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Public Works Survey Division Cemetery Files, 1887-2005

Collection 2005-005​


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorCity of Dallas Park Board
TitlePublic Works Survey Division Cemetery Files
Quantity3.78 linear feet
AbstractTypescript reports with folded landscaping plans.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Survey documents, ownership records, notes, maps, and photographs documenting the boundaries and history of cemeteries within the city limits of the City of Dallas, as well as a number of cemeteries within Dallas County, Texas, and contiguous counties.

Surveying establishes land maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes.  The City of Dallas has surveyed the boundaries of cemeteries from the beginnings of city government, although a titled City Engineer, William H. Wentworth, was first appointed by the City of Dallas Board of Aldermen in 1872.  The City of Dallas Survey Division was formed in the early 1930s when the entire Public Works Department was reorganized to provide surveying services to various city departments, as well as providing a resource for information relating to right-of-way and other city properties. Initially, the Survey Division dealt solely with right-of-way and boundary issues, but in 1978, the Survey Division began to assume most, if not all of the surveying operations for virtually all City departments.  

The collection consists of both original materials generated by the Survey Division, other City of Dallas departments, and citizens, and copied materials from numerous sources, the bulk from the Dallas County Clerk’s Office.  There are approximately fifty photographic prints from 1958 of the Pioneer Cemetery (aka the Old City Cemetery).  

Because many of the cemeteries have common names as well as formal, the following table indicates known alternate names.  Similarly, several containing the historic name “Colored,” were retained only when referring to previously segregated African-American portions of larger cemeteries.  Also of special note is the present-day Pioneer Cemetery, which is composed of a number of smaller cemeteries. 

CemeteryBlock or abstract #Also known as
Agudas Achim6179Congregation Tiferet Israel and Mt. Sinai
American MemorialNoneSt Johns Antioch, Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery, early slave graveyard
James Loving Survey - Abstract 791None
Antioch Church8098None
Arlington Park7914Old Trinity.  Some also call it El Rancho Grande.   See also Cemetery Drive.
Bear CreekNoneThere are two cemeteries named Bear Creek.  One is in Irving and is located at the corner of Compton and Conflans (now named Shady Oak Cemetery).  The other one is on the west edge of DFW Airport on the edge of Bear Creek Golf Course and is still named Bear Creek.
Beatty Oak Cliff3389Beatty, Colored Section (Oak Cliff Cemetery), Pauper's (Oak Cliff Cemetery), Pioneer's Row (Oak Cliff Cemetery)
Beeman Family*2639None
Bennett MemorialNoneBennett Cemetery
Big ANoneNone
Big SpringsNoneBig Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Blewitt FamilyNoneBlewitt Cemetery (Now owned by the City of Richardson)
Bowles' StationNoneBowles' Cemetery, Jordan-Hight Cemetery
Brookhaven4048McAdams Cemetery, McAdams Family Cemetery
Buckner Orphanage Cemetery6127None
Butler Nelson*4438, 4439, 4440L. Butler Nelson, Woodlawn, Woodland Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillgrove (Hill Grove) Cemetery, Glenoak (Glen Oaks) Memorial Cemetery
Calvary Hill6447, 6448Letot Cemetery
Caruth Family5453Pioneer
Carver Family6723Abraham Carver Cemetery, Albert Carver Cemetery, Solomon Carver Cemetery
Catholic Cemetery (at Hall Street)634, 634 1/2Old Calvary
Cemetery Drive7415Now shown as Carnation Drive but is unimproved.  See also Arlington Park Cemetery
Cemetery Road578None
Civic Center Cemeteries331, 331 1/2, 67Odd Fellows and Masonic Cemetery, Tuberville Family Cemetery, City Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Old Jewish Cemetery, Hebrew Benevolent
Cochran Chapel5075, 5076, 5088, 5082, 5077Smith Hall Cemetery, Grave Yard to Methodist Episcopal Church South
Cockrell Family, Arcadia Park7661Wesley Cockrell Chapel Cemetery, Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Colored Cemetery - On Persimmon Road6878Persimmon Road Cemetery
Coming Home Community6097Homecoming Cemetery was originally two different Cemetery - Free Will Baptist Cemetery and Honey Springs Cemetery
Colored Section - Oak Cliff Cemetery3389Beatty (Beaty), Oak Cliff Cemetery, Pauper's (Oak Cliff Cemetery), Pioneer's Row (Oak Cliff Cemetery)
Confederate*1782Veterans' Cemetery
Coppell CemeteryNoneNone
Cottonwood CemeteryNoneNone
Cox4407Chenault Grave Yard, Also see block folder 4407 & 074D-5758
Cox, AV, Pleasant Mound6179Pleasant Mound Cemetery, Also see block folders 6179 & 6118
Cox, Mrs. ET, Annex No 1 to Pleasant Mound6179Pleasant Mound Cemetery, Also see block folders 6179 & 6118
Cox, Pleasant Mound6179Pleasant Mound Cemetery, Also see block folders 6179 & 6118
Crestview Memorial Park8328Horton Family, Horton Slave or Colored Section, Mt. Olive Cemetery
Crown Hill Memorial Park6144Old Smith Cemetery, See H.C. W 52-1, Linen tracing, and O45C-37, Cedarlawn Terrace Mausoleum
Daniel's Family1480Westminster Place; See Vol. 204 Pg. 206
DFW National Cemetery8644, 8687, 8688, 8699, 8700, 8701, 8702, 8704See Blue Cut Road, Merrifield Road, Mountain Creek Parkway

