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​Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-Current

​Collection 1995-023


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorDallas Department of Park and Recreation
TitleDallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files
Quantity 6.72 feet linear
AbstractCorrespondence, memoranda, manuscripts, typescript, printed reports, printed materials, photographic prints, maps, and architectural plans and drawings.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department provides leisure, recreational and cultural activities for the citizens of Dallas and the general public and maintains more than 21,000 park acres including 4,400 surface acres of water at 17 park sites, 17,196 acres of greenbelt/park land, and 61.6 miles of jogging and bike trails at 24 locations.  Dallas has over 400 individual parks, including recreational facilities such as community centers, swimming pools, athletic fields, and a metropolitan zoo.   The City's first two parks, City Park (purchased in 1876) and Fair Park (purchased in 1904), predate the organization of the Park and Recreation Department.  In response to management issues and concerns, an administrative Park Board was created by City Charter amendment in early 1905, and the first Board members were appointed by Mayor Bryan T. Barry on May 23, 1905. 

Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, financial records, reports and studies, plans and drawings, photographs, and printed materials documenting the acquisition, planning and design, maintenance, and history of City of Dallas parks and park facilities between 1911 and 1970.


The collection is arranged into the following subjects:

•  Architect Fees - Concessions
•  D - Exall
•  Exall - Grauwyler
•  Hare - Kidd Springs
•  Kidd Springs - Lake Cliff
•  Lake Cliff - Music Commission
•  National
•  O - Randall
•  Randall - Stevens
•  Stevens - Tenison
•  Tennis - Turf Maintenance
•  Turf - Winslett
•  Y - Zoo
•  Photographic prints

The collection also contains oversized materials.


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Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-Current (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Parks -- Texas -- History
Park facilities -- Texas -- History
Texas -- History
United States -- History -- 1933-1945
United States.  Works Progress Administration

