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Frances James Cemetery Files Collection, 1900-2018

​Collection 2019-010


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorFrances James
TitleFrances James Cemetery Files Collection
Dates1900-2018 and undated
Quantity6.25 linear feet
AbstractRecords documenting cemeteries in North Texas and local history
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Collection documents primarily the historic preservation of North Texas cemeteries and the work of local historian Frances James. The collection focuses on cemeteries in Dallas and North Texas, many of them having a connection to Dallas government through ownership, litigation, or other issues.  While it is not comprehensive, the collection largely concerns endangered, neglected, and abandoned cemeteries.

Known as the "Cemetery Lady," James (1922-2019) spent her life during retirement not only by documenting cemeteries in North Texas and helping identify protect them, and but also by conducting research for state and local historical markers. Her research expanded to include genealogy and local history, and it is estimated she wrote more than fifty historical marker applications. James was a past president of the Dallas County Pioneer Association and served as a  commissioner on both the City of Dallas Landmark Commission and the Dallas County Historical Commission.

"Cemeteries are sacred places," said James. "I just want to see that they are taken care of."


The following three series comprise the collection, and each series is arranged in alphabetical order.  The maps are housed separately from the main collection; ask the archivist for the specific map needed.


Cemeteries often have multiple names, be they former, formal, or casual.  See the cemetery names list in Collection 2005-005 for a listing of known cemetery names.


Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from the Dallas Municipal Archives. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.


Frances James Cemetery Files Collection, 1900-2018 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Cemeteries -- Texas -- Dallas
Cemeteries -- Texas -- Dallas County
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Dallas (Tex.) -- Genealogy
Dallas County (Tex.) -- Genealogy

