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The Dallas City Council agenda is prepared under the direction of the City Manager. In accordance with requirements established by the Texas Open Meetings Act, the agenda is posted at a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of a meeting. The City Secretary's Office prepares an annotated version of the agenda showing the disposition of each agenda item following consideration by the City Council. The annotated agenda is posted the day after the council meeting. Within one week, the annotated agenda is updated to incorporate links to the resolution(s) and/or ordinance(s) approved by the City Council.

Digital Audio of City Council meetings are available from the City Secretary's Office. The audio, (in MP3 format), may be heard online, downloaded or purchased from the City Secretary's Office at a cost of $1 per CD. The audio of the meeting is in its entirety. Audio copies of only a specific part/section of the meeting are not available. You may file an Open Records Request to obtain an audio copy of a City Council meeting. You will be contacted when the recording is ready for pick up at City Hall, 5DS. Payment must be received at the time the audio CD is picked up.

Live Video Broadcast Channels
AT&T U-Verse: 99 - PEG Programming 
Time  Warner: 16 or 15.101 - Govt. Access 1
Verizon FiOS: 47 (In Dallas Only)

Below are links to the agenda, addendum to the agenda, annotated agenda, audio (beginning only in 2007), and minutes:
Note: Council Committee Meetings information available as of April 4, 2022


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