Container List

Folder Title, Date
   Architect Fees - Concessions
1 1 Architect Fees
  2 Aquarium - Construction - General
  3 General Subject File "B"
  4 Bachman Lake, 1944-1949
  5 Bachman Lake, 1937-1942
  6 Bachman Lake Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)
  7 Buckner Park Expansion, 1945-1947
8 Buckner Park
  9 Central Square, 1911
  10 City Park Restorations, 1948-49-50
  11 Concession Contracts, 1950-52
  12 Concessions, 1949-1952
  13 Concessions, 1949
   D - Exall
2 1 General Subject File "D", 1915-1952
  2 Donations - Zoo, 1938-52
  3 Drowning:  Billy Dean Roach - Drowned - Lake Cliff, Male, age 5 1/2 years, June 12, 1954
  4 Drowning:  Gilbert Golden - Drowned - Fair Park Swimming Pool, June 21, 1952
  5 Drowning:  Mansfield Accident, 1945
  6 Drowning:  Roy M. Fabion, Jr. - Drowning Lake Cliff Pool, July 14, 1942
  7 Drowning:  Earl Norris - Drowned Lake Cliff, June 3, 1952
  8 Drowning:  Gladys Stokes (age 38), Griggs Swimming Pool, August 17, 1951
9 Drowning:  Fred Smith - Death - Fair Park Pool, June 6, 1948
  10 Drowning:  Padilla Accident, 1948 June
  11 Drowning:  Max D Fields  - Drowned Lake Cliff
  12 Elmwood, 1934-1951
  13 Employees Retirement Fund
  14 Exall Park
   Exall - Grauwyler
3 1 Exall and Exline, 1939-1943
  2 Exline Community House and Stevens Comfort Station
  3 Including Ferris Plaza (USO) and Fretz Park
  4 Forest High Property
  5 Forest Hills
  6 Greiner and Garrett
  7 Garrett Park
  8 Gilliam Estate (proposed park site 1950)
  9 Golf Courses for Negroes (parks)
  10 Golf General, 1945-1949
  11 Grauwyler Park, 1938-1949
   Hare - Kidd Springs
4 1 Hare and Hare, landscape architects, 1937-1944
  2 Herndon?
  3 Hines Boulevard (Kindergarten Property)?
  4 Inwood Road
  5 Insurance (Fleet), 1950-51
  6 Insurance (Fleet), 1951-52
  7 General Subject Files "F"
  8 General Subject Files "K"
  9 Kidd Springs (Square Dances), 1948-1951
  10 Kidd Springs Park, 1945-1952
  11 Kidd Springs Petition - Additional Land
   Kidd Springs - Lake Cliff
5 1 Kidd Springs Purchase
  2 George E. Kessler, 1911
  3 General Subject Files "L", 1945-1950
  4 Lagow Community Center - Spec
  5 Lanier Pool - Construction
  6 Lanier and Lisbon Playgrounds
  7 Lake Cliff Pool Alterations and Addition Specification - Contract
  8 Lake Cliff
9 Lake Cliff Lighting System
   Lake Cliff - Music Commission
6 1 Lake Cliff Boat Concession
  2 Lake Cliff Glider Boats, 1946-47
  3 Lincoln Negro High School
  4 Lisbon Pool
  5 Masterplan, (1946 Hare and Hare)
  6 Marsalis Park Zoo Reports, 1945-1950
  7 Marsalis Park, 1942-1948
8 Marsalis Park, R. J. Stinnett, 1948-1951
  9 Marsalis Park, 1920-1936
  10 Mayor and Commissioners (includes sale of 1/2 acre at Stevens Park to Water Department and other correspondence), 1920-1930
  11 McClellan Will (drinking fountains construction)
  12 Moss Park (Salvation Army) at Ervay and Holmes, 1938-1944
  13 Moss Park (Oak Cliff - reservoirs, etc.)
  14 Moore Park (golf course for Negroes - 8th St. Park, officially named, 6/29/40), 1938-1942
  15 Moore Negro Park (8th Street Park) Original Purchase and Expansion
  16 Monument Plaza (Munger Park and Boulevard (Dumes Street Park)
  17 Motion Pictures
  18 Music Commission
7 1 North American Aviation, Inc. Annual Report 1942, Recreation and Welfare
  2 National Board Office report prepared by L. B. Houston and V. A. Kormerer, Superintendent of Austin Park and Recreation Department
  3 New Parks - Edgemere (Preston Hollow) Park Site
  4 National Youth Administration, 1938-1943
  5 National Recreation Association Civil Defense Project, 1951-52
  6 National Recreation Association, 1943-1950
  7 National Recreation Association, 1950-1951
  8 National Recreation Association, 1932-1942
  9 National Recreation Association, 1940-1947
  10 Conferences - 1944 - Recreation Association Texas Beach and Pool Association; TAAF
   O - Randall
8 1 General Subject Files "O", 1926-1935
  2 Oak Cliff Negro Park, 1939-1949
  3 Oak Lawn Park, 1917-1936
  4 Oak Grove Golf Course (Capitol, Haskell, Fitzhugh: Leased Land), 1923-1939
  5 Park Board Correspondence, 1938-1943
  6 Pike - Bids on Retaining Wall - 1925 (Turney St. Summitt Play Park)
  7 Pollard and Wheeler - American Institute of Park Executives August 31, 1948
  8 American Institute of Park Executives, 1948-1949
  9 Park Executives, 1938-1943
  10 Pool and Golf Passes, 1924-1943
  11 General Subject Files "R" Including Randall Park, 1938-1943
  12 Randall Memorial Grove, 1924-1944
   Randall - Stevens
9 1 Randall Federation Membership Cards
  2 Relief Labor (Texas Relief Commission), 1933-1935
  3 Reverchon Park Ball Diamond, 1939-1948
  4 Reverchon Park Expansion, 1940-1951
5 Roosevelt Park, 1929-37
  6 Ruthmeade Park, 1921-1925
  7 Stevens Park Housing Project (Easements), 1943-44
  8 Stevens General, 1924-1941
  9 Stevens Golf Course - General, 1944-1952
   Stevens - Tenison
10 1 Stevens Clubhouse and Ground Improvements, 1939-1949
  2 SMU Students
  3 Swimming Pools Junior 1945- Brown, Peeler, Henderson Terry
  4 Swimming Pools, 1940-1943
  5 Swimming Pools, 1943-1952
  6 Sullivan Park, 1931-1938
7 Swiss Avenue, 1919-1929
  8 Tenison - General, 1946-1951
  9 Tenison Golf Course, 1923-1937
  10 Tenison Clubhouse - Bids and Contract, 1940
  11 Tenison General, 1942-45
   Tennis - Turf Maintenance
11 1 Tennis Courts - Concrete - Henderson Plans, Specs, Bids, Contract, 1944-1946
  2 Texas Recreation Association, 1942-1945
  3 Thomas Hill Park, 1930-1935
  4 Thomas Hill - Purchase, 1944-1953
  5 Tietze Park - Improvements: Swimming Pool - Paving Shelter
  6 Tietze Park, 1923-1942
  7 Tietze Park Expansion, 1944-1945
  8 Tietze Park (Llano Park), 1946-48
  9 Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1952
  10 Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1944-1950
   Turf - Winslett
12 1 Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1946-1948
  2 Mrs. E. P. Turner Plaza, 1912-1940
  3 General Subject Files "V", 1923-1933
  4 General Subject Files "W", 1937-1943
  5 General Subject Files "W", 1918-1936
6 Wahoo Club Property, 1923-1936
  7 Wahoo Park, 1944-1950
  8 Wahoo Park, 1937-1943
  9 Walford Park, 1930-1933
  10 Walnut Hill Petition for Park, May 24, 1951
  11 West Dallas Picnic Area, 1941-1944
  12 Winnetka Park, 1926-1934
  13 Wheatley Park, 1919-1933
14 Winslett Plaza, 1924-1935
   Y - Zoo
13 1 WPA Payroll, 1938
  2 General Subject Files "Y", 1935-1944
  3 Zang Boulevard, 1911
  4 Zang Boulevard, 1941-1945
  5 Zoological Society - Dallas Zoo Commission, 1924-1940
  6 Zoo Report, 1923-1930
   Photographic Series
14  Photographic prints
   Unidentified land clearing (2), undated [from Box 2, folder 1]
   Concrete amphitheater seating, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, October 1941 [from Box 4, folder 1]
   Glider boat, ca. 1947 [from Box 6, folder 2]
   Reverchon Park Lighted Baseball Diamond, constructed May 1940 (3)
   Unidentified man beside automobile, undated [from Box 12, folder 9]