Container List

 Description, Date
Agudas Achim (Scyene)
 2Anderson Family (Garland)
 3Antioch (Grand Prairie)
 4Baccus (Collin County)
 5Balch Springs
 6​Bear Creek
 ​7Beatty (Oak Cliff)
 8Beeman Memorial 1
 9Beeman Memorial 2
 10Beeman Memorial 3
21Bennett Family Gardens - Laurel Oaks Memorial
 2Bethel Coppell
 3Big A (Garland)
 4Big Springs
 6Brick Yard (Mesquite)
 7Buckner 1
 8Buckner 2
 9Buckner 3
 10Bullock (Coppell)
31Butler Nelson 1
 2Butler Nelson 2
 3Butler Nelson 3
 4Butler Nelson 4
41Calvary 1
 2Calvary 2
 3Calvary 3
 4Cameron Family
 5Camposanto de Cemento Grande 1
 6Camposanto de Cemento Grande 2
 7Camposanto de Cemento Grande 3
 8Caruth 1
 9Caruth 2
 10Caruth 3
51Carver Abraham
 2Carver Albert 1
 3Carver Albert 2
 5Cochran Chapel
 6Cockrell Wesley 1
 7Cockrell Wesley 2
 4Cox 1
 5Cox 2
 6Cox 3
 7Cox 4
 8Cox 5
 2Crown Hill
 3Cumby-Webster-Bailey (Seagoville)
 4Dallas-Fort Worth National
 5Daniel (Danieldale)
 6Daniel Family University Park
 8Balis Edens (Grapeland, TX)
​9Edgewood 1 (Lancaster)
​10​Edgewood 2 (Lancaster)
​11​Edgewood 3 (Lancaster)
 13Elmwood Pleasant Mound
 14Emanu - El
81Warren A. Ferris 1
 2Warren A. Ferris 2
 3Warren A. Ferris 3
 4Warren A. Ferris 4
 5Warren A. Ferris 5
 6Warren A. Ferris 6
91Fish Trap - La Reunion Colony 1
 2Fish Trap - La Reunion Colony 2
 3Fish Trap - La Reunion Colony 3
 4Fish Trap - La Reunion Colony 4
 5Fish Trap - La Reunion Colony 5
101Five Mile
 2Fletcher 1
 3Fletcher 2
 4Fletcher 3
111Freedman's 1
 2Freedman's 2
 3Freedman's 3
 4Freedman's 4
 5Freedman's 5
 6Freedman's 6
 7Freedman's 7
 8Freedman's 8
 9Freedman's 9
 2Garland Memorial
 3Garvin 1
 4Garvin 2
 5Garvin 3
131Garvin 4
 2Garvin 5
 3Garvin 6 - African American inventory
 4Garvin 7 - appraisal district
 5Garvin 8 - archaeology
 6Garvin 9 - clippings
 7Garvin 10 - correspondence
 8Garvin 10 - deeds
 9Garvin 11 - Geo-Marine dig
 10Garvin 12 - inventory
 11Garvin 13 - Kelso - Daugherty
 12Garvin 14 - landmark
 13Garvin 15 - landmark application
 14Garvin 16 - legal correspondence
 15Garvin 17 - maps
 16Garvin 18 - notes
 17Garvin 19 - preservation criteria
 18Garvin 20 - Smith Hall
 19Garvin 21 - Sons of Confederate Veterans
141Garvin 22 - Swor 1
 2Garvin 23 - Swor 2
 3Garvin 24 –timeline
 4Glover 1
 5Glover 2 - correspondence
 6Glover 3 - deeds
 7Glover 4 - Garrett Family
 8Glover 5 - Hunnicutt Family
151Gravel Slough
 2Greenwood 1 - archaeological evaluation
​3​Greenwood 2 - archaeological evaluation
 4Greenwood 3 - biographical clippings
 5Greenwood 4 - case correspondence
 6Greenwood 5 - Christopher Columbus Slaughter
 7Greenwood 6 - Christopher Columbus Slaughter historical marker dedication
 8Greenwood 7 - City of Dallas correspondence
​9Greenwood 8 - City Plan Commission notebook
​161​Greenwood 9 - Claude Albritton
​2Greenwood 10 - correspondence
​3​Greenwood 11 - correspondence
​4Greenwood 12 - correspondence
​5Greenwood 13 - correspondence
​6Greenwood 14 - correspondence
 7Greenwood 15 - correspondence
​8​Greenwood 16 – correspondence - City of Dallas
 ​9​Greenwood 17 – correspondence - La Tour
​10​Greenwood 18 – correspondence - La Tour
​11​Greenwood 19 – correspondence - La Tour
​12​Greenwood 20 – correspondence - La Tour
​13​Greenwood 21 – correspondence - La Tour
​14​Greenwood 22 – correspondence - La Tour
​15​Greenwood 23 – correspondence - La Tour
​16​Greenwood 24 – correspondence - La Tour
​17​Greenwood 25 – correspondence - La Tour
​18​Greenwood 26 – correspondence - La Tour
171Greenwood 27 - decertification
 2Greenwood 28 - deeds and ordinances
 3Greenwood 29 - development
