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Questions about City Council Meetings:

    • Where are City Council Meetings held?
      Information about when City Council Meetings are held is included in the City Council Rules of Procedure.
    • How do I sign up to speak at the next City Council Meeting?
      A person wishing to address the city council must first register with the City Secretary's Office and provide the following information: Name, residence address, daytime telephone number, the subject matter to be presented and whether the subject is on the current city council meeting agenda/addendum.  A person may register in person, by electronic mail or telephone.  The earliest a person may register for an upcoming city council meeting is 8:15 a.m. of the next regular business day following the previous city council meeting.  The deadline for registering to address council at a city council meeting is 5:00 p.m. of the last regular business day preceding the meeting.  No person may register to speak during an open microphone period more than once within a 30-day period.  See also these revisions to City Secretary procedures for registering to speak.
    • Are there any guidelines or rules that I must follow if I want to speak at the next Council meeting?
      Yes,  these rules are included in the City Council approved Rules of Procedures.  See also these revisions to City Secretary procedure for registering to speak.
    • Do I have to be a resident of the City of Dallas to speak at a City Council meeting?
      No, you do not have to be a resident of the City of Dallas to speak at a City Council meeting; however, preference is given to residents. More information about this is available in the City Council Rules of Procedures.
    • Who is responsible for preparing the agenda for City Council meetings?
      The City Manager is responsible for preparing the agenda for City Council meetings.
    • When and where is a City Council meeting agenda posted?
      In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, city council meeting agenda is posted at a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of the meeting, or in accordance with other provisions of the Act.  Meeting notices and agendas are listed on the City's website and physically posted for viewing during normal business hours at: City Secretary's Office 1500 Marilla St., 5DS, Dallas, Tx. 75201.  (Photocopies of Council Agendas are also available free of charge.)
    • How can I obtain a paper copy of the agenda before the city council meeting?
      Please review the above question regarding the posting of the agenda. Once an agenda is posted, a copy is available from the City Secretary's Office at (214) 670-3738.

      It is the City's normal practice to make the agenda of the regular voting meetings, which are usually the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, available on Monday, nine days before the meeting. There may be an addendum or change in the agenda up until the 72 hour posting deadline. This website will usually make the agenda available for view on the Monday following posting.​
    • How can I obtain a copy of the minutes of a City Council meeting?
      Minutes of meetings since 1995 are available on the City Secretary's webpage or available in hard copy or CD from the city secretary's office. Minutes of the most recent meeting generally are available 14 days after the meeting date, when they are approved by city council.
    • What are the charges for copies of minutes or other records of Council meetings?
      The City Secretary's office provides copies according to state regula​tions on charges, including $0.10 per page, up to 50 pages; and $1.00 per CD; mailing charges, if applicable.
    • How do I obtain a copy of a City Council meeting audio recording, annotated agenda, resolution, ordinance, contract or other approved items of the City Council?
      Audio recording, annotated agenda, resolutions, ordinances can be found by accessing City Secretary's Office Agendas, Minutes & Digital Audio Recordings webpage.  Contracts or other approved items will require an Open Records Request.
    • How soon after the Council meeting is a resolution, ordinance, or other item available?
      Approved items are generally available the Friday after the meeting. The web version of the agenda, with annotation of approvals, are updated the following week.
    • How can I find out about Council members' votes on agenda items?
      The minutes of a Council meeting include the votes on each agenda item for that meeting. The minutes for the most recent meet​ing generally are available once approved by City Council. This approval is scheduled for the second meeting following the meeting date for the minutes. This may be as few as 14 days after the meeting, or longer if the minutes are not approved as scheduled, or if there are holidays or recesses. To learn the results of Council actions, check the updated version of the agenda on this web site which cso/includes annotations as to which items were approved, not approved, or deferred. This annotated agenda is displayed on the web a few days following the meeting. Minutes since 2005 are available from the City Secretary's web site.

Questions related to the history of the City of Dallas:

    • Where can I obtain information or research records related the history of the City of Dallas?
      You may contact the City Archivist at (214) 670-5270 with questions related to the history of the City of Dallas. Go to our Archives page for a list of​ Guides to the Archives.
    • How many mayors have served the City of Dallas?
      The Honorable Mayor Eric Johnson is the 60th Mayor of the City of Dallas.
    • How can I find out when a certain council member or mayor was elected?
      We provide here a list of Mayors, City Managers, City Secretaries, City Attorneys and City Auditors. A great deal more information is online, and a set of Guides to the Archives are now online. You may contact the City Archivist at (214) 670-5270 for more information.

Questions about City elections:

Questions about Code of Ethics:

Disclaimer:​ No statement on this page replaces or interprets City code. Users may not rely on these FAQ answers as complete, detailed descriptions or interpretations of law or City code. The user must rely on the actual text of the City code, and may request an opinion from the City Attorney.​​

  • How do I contact the Ethics Advisory Commission?
    Your primary contact should usually be the staff coordinator in the City Secretary's Office, at (214) 670-3741.​
  • How do I travel to City Hall to attend a meeting?
    Detailed driving directions to City Hall are found on the City Secretary's web site here. These provide directions from main arteries, and includes three maps of city hall's location in the southern Central Business District.​
  • Who must file an Annual Financial Disclosure Statement?
    City Councilmembers and candidates, certain City employees, and members of certain specific boards and commissions on this list must file an Annual Financial Disclosure Statement​. 

Questions about City Council appointed boards and commissions:

  • How many city council appointed boards and commissions exist and how can I find out what they are?
    There are 56 city council appointed boards and commissions, listed here.​​
  • Who is appointed to what board and by which council member?
    You may call the Boards & Commissions Division of the City Secretary's Office at (214) 671-8970 to obtain information on specific board members or to obtain a list of all board members. This information can also be found on the city secretary's home page.
  • What are the qualification requirements for City Council appointed board and commission members?
    The qualifications are established in Chapter 8-1.4., the Dallas City Code. A copy of the code is available in the City Secretary's Office or at the Dallas Public Library. Request​s for copies of the qualifications may be directed the City Secretary's Office at (214) 670-3738.
  • How do I get information on boards and commissions?
    You may contact the Boards & Commissions Division of the City Secretary's Office at (214) 671-8970.

Other frequently asked questions:

  • How do I file a claim with the City or obtain information about the status of my claim?
    Claims are handled by the Department of Human Resources, Risk Management Division at (214) 671-9458
  • How do I submit an Open Records request to the City?
    Information about how to request records is available on the Open Records page.
  • How do I obtain a copy of the Texas Open Records Act, including allowable charges??
    You may hard copy of the Act and the General Service Commission rules on charges from Open Records at 214-659-8010.  You may also obtain these documents from the Texas Attorney General's open government page.
  • How can I obtain the Dallas City Code, including subscription service for future updates?
    The Dallas City Code and update subscriptions may be purchased from the publisher: American Legal Publishing Corporation at (513) 421-4248.  The Dallas City Code is now also online, along with the City Charter.
  • How can I purchase a Dallas City Charter or a Dallas City Budget book?
    The Dallas City Charter and the Dallas City Budget are available online.  For more information on how to purchase please contact City Controllers Office at  (214)670-3536 or for more frequently asked questions regarding the budget please visit Budget and Finance webpage.