Mrs WV Champion and George F. Walford, Brother and Sister, undated [from Box 12, folder 9]

  Officer Parker, Sullivan Park, and Mr. Rhone-Park Director (with group of children), undated [from Box 13, folder 4]

Container List Addition 1

BoxFolderTitle, Date
151American Institute of Park Executives, 1948-1950
 2American Institute of Park Executives, 1950
 3American Institute of Park Executives, Meeting, 1950
 4Architects Applications, 1964
 5Dallas Zoo, Animal Feed Bid, 1966
 6Donations, 1926-1942
 7Elm Fork Golf Course, Contract, 1966
 8Elm Fork Golf Course, Earthwork Contract, 1966
 9Elm Fork Golf Course, Pumping Contract, 1967
161Elm Fork Golf Course, Fencing Contract, 1967
 2Forest Playlot, Junior Pool, Construction Contract, 1971
 3Lee Park, 1939
 4Lee Park, January-February 1941
 5Lee Park, January 1941-July 1941
 6Lee Park, July 1941-September 1941
 7Lee Park, 1941-1945
 8Lee Park, Building Alterations and Additions, 1964-1965
 9Lee Park, 1965-1968
171Park and Recreation, Publications, 1962-1975
 2Pearl Street Median (Trees), Newsome Tree and Landscape Contract, 1976
 3General Subject File "R", 1918-1936
 4Reptile Testimony, Zoo (Legal Matter), 1977
 5Reverchon Park, 1922-1948
 6Turtle Creek Boulevard, Improvements, 1962-1963
 7Turtle Creek Boulevard, Illumination and Widening, 1960-1969
 8WPA, 1939-1941
 9Zoological Conference Program, 1963
181Cemeteries - General
 2Bulova - Homecoming - Honey Springs
 3Willie Mae Butler
 4Willie Mae Butler - Larry Johnson Rec Center
 5California Crossing
 6Casa Linda
 7Cedar Crest
 8Beeman Cemetery
 9L. Butler Nelson
 10Campbell-Green Cemetery
 11City Cemetery
 12Confederate Cemetery
 13Forest Hills - Ferris Cemetery
 14Freedmen's Cemetery
 15Glover Cemetery
 16La Reunion - Fishtrap
 17Pleasant Mound Cemetery
 18Merrifield Cemetery
 19Western Heights Cemetery
191Akard Tree Park
 2Arapaho Park
 3Arcadia Park
 4Beckley-Saner Park
 5Bel - Aire Park
 6Bluff View Park
 7Bonnie View Park
 8Bucker (Samuell) Park
 9Bullington Mall
 10Bushman Park
 11Cedar Crest Golf Course
 12Cedar Run Park
 13Celestial Park
 14Central Square Park
 15Cherrywood Park
 16Cheyenne Park
 17Churchill Park
 18City Park (Old City Park)
 19Cole Park
 20College Park
 21Colonial Park
 22Cotillion Park
 23Cottonwood Park
 24Craddock Park
 25Crawford Memorial Park (Samuell-Elam)
 26Crestline Park
 27Crown Park
 28Cummings Park
 29David R. and Mayme Graham Park
 30Dealey Plaza
201DABS - Bylaws, Organization and Structure
 2DABS - Camp and DeGolyer Howes - Restoration and Repair
 3DABS - DeGolyer Estate - Friends of the D.E., 1980
 4DABS - DeGolyer Estate History 1
 5DABS - DeGolyer Estate History 2
 6DABS - Master Plan and Site Design Plans
 7DABS - Origination Studies and Purpose
211Deerpath Park
 2Devon-Anderson Park
 3Dixon Branch Greenbelt
 4Eladio R. Martinez Park (Pluto Park)
 5Elm Fork Athletic Complex
 6Elm Fork Gun Club
 7Emerald Lake
 8Emma Carter Park (Pluto Park)
 9Exall Park
 10Exline Park
 11Exposition Plaza
 12Escarpment Greenbelt
221Fair Park - Master Plan (1991)
 2Fair Park - Implementation Plan
 3Fair Park - Transportation Management Study
 4Fair Park - Task Force
 5Fair Park - Historic Designation NPS
 6Fair Park - Dar. House - Conoco
 7Fair Park - Health and Science Museum
 8Fair Park - Hall of Religions Building
 9Fair Park - Lagoon
 10Fair Park - Music Hall
 11Fair Park - Museum of Natural History
 12Fair Park - Old Mill Building
 13Fair Park - Ramses the Great  (Museum of Natural History)
 14Fair Park - Garden Center Contracts
 15Fair Park - Pan American Arena
231Fair Park - Improvements
 2Fair Park - Science Place
 3Fair Park - Starplex
 4Fair Park - Texas Discovery Gardens (Garden Center)
 5Fair Park - Vietnam Veterans Memorial
 6Fair Park - Tower Building
 7Fair Park - Woofus Sculpture
 8Fair Park - State Fair Contracts
 9Fair Park - State Fair Capital Improvements
 10Fair Park - State Fair History
241Fair Park - WFF
 2Fair Park - Dallas Historical Society