 4Greenwood 30 - Don Henley
 5​Greenwood 31 - Friends of Greenwood
 6​Greenwood 32 - Friends of Greenwood
 7​Greenwood 33 - Friends of Greenwood
 8​Greenwood 34 - Friends of Greenwood - fundraising
 9​Greenwood 35 - Friends of Greenwood - Orion Marketing
181​Greenwood 36 - Greenwood Cemetery Association
 2​Greenwood 37 - Hunter family
3​Greenwood 38 - John Williams/Post Properties
 4​Greenwood 39 - Kings Daughters
5​Greenwood 40 - Kings Daughters
6​Greenwood 41 - Kurtz & Company
7​Greenwood 42 - maps
8​Greenwood 43 - maps
9​Greenwood 44 - maps
10​Greenwood 45 - Photographic prints and slides
11​Greenwood 46 - Photographic prints and slides
191​Greenwood 47 - Photographic prints and slides
2​Greenwood 48 - Photographic prints and slides
3​Greenwood 49 - Photographic prints and slides
4​Greenwood 50 - Photographic prints and slides
 5​Greenwood 51 - Photographic prints and slides
 6​Greenwood 52 - Photographic prints and slides
7Greenwood 53 - Potter's Field
8​Greenwood 54 - zoning
9​Greenwood 55 - zoning
10​Greenwood 56 - zoning
11Greenwood 57 - zoning
201Greenwood 58 - zoning
 2Greenwood 59 - zoning - Proposal to Request No Action Upzoning Greenwood Cemetery
3Grove Hill 1
 4​Grove Hill 2 - Rowan Family
 2​Honey Springs 1 - Homecoming binder
 3Honey Springs 2 - loose pages
 4​Horton 1
 5Horton 2
 6Horton 3
 7Horton 4
 8Horton 5
221Housely/Myers 1
 2Housely/Myers 2
 3Hutchins - Atwell
 4Irving cemeteries 1 - Grave Markers in Cemeteries In and Near Irving, Texas
 5Irving cemeteries 2
 7Keenan (Farmers Branch)
 3Kleberg 1
 4Kleberg 2 - Glenn Hickory
 5Lagow 1
 6Lagow 2
 7​Lancaster - Edgewood 1
241​Lancaster - Edgewood 2
 2​Lancaster - Edgewood 3
 4Lee - Seagoville
 5Letot 1
 6Letot 2
 7Letot 3 - Letot Family
 8Lincoln Memorial
 10Little Bethel
 11Long Creek 1
251Long Creek 2
 2Long Creek 3
 3Long Creek 4
 4Long Creek 5
 5Long Creek 6
261Long Creek 7
 2Long Creek 8
 3Long Creek 9
 4Long Creek 10
 5Long Creek 11
 4McCree 1
 5McCree 2
 6McGarrah (Collin County)
 8McShan (Rowlett)
281Miller Family
 3Missionary Baptist Church/Haymarket
 4Motley Family
 5Mount Auburn - Opportunity
 6Mount Calvary
291Oakland 1
 2Oakland 2
 3Oakland 3 - O'Connor Mausoleum
 4​Old Dallas Burial Ground
 6Parkland/Woodlawn 1 - clippings
 7Parkland/Woodlawn 2 - correspondence, clippings
 8Parkland/Woodlawn 3 - Hartnett
 9Parkland/Woodlawn 4 - land 
 10Parkland/Woodlawn 5 - landmark designation
 11Parkland/Woodlawn 6 - planned development
 12Parkland/Woodlawn 7 - problems at Parkland
 3Pauper 1
 4Pauper 2
 5Pauper 3 (City - Shady Trail)
 7Pioneer Park 1
311Pioneer Park 2
 2Pioneer Park 3
 3Pioneer Park 4
 4Pioneer Park 5
 5Pioneer Park 6
 6Pioneer Park 7
 7Pioneer Park 8
 8Pioneer Park 9
 9Pioneer Park 10
 10Pioneer Park 11
 11Pioneer Park 12 - alphabetical interments
 12Pioneer Park 13 - city landmark designation
321Pioneer Park 14 - city section
 2Pioneer Park 15 - clippings and deeds
 3Pioneer Park 16 - Conger
 4Pioneer Park 17 - correspondence
 5Pioneer Park 18 - Geo-Marine environmental study
 6Pioneer Park 19 - Jewish section
 7Pioneer Park 20 - Landmark Commission nomination
 8Pioneer Park 21 - Jewish section
 9Pioneer Park 22 - missing graves
 10Pioneer Park 23 - Odd Fellows section
 11Pioneer Park 24 - Odd Fellows section
 12Pioneer Park 25 - Odd Fellows/Elks
 13Pioneer Park 26 - photographic prints
 14Pioneer Park 27 - research notes
 15Pioneer Park 28 - Willemet
331Pleasant Mound 1
 2Pleasant Mound 2
 3Pleasant Mound 3 - Park Department
 4Pleasant Ridge
 5Pleasant Valley - Cedar Hill
 6Pleasant Valley - Sachse
