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Conflict of Interest​​

​​​​Conflict of Interest Questionnaires Filed by Vendors (Form CIQ)

In accordance with Local Government Code, Chapter 176.009(a). "A local governmental entity shall provide access to the statements and questionnaires filed under this chapter on the internet website maintained by the local governmental entity."

This page is updated as questionnaires are received from Business Development and Procurement Services (POM). Questions concerning information filed should be directed to POM at (214) 670-3330. Questions concerning the website posting should be addressed to the City Secretary at (214) 670-3738 or

Conflict of Interest Questionnaires are scanned into Acrobat PDF format. Click the link to download the free Acrobat Reader software.


CIQ Forms Filed by Vendors 

Required retention of these forms is three years from the date filed under Texas State Library retention number GR 1000-43.

2020 (contains bookmarks) *to date
2019 (contains bookmarks)
2018 (contains bookmarks)
2017 (contains bookmarks)

2016 (contains bookmarks)
2015 (contains bookmarks)
2014 (contains bookmarks)

Downloadable Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) from the Texas Ethics Commission.

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