 3Fair Park - Texas Sports Hall of Fame
 4Fair Park - Mobile Classic
 5Fair Park - Women's Museum
 6Fair Park - Olympic Bio 2012
 7Fair Park - World Cup (1994)
 8Fair Park - Grand Prix (1984)
 9Fair Park - The Turn at the Millennium
251Fair Oaks
 2Ferguson Park
 3Ferris Plaza
 4Field-Frazier Park
 5Fireside Park
 6Fish Trap Lake
 7Five Mile Greenbelt (between Glendale and Arden Terrace parks)
 8Forest Park
 9Forest Cliff Park (Oak Cliff)
 10Forest Meadows Park
 11Founders Square
 12Four-Way Place Mall
 13Fox Hollow (Emerald Lake)
 14Frances Rizo Park (Iroquois Ignacio Zaragoza Park)
 15Frankford Park
 16Fretz Park
 17Friendship Park
 18Fruitdale Park
261Gannon Park
 2Garret Park
 3Gateway Park
 4Genaro Park
 5Glencoe Park
 6Glendale Park
 7Golf Facilities
 8Grauwyler Park
 9Greenway Park
 10Greiner Park
 11Griffin Street Park
271Griggs Park (Hall Street)
 2Grove Oaks Park
 3Grover C. Keeton - Golf (Gateway)
 4Hamilton Park
 5Harrell Park
 6Hattie R. Moore Park
 7Helen C. Emory Park (Bayonne)
 8Herndon Park
281Hillcrest H.S. Athletic Facility
 2Hillcrest Park
 3Hillview Park
 4Holcomb Park
 5Hulcy Park
 6Ignacio Zaragoza Recreation Center
 7Indian Ridge Park
 8Jamestown Park (Walker Park)
 9J.J. Craft
 10J.J. Craft House
 11J.J. Lemmon Park
 12Jaycee - Zaragoza Park
291Joe's Creek
 2Jones Playlot at K.B. Polk Park
 3James W. Aston Park
 4John C. Phelps Park (Magna Vista Park)
 5John Carpenter Plaza
 6Joppa Park
 7Joppa Preserve (Lemmon Lake)
 8J.P. Hawn Park
 9Jubilee Park
 10Julius Schepps Park
 11J.W. Ray Park
 12Katie Jackson Park
301Katy Trail 1
 2Katy Trail 2
 3Katy Trail 3
311K.B. Polk Park
 2Keller Springs
 3Kensington Park
 4Kidd Springs Park
 5Kiest Park
 6Kingsbridge Park
 7Kiowa Park
 8Kiowa Parkway
 9Kleberg Park
 10Lake Cliff Park
 11Lake Highlands North (Skyline)
 12Lakeland Hills Park
 13Lakewood Park
 14Larry Johnson Recreation Center
 15Lawnview Park
321Lake Ray Hubbard Rock Wall Lease
 2LRH Cove and Rockwall Marina
 3LRH Site "G" Beacon Harbor Marina
 4LRH City of Rowlett
 5LRH Elgin B. Robertson Sports
 6LRH City of Heath
 7LRH Heritage on the Lake
 8LRH Garland Lease
 9LRH Chalet Bay/Marina Del Ray
 10LRH Site "E" Lakeside Marina
 11LRH Elgin Robertson Park
 12LRH Maps
 13LRH Exchange Land Johnson and May
 14LRH City of Sunnyvale
 15LRH General
 16LRH Rush Creek Yacht Club
 17LRH Site "D" Bayview Dal-Rockwall
 18LRH Dallas B.A.T.
331L.B. Houston (Elm Fork)
 2L.B. Houston
 3L.B. Houston Golf Course
 4L.B. Houston Golf Course (Cont'd.)
 5L.B. Houston Golf Course Contracts
 6L.B. Houston Tennis
 7Ledbetter - Eagle Ford Park (Hammerly Park)
 8Lee Park
341Liberty Park
 2Lindsley Park
 3Lizzie Oliver Park
 4Lochwood Park
 5Lubben Plaza
 6Maham Rd. Linear Park
 7Marcus Park
 8Maria Luna Park (Maple Park)
 9Marilla, Akard, Young Triangle (Zonta)
 10Martin Weiss Park
 11Martinez Foundation
 12Martyr's (Dealey Plaza Annex)
351Maryland Park
 2Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
 3McCommas Bluff
 4McCree Park
 5Meadowstone Park
 6Midway Manor
 7Mildred L. Dunn Park (Lagow Park)
 8Miller Family Park (Cedardale)
 9Miller Park
 10Mini Parks
 11Monarch Park
 12Moore Park
 13Mountain Valley Park
 14Mountain Creek Lake
 15Mountain Creek Lake Lease - Grand Prairie
 16Mountain Creek Little League - O.C.
 17Mountain Creek Park
 18Harry S. Moss Park
 19Harry S. Moss Park 2 (Land Donation)
 20Munger Park
361Neighborhood Preservation - South Dallas
 2Netherland Park
 3Norbuck Park
 4North Arcadia Park
 5Northlake Park
 6Northaven Park and Greenbelt
 7Northwood Park
 8Oak Cliff Founders Park (Samuell Colorado Park)
 9Old East Dallas Work Yard
 10Old Renner Park (Starbuck Park)
 11Olive Shapiro Park
371Orbiter Park
 2Overlake Park
 3Owenwood Park
 4Pacific Plaza (Pacific Ave.)
 5Pacific Plaza (Harwood St.)
 6Pagewood Park
 7Park in the Woods (Florina Danieldale)
 8Parkdale Park
 9Parkview Park
 10Peary Park
 11Pecan Grove Park
 12Pegasus Park