8Potter Family (Mesquite)
 9Prospect Hill
 13Robinson Family/Fish Creek
341Routh (Richardson)
 2​Rowlett 1 - First Christian Church
 3​Rowlett 2 - history
 6Sacred Heart (Rowlett)
 7Shady Grove (Grand Prairie)
 8Shearith Israel
 9Simpson Stuart
 10Smith (Lewisville)
 11​Snyder - Kennedy
 12Southland (Grand Prairie)
 14Stadden (Wilmer)
 16Tompkins Family
 18Trinity (Wilmer)
 19Trinity Farms/Rancho Grande
 3Webb Chapel
 4Western Heights 1
 5Western Heights 2
 6Western Heights 3
 7Western Heights 4
 8Western Heights 5
 9Western Heights 6
 10​Western Heights 7
 11Wheatland/Wesley Chapel
 12Wolf Springs/Tennessee 1
 13Wolf Springs/Tennessee 2
 14Wolf Springs/Tennessee 3
 15Wolf Springs/Tennessee 4
1Harold Abrams, William Abrams
 2Joshua Addington
 3Benjamin Dodson Atwell family
 4Karl Axe family
 5William D Baird
 6Jerry Bartos
 7Beeman and Gilbert descendants
 8Hiram Bennett
 9Robert and Electa Ann Bethurum
 10John Henry Brown
 11James Bracken Bryan (nephew to JNB)
 12Chenault family
 13Thomas Cheshire
 14John Jacob Clark family
 15NJ Clayton
 16James M Cochran
 17Cockrell family - Seven Generations in Dallas by Joseph M Wilson
 18Sarah and Alexander Cockrell - historical marker dedication, 1976
 19Cole family - deeds to City of Dallas, 1940
 20Hattie Crowder Connor
 21John Cooper Cook
 22Cox family
 23Coyle family
 24John Crockett
 25Fred Cuny
 26Pierre Dusseau
 27Elam family
28Ernest T Fleming, Fleming Paper Mill
 29Floyd family
 30Thomas Flynn
371Franklin Gilbert 1
 2Franklin Gilbert 2
 3Franklin Gilbert 3
 4Franklin Gilbert 4
 5John J Good
 6George Guess [10th mayor of Dallas]
 7Alexander Harwood family
 8Haught family
 9Catherine Haughton
 10TC Hawpe
 11Thomas Lagow family
 12John Lane
 13Anthony M and Frances Brockman Leake family
 14Arthur Ledbetter and starting Mesquite churches
 15Eladio Martinez
 16Amos McCommas
381John C McCoy
 2Alice Moseley
 3Major BC Nickelson family and A Brief Sketch of The Life of a Confederate Soldier and the Ups and Downs During Pioneer and Indian Warfare in Texas
 4Dallas Sheriff Charles Nichols
 5​Bonnie Parker
 6Tom Parmer
 7James Martin Patterson
 8John C Pelt home 1
 9John C Pelt home 2
 10John C Pelt home 3
 11William Henry Pippen
 12Ermance Ryjibian - Brief History of Dallas [pages missing]
 13Christopher Columbus Slaughter - marker dedication
 14John Thomas family
 15​Mike Thomas family
 16Viola Torbett
17Lucretia (Barker) and Charles Vinyard family
 18Henderson Walker family
 19Andrew Jackson Witt family
391​WH Adamson High School
 2Black Barber School
 3​James Bowie Elementary School
 4​Davy Crockett Elementary School
 5​Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) 1
 6​Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) 2
 7​Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) 3
 8​Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) 4
 9​Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) 5
 10Frederick Douglass Elementary
401​James Fannin Elementary School
 2Forest (Madison) High School
 3​Harllee Elementary School
4​Stephen J Hay Elementary School
 5​​The Hockaday School
 6The ​Jackson School
 7​Lake Highlands Elementary School
 8​William B Lipscomb, Jr., Elementary School
 9​JL Long Middle School 1
 10​JL Long Middle School 2
 11Lou Foote Flying School
 12​North Dallas High School
 13Reinhardt Elementary School
411​Richardson Independent School District
 2School buses
 3​School names
 4Seagoville ISD
 5​The Sowers School
 6​Spence Middle School
 7​St Mary of Carmel 1
 8​St Mary of Carmel 2
 9​St Mary of Carmel 3