​King's Daughters, Trinity
Five Mile CemeteryNoneFive Mile Burial Grounds
First Roumanian of Austrian Congregation2629Roumanian, Austrian
Fish Trap*7135La Reunion, French Colony
Fussell CemeteryNoneFussell Cemetery
Hebrew331-1/2Hebrew Benevolent Assoc.
Hillcrest Memorial Park5453None
Hillgrove4439Butler Nelson Cemetery and Nelson Park, Hillside Cemetery, Glenoak Memorial Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery
Hillside4439Hill Side
Hilltop Memorial CemeteryNoneSurrounds Perry Family Cemetery
Homecoming*6097Free Will Baptist, Coming Home Community Cemetery, Honey Springs Township, Bulova
Honey Springs (1)6097Honey Springs Township, Woodland, Free Will Baptist Cemetery, Bulova, Homecoming
Horton Family8328Mount Olive, Crestview Memorial
Johnson Family1788None
Johnson's StationNoneJohnson Pioneer Park and Cemetery
KitNoneOld Pioneer Community Cemetery, Kit or Kitt Cemetery, Oak Grove Memorial [in Irving, TX]
Knights of PythiasNoneKP
​La Reunion*​7135​Fish Trap, French Colony
Lagow2126Old Lagow Cemetery
Laurel Land6626Garland Mills Cemetery
Ledbetter Family8016None
Letot Family6448 & 6471Calvary Hill Cemetery
Lincoln Memorial7956None
Lisbon Church of Christ4326None
Little Bethel124 and 1468None
Long Creek CommunityNoneNone
LoudermilkNoneAxe Cemetery
McAdams Family4048Brookhaven
McCoy6118Garland Mills Cemetery, KP (Knights of Pythias) Cemetery, Pleasant Mound
McCree8080Masonic Odd Fellows Cemetery, Old Dallas Down Town Cemetery, Pioneer Park (Also see above listed, block folders and Civic Center Cemeteries.)
McKamy – Campbell6118Brookhaven Cemetery, Also see Guthrie Ave. & Block 12/4048
Marsh Family915None
Masonic67Old Masonic, Masonic, Odd Fellows, Pioneer Park, Pioneer Plaza
Merrell6425Pleasant Mound Public Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Elmwood Memorial Park, McKamy - Campbell
Merrifield*4549McCree Cemetery, McCree Colored Graveyard
MesquiteNonePleasant Mound Public Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Elmwood Memorial Park
Miller6091Merrell Family Cemetery
MillsNoneMerrifield Family Cemetery, Also see block folder 4549 and E. C. Thomas Survey, Abstract # 1465, 1 & 2
Minter's ChapelNoneNone
Mt Calvary7727Garland Mills Cemetery
Mt Olive Colored8328Crestview, Horton
Mount Sinai6179Old Home of Miller Family, "Miller" in City Park, Overton Family Cemetery
Myers Family8587Adjacent to Pleasant Mound Cemetery
Nance Family1157None
North Dallas Memorial Park634-1/4Mount Olive Baptist Church of Eagle Ford (Colored), Horton Family & Crestview Memorial Park, Inc.
