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​Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-Current

​Collection 1995-023


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorDallas Department of Park and Recreation
TitleDallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files
Quantity 6.72 feet linear
AbstractCorrespondence, memoranda, manuscript, typescript, printed reports, printed materials, photographic prints, maps, and architectural plans and drawings.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department provides leisure, recreational and cultural activities for the citizens of Dallas and the general public and maintains more than 21,000 park acres including 4,400 surface acres of water at 17 park sites, 17,196 acres of greenbelt/park land, and 61.6 miles of jogging and bike trails at 24 locations.  Dallas has over 400 individual parks, including recreational facilities such as community centers, swimming pools, athletic fields, and a metropolitan zoo.   The City's first two parks, City Park (purchased in 1876) and Fair Park (purchased in 1904) predate the organization of the Park and Recreation Department.  In response to management issues and concerns, an administrative Park Board was created by City Charter amendment in early 1905, and the first Board members were appointed by Mayor Bryan T. Barry on May 23, 1905. 

Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, financial records, reports and studies, plans and drawings, photographs, and printed materials documenting the acquisition, planning and design, maintenance, and history of City of Dallas parks and park facilities between 1911 and 1970.


The collection is arranged into the following subjects:
Architect Fees - Concessions
D - Exall
Exall - Grauwyler
Hare - Kidd Springs
Kidd Springs - Lake Cliff
Lake Cliff - Music Commission
O - Randall
Randall - Stevens
Stevens - Tenison
Tennis - Turf Maintenance
Turf - Winslett
Y - Zoo
Photographic prints

The collection also contains oversized materials.


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Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-Current (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Parks -- Texas -- History
Park facilities -- Texas -- History
Texas -- History
Texas -- Description and travel
United States -- History -- 1933-1945
United States.  Works Progress Administration

Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
   Architect Fees - Concessions
11Architect Fees
 2Aquarium - Construction - General
 3General Subject File "B"
 4Bachman Lake, 1944-1949
 5Bachman Lake, 1937-1942
 6Bachman Lake Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)
 7Buckner Park Expansion, 1945-1947
 8Buckner Park
 9Central Square, 1911
 10City Park Restorations, 1948-49-50
 11Concession Contracts, 1950-52
 12Concessions, 1949-1952
 13Concessions, 1949
   D - Exall
21General Subject File "D", 1915-1952
 2Donations - Zoo, 1938-52
 3Drowning:  Billy Dean Roach - Drowned - Lake Cliff, Male, age 5 1/2 years, June 12, 1954
 4Drowning:  Gilbert Golden - Drowned - Fair Park Swimming Pool, June 21, 1952
 5Drowning:  Mansfield Accident, 1945
 6Drowning:  Roy M. Fabion, Jr. - Drowning Lake Cliff Pool, July 14, 1942
 7Drowning:  Earl Norris - Drowned Lake Cliff, June 3, 1952
 8Drowning:  Gladys Stokes (age 38), Griggs Swimming Pool, August 17, 1951
 9Drowning:  Fred Smith - Death - Fair Park Pool, June 6, 1948
 10Drowning:  Padilla Accident, 1948 June
 11Drowning:  Max D Fields  - Drowned Lake Cliff
 12Elmwood, 1934-1951
 13Employees Retirement Fund
 14Exall Park (use by Negro children)
   Exall - Grauwyler
31Exall and Exline, 1939-1943
 2Exline Community House and Stevens Comfort Station
 3Including Ferris Plaza (USO) and Fretz Park
 4Forest High Property
 5Forest Hills
 6Greiner and Garrett
 7Garrett Park
 8Gilliam Estate (proposed park site 1950)
 9Golf Courses for Negroes (parks)
 10Golf General, 1945-1949
 11Grauwyler Park, 1938-1949
   Hare - Kidd Springs
41Hare and Hare, landscape architects, 1937-1944
 3Hines Boulevard (Kindergarten Property)​
 4Inwood Road
 5Insurance (Fleet), 1950-51
 6Insurance (Fleet), 1951-52
 7General Subject Files "F"
 8General Subject Files "K"
 9Kidd Springs (Square Dances), 1948-1951
 10Kidd Springs Park, 1945-1952
 11Kidd Springs Petition - Additional Land
   Kidd Springs - Lake Cliff
51Kidd Springs Purchase
 2 George E. Kessler, 1911
 3General Subject Files "L", 1945-1950
 4Lagow Community Center - Spec
 5Lanier Pool - Construction
 6Lanier and Lisbon Playgrounds
 7Lake Cliff Pool Alterations and Addition Specification - Contract
 8Lake Cliff
 9Lake Cliff Lighting System
   Lake Cliff - Music Commission
61Lake Cliff Boat Concession
 2Lake Cliff Glider Boats, 1946-47
 3Lincoln Negro High School
 4Lisbon Pool
 5Masterplan, (1946 Hare and Hare)
 6Marsalis Park Zoo Reports, 1945-1950
 7Marsalis Park, 1942-1948
 8Marsalis Park, R. J. Stinnett, 1948-1951
 9Marsalis Park, 1920-1936
 10Mayor and Commissioners (includes sale of 1/2 acre at Stevens Park to Water Department and other correspondence), 1920-1930
 11McClellan Will (drinking fountains construction)
 12Moss Park (Salvation Army) at Ervay and Holmes, 1938-1944
 13Moss Park (Oak Cliff - reservoirs, etc.)
 14Moore Park (golf course for Negroes - 8th St. Park, officially named, 6/29/40), 1938-1942
 15Moore Negro Park (8th Street Park) Original Purchase and Expansion
 16Monument Plaza (Munger Park and Boulevard (Dumes Street Park)
 17Motion Pictures
 18Music Commission
71North American Aviation, Inc. Annual Report 1942, Recreation and Welfare
 2National Board Office report prepared by L. B. Houston and V. A. Kormerer, Superintendent of Austin Park and Recreation Department
 3New Parks - Edgemere (Preston Hollow) Park Site
 4National Youth Administration, 1938-1943
 5National Recreation Association Civil Defense Project, 1951-52
 6National Recreation Association, 1943-1950
 7National Recreation Association, 1950-1951
 8National Recreation Association, 1932-1942
 9National Recreation Association, 1940-1947
 10Conferences - 1944 - Recreation Association Texas Beach and Pool Association; TAAF
   O - Randall
81General Subject Files "O", 1926-1935
 2Oak Cliff Negro Park, 1939-1949
 3Oak Lawn Park, 1917-1936
 4Oak Grove Golf Course (Capitol, Haskell, Fitzhugh: Leased Land), 1923-1939
 5Park Board Correspondence, 1938-1943
 6Pike - Bids on Retaining Wall - 1925 (Turney St. Summitt Play Park)
 7Pollard and Wheeler - American Institute of Park Executives August 31, 1948
 8American Institute of Park Executives, 1948-1949
 9Park Executives, 1938-1943
 10Pool and Golf Passes, 1924-1943
 11General Subject Files "R" Including Randall Park, 1938-1943
 12Randall Memorial Grove, 1924-1944
   Randall - Stevens
91Randall Federation Membership Cards
 2Relief Labor (Texas Relief Commission), 1933-1935
 3Reverchon Park Ball Diamond, 1939-1948
 4Reverchon Park Expansion, 1940-1951
 5Roosevelt Park, 1929-37
 6Ruthmeade Park, 1921-1925
 7Stevens Park Housing Project (Easements), 1943-44
 8Stevens General, 1924-1941
 9Stevens Golf Course - General, 1944-1952
   Stevens - Tenison
101Stevens Clubhouse and Ground Improvements, 1939-1949
 2SMU Students
 3Swimming Pools Junior 1945- Brown, Peeler, Henderson Terry
 4Swimming Pools, 1940-1943
 5Swimming Pools, 1943-1952
 6Sullivan Park, 1931-1938
 7Swiss Avenue, 1919-1929
 8Tenison - General, 1946-1951
 9Tenison Golf Course, 1923-1937
 10Tenison Clubhouse - Bids and Contract, 1940
 11Tenison General, 1942-45
   Tennis - Turf Maintenance
111Tennis Courts - Concrete - Henderson Plans, Specs, Bids, Contract, 1944-1946
 2Texas Recreation Association, 1942-1945
 3Thomas Hill Park, 1930-1935
 4Thomas Hill - Purchase, 1944-1953
 5Tietze Park - Improvements: Swimming Pool - Paving Shelter
 6Tietze Park, 1923-1942
 7Tietze Park Expansion, 1944-1945
 8Tietze Park (Llano Park), 1946-48
 9Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1952
 10Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1944-1950
   Turf - Winslett
121Turf Maintenance A and M College, 1946-1948
 2Mrs. E. P. Turner Plaza, 1912-1940
 3General Subject Files "V", 1923-1933
 4General Subject Files "W", 1937-1943
 5General Subject Files "W", 1918-1936
 6Wahoo Club Property, 1923-1936
 7Wahoo Park, 1944-1950
 8Wahoo Park, 1937-1943
 9Walford Park, 1930-1933
 10Walnut Hill Petition for Park, May 24, 1951
 11West Dallas Picnic Area, 1941-1944
 12Winnetka Park, 1926-1934
 13Wheatley Park, 1919-1933
 14Winslett Plaza, 1924-1935
   Y - Zoo
131W.P.A. Payroll, 1938
 2General Subject Files "Y", 1935-1944
 3Zang Boulevard, 1911
 4Zang Boulevard, 1941-1945
 5Zoological Society - Dallas Zoo Commission, 1924-1940
 6Zoo Report, 1923-1930
   Photographic Series
14 Photographic prints:
Unidentified land clearing (2), undated [from Box 2, folder 1]
Concrete amphitheater seating, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, October 1941 [from Box 4, folder 1]
Glider boat, ca. 1947 [from Box 6, folder 2]
"Reverchon Park Lighted Baseball Diamond, constructed May 1940" (3)
Unidentified man beside automobile, undated [from Box 12, folder 9]
"Mrs. W.V. Champion and George F. Walford, Brother and Sister," undated [from Box 12, folder 9]
"Officer Parker, Sullivan Park and Mr. Rhone-Park Director (with group of children), undated [from Box 13, folder 4]
   Oversized Items
 1Oversized plans and drawings
 2Oversized plans and drawings
 3Oversized plans and drawings