​Saint Mary's School for Women, Saint Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral and Pre-GED School, 2010

11​Sunset High School
 12​Terrell Flight School
 13Urban Park Elementary School PTA, 1982-83
 14​Ursuline Academy
 15​Woodrow Wilson High School 1
421Woodrow Wilson High School 2
 2Woodrow Wilson High School 3
 3​Woodrow Wilson High School 4
 4AT&T and Dallas telephone history
 5Black Dallas Remembered, includes Freedmans' Cemetery
 6Boy Scouts cleanup
 7​Buckner Terrace
 8Camp House 1
 9Camp House 2
 10Cemetery laws 1
 11​Cemetery laws 2
​Charles L Dexter and Company 100 Years

A Chronicle of Three Forks 1

3A Chronicle of Three Forks 2
 5City of Dallas condensed history
6City of Dallas property
 7City of East Dallas
 8City of Farmers Branch
 9City of Irving
 10City of Rowlett
11​Civilian Conservation Corps
 12Compact Discs
[Are We There Yet? Voices of the Dream Oak Lawn United Methodist Church and Community Outreach Center, MVSU Class of 1962 50th Year Anniversary, MKL [sic] NAACP, Texas African American Veterans Recognition (Juanita Wallace, Jerry Chambers, Robert E. Davis, Ester Davis)]
 13​Concave receivers patent
 14Confederate Heroes by Mrs SM Fields
 15Confederate soldier burials
 16Confederated Southern Memorial Association meeting minutes, 1927-1936
 17Correspondence 1
 18​Correspondence 2 - Diane Bumpas
 19Correspondence 3 - Charles Powers

Cultural and Natural Resources Contextual Guide to the White Rock Heritage District by Tim Dalbey
441Dallas Chamber of Commerce history 1909-1979
 2Dallas Community Development
 3Dallas County
 4Dallas County Appraisal District
 5Dallas County brands and marks, 1977

Dallas County Boundary Lines History

7Dallas County company post offices

8Dallas County Historic Districts

9Dallas County Historic Resources Survey 1, 1982

10Dallas County Historic Resources Survey 2, 1982

11Dallas County Historic Resources surveys 3

12Dallas County National Register properties

13Dallas County Pioneer Association

14Dallas County sheriffs

15Dallas' First Hundred Years 1856-1956 by George H Santerre
1Dallas Freemasons

2Dallas population

3Dallas Public Library

4Dallas Southern Memorial Association - Lee Memorial

Dallas Southern Memorial Association - pamphlet, 1941

6Dallas streets

7Deep Ellum Historical District
 8Denton County
 9Downtown Dallas survey
 10Eagle Ford
 11First African American Families of Dallas, Volume I, 1987
 12First African American Families of Dallas, Volume II, 1990
 14Golf history 1
 15Golf history 2
 16Grave marker repair
​Guadalupe Cathedral 1 - Sacred Heart/Guadelupe Cathedral of the Dallas Diocese Since 1902

2Guadalupe Cathedral 2

3Guadalupe Cathedral 3

4Harwood Street Historical District

5Hispanics in Dallas County

6Historic and Architectural Survey of Oak Cliff, 1980

Historic resources of Dallas, Texas Phase III, 1989

8​Historical locations address list

9History of the Churches of Christ by Stephen Daniel Echstein 1, 1963

10History of the Churches of Christ by Stephen Daniel Echstein 2, 1963
471Hunter's sawmill and bridge (Benjamin Hunter)