381Pegasus Plaza
 2Pemberton Hill
 3Permission to Use
 4Peter Pan Park
 5Pike Park (1)
 6Pike Park (2)
 7Pine Park
 8Pinnacle Park
 9Pioneer Cemetery
391Pioneer Plaza
 2Pleasant Oaks Park
 3Pointer Park
 4Prairie Creek Greenbelt
 5Preston Green Park
 6Preston Hollow Park
 7Preston Ridge Trail
 8Pueblo Park
 9Rain Forest Park
 10Randall Park
 11Reagans Park
 12Renner Park
 13Reunion Park
 14Reverchon Park
 15Ricketts Branch Greenbelt
 16Ridgewood Park
401Rhoads Terrace
 2Rochester Park
 3Rose Haggar Park (Prestonwood West)
 4R.P. Brooks Park (Merriman Park)
 5Runyon Creek Greenbelt
 6Salado Park
411Samuell Grand Park (Hobby Field)
 2Samuell Farm (1)
 3Samuell Farm (2)
 4Samuell Farm (3)
 5Samuell Farm (4)
 6Samuell Farm (5)
 7Samuell Farm - Concessions
 8Samuell Farm Task Force & Advisory Committee
 9Samuell Grand Master Plan
421Samuell Grand Park
 2Samuell Farm
 3Samuell Estates - Settlements
 4Samuell - Elam Park (Crawford Memorial Park)
 5Samuell Commerce
 6W.W. Samuell Last Will and Testament 1936, Probate Court Decree 1940
 7Samuell East Park (Samuell Farm North)
 8Samuell Beaumont Park (Now part of Old City Park)
431Samuell - East (Farm)
 2Swiss Avenue Medians
 3Samuell-Grand Park
 4Samuell-Grand Amphitheater - Shakespeare Festival
 5Samuell Property - Hall Thomas Central
 6Samuell Property - 1208 Main Street
 7Samuell Property - 1212, 1208 Main Street
 8Samuell Farm - North Park, Samuell-New Hope Park
 9Sand Springs Park
 10Santa Fe Trestle Trail
 11Santa Fe Trail - Veloway South
 12Sargent Park
441Scotland Park
 2Scyene Trail (1)
 3Scyene Trail (2)
 4Scyene Trail (3)
 5Seaton Park
 6Service Center District 2 - 1400 Guard Drive (Proposed)
 7Shaw Park
 8Simonds Lake Park
 9Singing Hills Park
 10Sleepy Hollow Park
 11Sorcey Park
 12South Central Park
 13South Dallas Cultural Center
 14Southern Skates Roller Rink
451St. Augustine Park
 2St. Francis Park
 3Stafford Park
 4Stemmons Park
 5Stemmons Plaza
 6Stevens Park Golf Course (1)
 7Stevens Park Golf Course (2)
 8Stevens Park Golf Course (3)
 9Stone Park
 10Stone Place Mall
 11Sugarberry Park
 12Sun Valley Park
461Swiss Avenue Esplanade
 2Tama Park
 3Teagarden Place Park
 4Tenison East and West - Pro Shop and Teaching Facility (1)
 5Tenison East and West - Pro Shop and Teaching Facility (2)
 6Tenison Hereford Lawsuit - 2003 (1)
471Tenison Hereford Lawsuit - 2003 (2)
 2Tenison Hereford Lawsuit - 2003 (3)
 3Tenison Hereford Lawsuit - 2003 (4)
 4Tension Park (1)
 5Tenison Park (2)
481Tenison Park (3)
 2Tenison Park West
 3Tension West Golf Course Naming
 4Texas Horse Park
 5T.G. Terry Park
 6Thanksgiving Square
 7Thurgood Marshall Park/Da Hama Beach
 8Tietze Park
491Timber Glen Park
 2Tipton Park and Bernal Green Belt
 3Tokalon Park
 4Tommie M. Allen Highland Hills Park (1)
 5Tommie M. Allen Highland Hills Park (2)
501Trammell Crow Park
 2Triangle - Marilla/Akard/Young
 3Triangles - Circles
 4Trinity River Corridor Project
 5Trinity River Boat Ramps
 6Trinity Park Master Plan 1999/2000
 7Trinity Park Citizens Committee 1989-1999
 8Trinity River Interpretive Equestrian Center (1)
 9Trinity River Interpretive Equestrian Center (2)
511Trinity River Corridor Studies 1980-2000 (1)
 2Trinity River Corridor Studies 1980-2000 (2)
 3Trinity River Corridor Studies 1980-2000 (3)
 4Trinity River Corridor Studies 1980-2000 (4)
 5Trinity River Greenbelt Basement
 6Dallas Co. Flood Control Central District History - Trinity River Greenbelt
 7Trinity River Greenbelt - General Information
 8Turner Plaza
 9Turtle Creek (1)
521Turtle Creek (2)
 2Turtle Creek (3)
 3Turtle Creek Bridge
 4Turtle Creek Greenbelt
 5Turtle Creek Linear Park/Hike & Bike
 6Turtle Creek Pump Station/Sammons Center
 7Turtle Creek Purchases - Sales and Agreements
 8Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. - Turtle Creek Trail
531Twelve Hills Property
 2Twin Falls Park
 3Twin Lakes Park
 4Umphress Park
 5Union Terminal Park
 6Urban Park
 7Urbandale Park