Oak Cliff3389None
Oak Grove MemorialNoneSee Freedman's Cemetery
Odd Fellows*321 and 331 1/2Old Dallas Masonic, Pioneer Park, Pioneer Plaza
Old City Cemetery*331-1/2Adjacent to Old Pioneer Community Cemetery of Kit or Kitt Paupers' - City, Paupers Negro
Old Smith6144Old Dallas Masonic Cemetery, Masonic & Odd Fellows, Pioneer Park, City Blocks 321, 3311/2 & Old Block 67
Opportunity Park*1782
Mount Auburn, Pauper Cemetery (for blacks and whites)
Overton6091Overton Road Baptist Church
Paupers' City (Adjoining Oakland Cemetery)1766Mount Auburn, Park on Old City and County Poor Cemetery, on back of Oakland Cemetery
Paupers' at Letot6471None
Paupers Negro1766Mount Auburn, Park on Old City and County Poor Cemetery, on back of Oakland Cemetery
Paupers'3389Mount Auburn, Oakland Cemetery
Paupers'8266Old County Poor Farm
Paupers' County1782Mount Auburn, Oakland Cemetery
Perry FamilyNoneOak Cliff Cemetery, Beaty Cemetery
Persimmon Road6878Old County Poor Farm
Pest House Tract6056None
Piedmont Baptist6118Surrounded by the Hilltop Memorial Park
Pioneer6118Colored Cemetery - On Persimmon Road
PioneerNoneWoodlawn Hospital, Union Hospital, Parkland Memorial Hospital
​Pioneer Park*
​321 and 331 1/2​Odd Fellows, Masonic, Pioneer Plaza
Pleasant Mound*6179 and 6179Pleasant Ridge
Pleasant RidgeNonePleasant Mound
Pleasant ValleyNoneGarland Memorial Park Cemetery, Garland Mills Cemetery
Pleasant ValleyNonePioneer
Pleasant ValleyNoneTwin Lake Memorial Park
Restland8406Restland Memorial Park
Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens850None
Roumanian Cemetery2629First Roumanian of Austrian Congregation
Rylie7788Pioneer Cemetery
Scott8210Congregation Shaarith Israel Cemetery
Scott Family7086None
Shaareth Israel2629None
Smiths Hall Neighborhood5088None
Southland Memorial ParkNoneBowles' Station or Jordan Cemetery
Sowers Community146None
Swor5088Garvin Memorial Cemetery
Tefareth Israel2629None
Temple Emanu-El634 1/4Emanu-El, Hebrew Cemetery
Thomas (EC) Family7288None
Thomas Chapel5457None
Tompkins Family1293None
Trinity578Greenwood Cemetery
Vincent FamilyNoneVincent Cemetery
WatsonNoneWatson Family
Webb's Chapel1576None
West Dallas3958Christian Church, Western Heights
White Rock Union Colored Graveyard8165None
Woodland*4438L. Butler Nelson, Woodlawn, Hillside Cemetery, Hillgrove (Hill Grove) Cemetery, Glenoak (Glen Oaks) Memorial Cemetery
* Owned and maintained by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department ​ ​