2Irish in Dallas

3Joseph Kovandovitch concrete house 1

4Joseph Kovandovitch concrete house 2

5​La Prada Drive Church of Christ 1

6​La Prada Drive Church of Christ 2

7Landmark Commission 1

8Landmark Commission 2

9Landmark Commission 3
 10Legacies article
 11Marriages records from early Dallas County
 12Murphy/Locke House (2516 Maple)
481Nacogdoches County
2Nance and Moffett
 3Oak Cliff
 4Oral history interview resources
 5Parkland Hospital as Trammel Crow Property, 2008
 6Peak and East Side Church of Christ
 7Peters Colony colonists
[Grave marker photographs of Louis and Armanda Lucas, "Daddy" R.E. Bob Griffin, Harry Feldman, JD and Hattie Mae McMakin, Tommy L King, Emma K. King, Robert Lee Smith, Jr.]
 9Pike Park events
 10Railroad - City of Dallas
 11Railroad - Dallas and Greenville
 12Sharrock-Niblo Cabin 1
 13Sharrock-Niblo Cabin 2
 14State Thomas Historic District
 15South Boulevard and Park Row Historic District
 16Texas and Its Flags, 1981
 17Texas senators of Dallas County
 18Town of Cedar Hill
491Town of Cedar Springs

2Town of Garland

3Town of Kleberg

4Town of Mesquite

5Town of Scyene

6Town of Wylie

7Trinity Portland Cement Company

8Trinity River and feeder creeks

9United Daughters of the Confederacy convention report, 1936

10West Dallas Community Planning Strategy, 1997

11West End Historic District 1

12West End Historic District 2

13West End Historic District 3

14West Side of Dallas County

15White Rock Lake

16White Rock Lake studies


  Survey histories
501Jesse Atterbury
 2AD Banks
 3Daniel Owen Barnett
 4George Barnett
 5David Barrow
 6William Bassell
 7Alex Berry
 8Lemuel Bess
 9WR Bodine
 10WP Carder
 11Joel Crumpacker
 12Benjamin Dye
 13WH Dye
 14Jesse Everett
 15Geo-Marine Survey Study
 16JD Hamilton
 17William Hughes
 18JG Jackson
 19John Jackson
 20William Jenkins
 21JW Keen
 22Joseph Klepper
 23Samuel Klepper
 24Thomas McCanne
 25Lavina McCommas
 26Neal McCraney
 27David Murdock
 28Daniel Murray
 29AT Nanny
 30OG Newton
 31WD Reed
 32Daniel Rowlett
 33Maria Sanchez Survey
 34Joel Sykes
 35AA Thomas
 36James G Vance
 37John U Vance
 38Isaac Wiley
 39William P Wyche
 40Bracey's Block Map of Dallas index [fragile], 1949
 41Bracey's Block Map of Dallas index [fragile], 1958
42Dallas County US Congressional Districts, 1991

43First Calvary Cemetery
[Larger version of map in flat files]

44Mapped cemeteries list


 Oversized materials (box)
Bracey's Block Map of Dallas index, 1959

2Calvary Cemetery inventory, 1868-2009

3Dallas block map pages

4Dallas County cemeteries map
[Goes with contents in Box 50, Folder 44.]

