferred Compensation

Beneficiary Designation

2010 PPO Plans - United Healthcare

2011 Dental Plans

    UHC Dental PPO C​overed Services 
    UHC Dental HMO Covered Services
    UHC Dental EPO Covered Services

2011 Vision Plans

    UHC Vision​ Plan
2011 Voluntary Benefits - Colonial Life and AFLAC (see the Voluntary Benefits Program section of the 2010 Benefits & Enrollment Guide for a description of each of these Non-City Sponsored Voluntary Benefits. You may contact Colonial at 1-800-325-4368 and AFLAC at 1-800-992-3522.).

2011 Life Insurance Plans - UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits (see the life insurance section of the 2011 Benefits & Enrollment Guide for a description of this benefit)

2011 Flexible Spending Accounts - United Healthcare

2011 Legislative Notices

20111 Vendor Web Sites and Customer Service Numbers

  City of Dallas Customer Service Center 
( Benefits Service Center)
 Health - UnitedHealthcare 
  Membership Services 1-800-736-1364
  Pharmacy Services 1-877-842-6048
  EPO/HRA/PPO Care24 1-800-586-6875

 Vision - UnitedHealthcare 
  Vision Membership Services (Spectera) 1-800-638-3120
 Dental - UnitedHealthcare 
  Dental Membership Services (HMO) 1-800-232-0990
  Dental Membership Services (PPO) 1-877-816-3596
  Website www.myuhcdental.​com
 Life Insurance - UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits 
  Membership Services (Basic, Supplemental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Dependent Life Insurance) 1-866-615-8727
 Voluntary Benefits - Colonial Life 
  Membership Services (Short-Term Disability, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement Indemnity and Universal Life) 1-800-325-4368
 Voluntary Benefits - AFLAC 
  Membership Services (Cancer Insurance and Accident Insurance) 1-800-992-3522
 Deferred Compensation - Fidelity 401(k) and 457 Plans 
  Membership Services 1-800-343-0860
 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 
  Care24 Services 
United Behavioral Health
  Access Code UHC
 WellAware Program