 8Valleyview Park
 9Valley View West - Hillcrest Park - Hunt Property
 10Verde Valley Park/School
 11Veterans Park
 12Vietnam Memorial
 13Wahoo Playfield (DHA)
 14Walford Park
 15Wallace Park - Abandoned 1997
 16Walnut Hill Park
 17Sale of Land - Proposal of DPS - 1979 - White Rock Lake Drivers Licensing Station
 18Watercrest Park (1) - (Lake Highlands Town Center)
541Watercrest Park (2)
 2Webb Chapel Park
 3Weichsel Park
 4West Trinity Heights Park
 5West Haven Park
 6Westmoreland Park
 7Westmount Park
 8Wheatland Park
 9White Rock Arboretum (1)
 10White Rock Arboretum (2)
 11White Rock Arboretum (3)
551White Rock Lake Greenbelt - Lower (1)
 2White Rock Lake Greenbelt - Lower (2)
 3White Rock Lake Greenbelt - Upper (1)
 4White Rock Lake Greenbelt - Upper (2)
 5White Rock Creek Hike & Bike Trail (Above Lake to Valleyview)
 6White Rock Hills Recreation Center
 7White Rock Lake - Bath House
 8White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - Camp House History
 9White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - General Correspondence (1) 
561White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - General Correspondence (2) 
 2White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - Operation and Use Policy
 3White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - Public Hearings and P.D. District Information
 4White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - Remote Parking Land Acquisition 
 5White Rock Lake - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society - Trammell Crow Pavilion
 6White Rock Lake Park - Dallas United Crew
 7White Rock Lake Park - Lake Dredging 1973
 8White Rock Lake Park - Lake Dredging 1998
 9White Rock Lake Park - Lake Dredging 1999-2000
 10White Rock Lake Park - Flag Pole Hill
571White Rock Lake - For the Love of the Lake
 2L.H. Weir - White Rock Lake
 3White Rock Lake Management Plan 1985-1987
 4White Rock Lake Master Plans (1)
 5White Rock Lake Master Plans (2)
 6White Rock Lake Park
 7White Rock Lake Park - Armory Site
 8White Rock Lake Park - Capital Improvement Considerations
 9White Rock Lake Park - Circulation Studies
 10White Rock Lake Park Dam and Spillway Study
 11White Rock Lake Park - Design Guidelines
581White Rock Lake Park - Doran's Point
 2White Rock Lake Park - Dreyfuss Club
 3White Rock Lake Park - East Lawther Drive Concerns
 4White Rock Lake Park - Emergency Call Box System
 5White Rock Lake Park - Equestrian Services
 6White Rock Lake Park - Fish Hatchery
 7White Rock Lake Park - Foundation
 8White Rock Lake Park - History (1)
 9White Rock Lake Park - History (2)
 10White Rock Lake - Land Acquisition (1)
 11White Rock Lake - Land Acquisition (2)
 12White Rock Lake Park - Landscaping Agreement with Southern Pacific RW
 13White Rock Lake Park - Stone Tables Area
 14White Rock Lake - Parking Lots
 15White Rock Lake Park - Police Station
 16Sales - White Rock Properties - Proposals
591White Rock Lake - Spillway Repair - 1979
 2White Rock Lake - Silt Control 1945-1970 
 3White Rock Lake - Shoreline Tree Enhancement
 4Texas & New Orleans Railroad at Winstead Lease
 5White Rock Creek Study (1)
 6White Rock Creek Study (2)
 7White Rock Creek
 8White Rock Lake Spillway Urban Design
 9Texas Technological College Plan for White Rock Lake Area
 10Sunset Bay (White Rock)
601William B. Dean Park (1)
 2William B. Dean Park (2)
 3William B. Dean Park (3)
 4William B. Dean Park (4)
 5William B. Dean Park (5)
 6William B. Dean Park - Memorial Resolution
 7William Blake Junior Park - Renaming of Rochester Park 2011
 8Willie Mae Butler Park (1)
611Willie Mae Butler Park (2)
 2Willoughby Park (1)
 3Willoughby Park (2)
 4Willow Square Park
 5Winfrey Point Park
 6Wonderview Park
 7Woodland Springs Park - Playground Expansion 2010
 8Wynnewood Parkway
 9Wynnewood Park
621Zoo - Buildings
 2Zoo - General
 3Zoo - Artwork
 4Zoo - Correspondence 1994-1996
 5Zoo -Correspondence 1996
 6Zoo - Animals
 7Zoo - Attendance