Maps of the Republic of Texas
[Map of the State of Coahuila and Texas, 1836; Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States, 1836; Map of the Republic of Texas, 1840; Map of the northeast part of the Republic of Texas, 1841; Map of the State of Texas, 1877]

6North Lake Highlands property owner maps, 1932-1948

7Photograph - Trinity Portland Cement Company Safety Trophy Dedication Barbecue, 7/4/1929

8White Rock Lake area maps

Oversized materials (flat files)
Irving Heritage Society Early North Texas Trails poster [2 copies], 1990
1876 Insurance Map of Dallas (All Buildings Then in Town) from Times Herald, 2/25/1923
 Beatty Cemetery, North Addition, Part of W5 Beatty Survey Abstract No 57; oldest cemetery in Dallas County 1844, 1892

​City and County of Dallas Levee Improvement District Map [774D-1], undated
 City of Dallas landmarks map, 1990
 City of East Dallas map [6 copies], 1880s

​Clyde Housing Urban Association near Greenwood Cemetery, housing plans [2 copies], 1997
 Cram's Map of Dallas, 1893
 Dallas Convention Center Expansion - master plan scheme, 1/22/1999

​Dallas Convention Center Expansion - site definitions and constraints, 11/12/1998
 Dallas County Cemeteries, 2010
 Dallas County Cemeteries, 2011

Dallas County Plat Book Page 1595 - related to Long Creek Cemetery, 9/25/2001
 Dallas County, 1893
 Dallas County, undated
 Dallas Floodway Extension Chain of Levees and Floodway Plan, 1996
 East Dallas [4 copies], 1880s
 Fair Park poster
 Ferris Cemetery map
First Cavalry Cemetery

​First Insurance Map of Dallas, Texas, drawn for the use of Charles L Dexter and Company, 1876
 Friends of Greenwood Cemetery proposed zoning changes, undated
 General Land Office partial map of Peter's Colony Map [official copy], 1852
 Geological Atlas of Texas, Dallas Sheet, Gayle Scott Memorial Edition, 1972
 Greenwood Cemetery

​Greenwood Cemetery topographic survey, Acrey Roberts Pierson Inc., Consulting Engineers, 1980

Haymarket Road - Hazelnut to Teagarden - survey map, 3/25/1949
 Highland Park First Installment Map, 1907
 Horton Survey #246, Wesley Cockrell Survey [2 copies], undated
Hutchins Area Map, copied pages from a Bracey's Book, undated
 Irving Heritage Society Early North Texas Trails poster [2 copies], 1990

​JERL Properties, Interstate 30 Addition Number 4, 1985 copy [2 copies], undated
 Jones and Murphy's Map of the City of Dallas, 1878
 Jones and Murphy's Map of the City of Dallas, 1882
 JW Lindsley and Company Map of Dallas County, Texas, 1930
 L Butler Nelson aerial view, undated
 List of mapped cemeteries of Dallas County
 Long Creek Cemetery # 2 map, undated
 Long Creek Cemetery Northside #2, undated

​Long Creek Cemetery Southside II map with names on plots [2 copies], undated
Map of La Réunion, Texas
 Map of Reinhardt, Texas
Munger Place Addition, 1907
Plat of 21.92-acre tract purchased by the city from JL Proctor for the new pauper cemetery, City Engineer's Office [3 copies], 3/23/1929
Plat of Pauper's Cemetery Adjoining Greenwood Cemetery [2 copies], 1928
 Post offices of Dallas County, 1846-1946
 Sam Street's Map of Dallas County, Texas, 1900
 Some part of Dallas County/Ellis County line map, undated
 Stephen F Austin's Map of Texas published by HS Tanner, Philadelphia, 1836
Storm Sewers Dallas Block District No 6, 1932

Survey map of Block 4412 (Camp House [DeGolyer] at Arboretum), 1978

Survey of Part of Block 4412, October 1973

Texas Electric Dallas Area map, undated

​Trinity Heights First, Second, and Third Sections, Seay-Cranfill Company, 1913

United States, published by Charles DeSilver, Philadelphia, 1856

US Department of the Interior Geological Survey

USGS Dallas map, 1958

USGS Duncanville map, 1958

USGS Hutchins map, 1958

USGS Oak Cliff map, 1958

USGS White Rock map, 1958