City Secretary's Office

​Department Retention Schedules

The City of Dallas complies with the retention requirements established by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC).  

On Wednesday August 12, 2020 the Dallas City Council by resolution (Resolution #20-1124) adopted all 12 TSLAC Local General Records Schedules. Individual department retention schedules are being updated to reflect this adoption.

This link will take you to the TSLAC Local Government Records Schedules

As the department schedules are updated, they will be posted on this page.

​Aviation Department (Updated 2024)
Building Services Department (Updated 2020)
City Attorney's Office (Updated 2020)
City Auditor's Office (Updated 2020)
City Manager's Office (Updated 2020)
​City Secretary's Office (Updated 2023)
​Civil Service Department (Updated 2020)
Code Compliance Department (Updated 2023)
Controller's Office (Updated2020)
Convention & Event Services Department (Updated 2020)
Communications, Outreach & Marketing (Updating 2020)
Dallas Animal Services (Updated 2020)
Dallas Fire Rescue (Updated 2020)
Dallas Police Department (Updated 2023)
Dallas Public Library (Updated 2020)
Dallas Water Utilities (Updated 2021)
Departments of Court and Detention Services (Updated 2020)
Department of Public Works (Updated 2020)
Equipment and Fleet Management (Updated 2022)
Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Department (Updated 2020)
​Human Resources Department (Updated 2021)
Information Technology Services (Updated 2020)
Management Services/311 Customer Service Center (Updated 2023)
Mayor & City Council (Updated 2020)
Municipal Court Department (Updated 2020)
Office of Arts and Culture (Updated 2020)
Office of Budget & Management Services (Updated 2020
Office of Community Care (Updated 2020)
Office of Economic Development (Updated 2020)
​Office of Emergency Management (Updated 2020)
Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability (Updated 2020)
Office of Fair Housing and Human Rights (Updated 2020)
Office of Procurement Services (Updated 2020)
Office of Risk Management (Updated 2020)
Park and Recreation Department (Updated 2020)
​Planning and Urban Design (Updated 2020)
Sanitation Services Department (Updated 2020)
Sustainable Development & Construction Department (Updated 2020)
Transportation Department (Updated 2020)