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Dallas Zoning Districts​

Zoning Use Chart Index

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A(A), R-1ac(A), R-1/2ac(A), R-16(A), R-13(A), R-10(A), R-7.5(A), R-5(A)> (Zoning Uses 1)

D(A), (TH-1,2,3)(A), CH, MF-1(A), MF-1(SAH), MF-2(A), MF-2(SAH), MF-3(A), MF-4(A) (Zoning Uses 2)

MH(A), NO(A), LO(A), MO(A), GO(A), NS(A), CR, RR (Zoning Uses 3)

CS, LI, IR, IM, CA-1(A), CA-2(A) (Zoning Uses 4)

MU-1, MU-1 (SAH), MU-2, MU-2 (SAH), MU-3, MU-3 (SAH) (Mixed Use Districts)

MU-1, MU-1 (SAH), MU-2, MU-2 (SAH), MU-3, MU-3 (SAH) - Zoning Uses 5

MC-1, MC-2, MC-3, MC-4, P(A) (Zoning Uses 6)

NOTE: The use chart on the following pages has not been formally adopted by the City Council. It is prepared by the city staff and intended for use as a guide only. You are advised to see the use regulations for specific regulations. In the event of a conflict between the use charts and the text of the use regulations, the text of the use regulations controls.

For additional information about the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations, please call Building Inspection, 214-948-4480 and ask for Zoning.