Container List for Addition 2

BoxFolderTitle, Date
11National Endowment for the Arts Application - Works of Arts in Public Places, 1974-1976
12National Endowment for the Arts Application - City Arts Programs, 1974-1975
13National Endowment for the Arts Application - Majestic Theater, 1975
14National Endowment for the Arts - Establishment of an Arts Coordination Service Application, 1975
15Correspondence with Sid Stahl, 1976-1977
16Correspondence with Mayor Folsom, 1977
17Richard Huff - From Mary Bywaters, 11/06/1976
21Theater in the Parks (Dallas Theater Center), 1977
22Dallas Civic Ballet - Sample Programs, 1959-1970
23Ruth St. Denis, 1957
24Fine Arts Study Committee 1, 1971 
25Fine Arts Study Committee 2, 1971 
26Museum of Fine Arts Study Committee Meeting, 08/31/1971
27Cultural Arts - Report from Lanham Deal & Notes, 1975-1977
28Park and Recreation Board Annual Report, 1976-1977
31Samuell Farm Correspondence, 1999-2000
32Samuell Farm Correspondence, 1999
41Samuell Farm - Asset Transfer, 2001
42Samuell Farm - Audits, 1990-2000
43Samuell Park - Insurance Fund, 1940-1960
44Samuell Park - Insurance Fund, 1961-1971
45Samuell Farm - General Financial, 1998
46Samuell Farm - Water Run-off, 1980-1982
47Samuell Farm - USDA Settlement, 2000
48Samuell Farm - Violations, 1999
49Samuell Farm - Dallas vs. First National Bank, 1996
410Samuell Farm - Span of Control, 2000
51Samuell-Garland Athletics, 1990-1995
52Samuell-Garland Park (Eastern Avenue)
53Hobby Park (Samuell-Garland Park)
54Southwest Model Airplane Championships - Proposed Hobby Park, 1957
55Samuell Park - Model Airplane Facilities, 1969-1972
56Samuell Park - Model Airplane Facilities, 1978-1980
57Samuell Park - Model Airplane General Correspondence
61New Hope Farm (Samuell Estate), 1944-1958
62New Hope Farm (Samuell Estate), 1959-1980
63Mesquite Farmlands including O.C. Hanby, 1938-1949
64Mesquite Farmlands - General 1
65Mesquite Farmlands - General 2
66Dallas Park and Recreation Department - Employee Awards Ceremony, 2002
71City of Dallas - General Tennis 1
72City of Dallas - General Tennis 2
73City of Dallas - General Tennis 3
74Athletic Playfields (Tennis Courts), 1976-1977
75Athletic Tennis Courts, 1978-1979
81Tenison Golf Course Expansion, 1964
82Tension Golf Course Expansion - Contracts, Etc.
83Tenison - Valley Glen Extension, 1965-1970
84Mrs. Housewright Lease - Tenison Park, 1964
85Tennis Bids - Concession, 1975-1976
86Fair Oaks Park - Tennis Center, 1979
87Fretz Park Tennis Center, 1976-1979
88Kietz Park Tennis Center, 1979-1980
89Tennis Courts - Park Board Committee, 1972
810Samuell-Grand Tennis Center, 1979-1980
91Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS), 1977
92North Central Service Center Study, 1982
93Service Centers - General 1
94Service Centers - General 2