The collection is arranged alphabetically by cemetery, followed by two folders of maps, general notes, and articles on Dallas cemeteries.


Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from the Dallas Municipal Archives. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.


Public Works Survey Division Cemetery Files, 1887-2005 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Cemeteries -- Texas -- Dallas
Cemeteries -- Texas -- Dallas County
Dallas -- Texas -- History

Container List

BoxFolderTitle, Date
11Agudas Achim [Tiferet Israel; Mt. Sinai]
 2First Roumanian or Austrian Congregation [Roumanian or Austrian]
 3American Memorial [St. John's Antioch, early slave graveyard]
 4Anderson - James Loving Survey
 5Antioch Church & Cemetery
 6Arlington Park - H. Bennett Survey
 7Beatty [Oak Cliff]
 8Bear Creek [in regional airport]
 10Bennett Memorial [Mesquite]
 11Big A
 12Big Springs
 13Blewett Family
 14Bowles' Station [Grand Prairie]
 15Brickyard [Mesquite]
 17Buckner Orphanage
 18L. Butler Nelson
​​19Calvary Hill 1

20Calvary Hill 2
 21Caruth Family
 22Carver Family
 23Cason Alley [Edge of Woodlawn and Hillside Cemeteries]
 24Catholic [Old Calvary at Hall Street]
 25Cemetery Drive [Arlington Park]
​​26Cemetery Road
21[Old] City Cemetery [Tuberville Family]
 2[Old] City Cemetery 1
 3[Old] City Cemetery 2
 4[Old] City Cemetery 3
​​5[Old] City Cemetery 4
 6[Old] City Cemetery [Report on Block 331½, W.H. Burke] 1
[Old] City Cemetery [Report on Block 331½, W.H. Burke] 2
 8[Old] City Cemetery [Tuberville Family]
31Cochran Chapel
 2Cockrell Family [Arcadia Park]
 3Colored [Persimmon Road, Block 6878]
 4Colored Section Oak Cliff in Beatty
 6Coppell [Alfred Logsdon Survey]
 8AV Cox Family - Pleasant Mound
 9Mrs ET Cox Annex Number 1 - Pleasant Mound
 10Cox Family - White Rock Lake
 11Cox Property in Abstract 100 - Pleasant Mound
 12Crestview Memorial Park
 13Crown Hill Memorial Park
 14Dallas-Fort Worth National
 16Daniel Family
 18Elmwood Memorial park
 19[Jewish Temple] Emanu-El
 21Ferris Family [Warren, also known as St. Francis]
 22Field Family (colored)

First Roumanian or Austrian Congregation [Roumanian or Austrian]
Five Mile
Floyd Family
41Forest Lawn
 3Frankford in Eli - Shephard Survey Collin County
 4Free Will Baptist
 5Freedman's 1
 6Freedman's 2
​​7Freedman's 3
 8French Colony [Old French Colony, Fishtrap, La Reunion]
 9Fugitt at Hensley Field
 11Garland Memorial
12Garvin Memorial Cemetery [includes Swor family]
 13Glen Oak Memorial
 14Glover (Simms)
​​16Greenwood 1
​​17Greenwood 2
 18Grove Hill
51Haley's Memorial [Irving Pioneer and Compton]
 2Hebrew 1
 3Hebrew 2
​​4Hebrew 3
 5Hebrew [Block 633]
 6Hickory [Kleberg]
 7Hill Grove
 8Hillcrest Memorial (1)
 9Hillcrest Memorial (2)
61Honey Springs
 2Horton Family
 5Johnson Family
 6Johnson Station or Johnson Pioneer Park [Arlington, Texas]
 8Kit [in Irving, Texas] adjoins Oak Grove
 9Knights of Pythias [K. P.]
 11Laurel Land 1
 12Laurel Land 2

Laurel Land 3
71Ledbetter Family
 2Lee [Seagoville]
 3Letot Family
Lincoln Memorial
Lisbon Church of Christ
Little Bethel
Long Creek Community

Loving Family
McCoy Property - Tax sale Pleasant Mound Public Cemetery
Marsh Family [Farmers Branch]
Masonic [Old Dallas Downtown]
Minter's Chapel
Mount Calvary
Mount Olive
Mount Sinai
Myers Family
Nance Family
North Dallas Memorial Park
Oak Cliff
Oak Grove Memorial
Odd Fellows
Opportunity Park
1Old Smith
2Paupers - Black Section of City, Block 1766
 3Paupers - County, Block 1782
 4Paupers - Grand Prairie [adjoining Hensley Field]
 5Paupers - Oak Cliff in Beatty
 6Paupers - Old County Poor Farm, Block 8266
 7Paupers - Used by The Kings Daughters, Block 578
8Paupers - Letot
 9Perry Family - Carrollton
 10Persimmon Road
 11Pest House Tract - Woodlawn Hospital, Union Hospital
 12Piedmont Baptist Church
 13Pioneer - Garland
 14Pioneer - Pleasant Mound Public
 15Pleasant Mound
Includes Beeman information
 16Pleasant Ridge
 17Pleasant Valley
 19Rawlings -West of Lancaster
 20Restland Memorial
 22Rose Lawn Memorial Garden
 25Scott - J. V. Mounts Survey
 26Scott Family
 27Shaareth Israel
 28Shady Grove
 29Smith Hall Neighborhood
 30Southland Memorial Park - Grand Prairie
 31Sowers Community
Tefareth Israel
2Thomas Chapel [Inside Glen Lakes Country Club]
3E. C. Thomas Family
4Tompkins Family
7Ursuline Academy
8Veterans Administration
9Vincent Family
10Watson Family
11Webb's Chapel
12West Dallas [Christian Church or Western Heights]
14White Chapel
15White Rock Union
17Cemeteries–General Articles 1
18Cemeteries–General Articles 2