Drawer Folder Title, Date
1 Dunbar Park addition (Moore Park), undated
   Exline Park chain link fence, 4/7/1941
   Fair Park swimming pool, 2/6/1947
   Forest Park, undated
   Grady Brown property development plan, undated
   Hines Blvd at Brook Hollow Country Club proposed island alteration, 8/20/1946
   Reverchon Park baseball field, 3/5/1941
   Reverchon Park electrical estimate, 2/27/1940
   Shore Crest Addition block map lots, 12/9/1938
   Stevens Park picnic area proposed storm sewer, 10/5/1949
   Stevens Park proposed parking area, 5/1945
   Trinity Heights neighborhood plots from Davis-Johnson Lumber Company, 1938
   Wahoo Area proposed rehabilitation, undated
   Wahoo Lake Keepers House, undated
   War Housing Project off-site utility easements, Evergreen Hills Incorporated, 10/13/1943
   War Housing Project off-site water line B revised, 10/14/1943
A6 2 Alert America Exhibit, Valley Forge Foundation, undated
   Carondelet Subdivision preliminary plat, 1/14/1947
   Cedar Springs kindergarten property, undated
   Churchill Manor preliminary plat, 6/4/1947
   City of Dallas, Texas proposed and existing pools, 1944
  Dallas-Fort Worth Expressway McKinney to Peak map, plate 19, undated
   Dallas-Fort Worth Expressway Peak map, plate 20, undated
   Exline Park community house planting plan, 10/25/1939
   Grauwyler Park - Dallas County Plat Books, Abstract 52, undated
   Grauwyler Park, Dallas County Plat Books Abstract 52, undated
   HB Montgomery plat, 1123 Cedar Hill Avenue, 10/4/1950
   Health and Welfare Agencies of the City of Dallas, Civil Defense Council, undated
   Henderson School proposed tennis courts (2 sheets), 8/11/1945
   Jack and Parnell Subdivision, 3/19/1946
   Kidd Springs Park, City of Dallas Plat Book, 5/16/1945
   Lake Cliff accident report, undated
   Lake Cliff guard locations at time of Richard Padilla rescue, 6/7/1945
   Lake Cliff pool life guard plan with some names, 7/15/1942
   Lake Cliff pool life guard plan with some names, 7/15/1942
   Lake Cliff swimming pool with possible life guards identified, undated
   Lake Ray Hubbard development plan plate 5, undated
   Mockingird at Inwood map of Shannon Estates Additions, undated
   North American Aviation, Inc., recreation site plan, 1/28/1943
   North American Aviation, Inc., topographical map, undated
   Plans near Ashland Street, project and date unidentified
   Proposed development at Inwood Rd and Mockingbird Lane, undated
   Turtle Creek drainage sections, 5/1946
  Turtle Creek drainage sections, 5/1946
  Unidentified building elevation, cross-section, and plan, undated
   Unidentified wading pool, 2/27/1945
   Wahoo Lake channel improvement and spillway change, 1/1935
  Walford Park, undated
   Winslett Plaza, part of block 1416, 3/1/1920
D8 3 Lake Cliff accident report, undated

Lake Cliff Park working drawing, 11/17/1919

Bachman Reservoir, 3/9/1944

Lisbon School proposed softball diamond, 12/15/1947

Lisbon School proposed wading pool, 3/23/1940

Right-of-way map, State Highway 15 Underpass, 11/1935

Stevens Memorial Park, 1/10/1949

Stevens Park storm sewer, undated

Thomas Tract (partial), undated

War Housing Project off-site sewer line, 11/9/1943

War Housing Project utilities, 10/11/1943
Dallas County flood plan map, 8/22/1966
[Includes correspondence]

Dallas Park System map, 5/21/1958

Dallas Park System map, 10/10/1975
​Lee Park list of plants to accompany planting plans, 9/20/1940

Lee Park preliminary plan for development, May 1940

​Lee Park planting plan, September 1940

Lee Park Mansion screen door, Sheet 1, 5/23/1940

Lee Park Mansion museum case, 6/13/1941

Lee Park shelter sashes and doors, 9/12/1941

Elm Fork Park maintenance area, Quonset huts foundation and site plan (3E10.3), 3/24/1967

​Reverschon [sic] Park property required for Turney Street connection, undated