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​Dallas Park and Recreation Department Maps, ​1956-1965

​Collection 1995-038


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator Park and Recreation Department
Title Dallas Park and Recreation Department Maps​
Dates1956-1965, undated
Quantity1.17 linear feet
Abstract Maps
Identification 1995-038
Language Records are in English

​Scope and Content

Collection consists of planimetric/topographic maps pertaining to the Dallas Park and Recreation Department (PKR) locations for existing and planned parks.   

The maps were likely used for landscaping and design planning, and one is related to zoning.  

Most of the maps have a PKR reference number, and when present, the numbers are noted in the container list.  Additionally, the majority of the maps have no dates listed; the date range is likely from the 1940s to 1960s.


The maps are organized first by media size and type and second by chronological order.


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​Dallas Park and Recreation Department Maps​ (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Dallas -- Texas -- History
Dallas (Tex.) -- Parks
Dallas (Tex.). Park and Recreation Department

Container list

Box Folder Description, Date
11Entrance gates, alternate plans Units 3 and 4 [D-3-11]
[location unidentified]

1Dealey Plaza alternate plan [5-6-9.1], 1961

1North Lake Park, 1964

1Proposed park site near Veterans Hospital [2V2.1], 1956

1Study for small childrens' playground in Kiest Park [2K11.1], 1952

1Turner Plaza Plat [5T1.1]

2White Rock Lake Park 
[Report on seven slides, produced by Texas Technological College]

Bound volume of contour maps of parks
[Bachman Lake, Beckley-Saner, Buckner, Central Yard, City, Cochran, Cole, Craddock, Exall, Exline, Fair, Fretz, Garrett, Glendale, Grauwyler, Griggs, Harry Stone, Hattie Rankin Moore, Herndon, Kidd Springs, Kiest, Lagow, Lake Cliff and Campsite, Lawnview, Lee, Martin Weiss, Moore, Oak Cliff, Pike, Pleasant Oaks, Randall, Reverchon, Crawford, Samuell, Stevens, Tenison, Tiezte, Urbandale, Wahoo, Walnut Hill, Weichsel, White Rock Lake]

4Alamo Park [1A]

Alta Mesa Park [6A]

4Apache Park [2A]

Arapaho Park

4Arcadia Park [3A]

Arden Park [4A]

4Bachman Lake [1B-1]

4Bachman Lake [1B-2]

4Bachman Lake [1B-3]

4Bachman Lake [1B-4]

​Bachman Lake [1B-3]

​Bachman Lake Key Map [1B]

4Beckley Heights Park [2B]

4Beckley-Saner Park [3B]

4Central Yard [6C-7C]

4Cherrywood Park [8C]

4Cheyenne Park [9C]

4Churchill Park [10C]

4City Park [11C]

4Cochran Park [12C]

4Cole Park [13C]

​College Park [18C]

4Colonial Park [14C]

​Cotillion Park [20C]

​Cox Lane Tract [21C]

4Craddock Park [15C]

4Crown Park [17C]

4Cummings Park [19C]

4Danieldale Park [1D]

4Dealey Plaza Annex [4D] 

4Dealey Plaza, Ferris Plaza, Union Terminal Park [2D]

4Devon Park [5D]

5Elm Fork Park [3E]

5Everglade Park [4E]

Exall Park [1E]

​Exline Park [2E]

5Fair Oaks Park [1F]

5Fair Park [2F]

5Ferguson Road Park [3F]

5 Ferris Plaza, Dealey Plaza, Union Terminal Park [4F]

5Field Frazier Park [5F]

5Fireside Park [7F]

​Forest Playlot

​Freedmen's Memorial Park [10F]

5Fretz Park [6F]

5Fruitdale Park [8F]

​Gannon Park [8G]

5Garrett Park [1G]

5Glencoe Park [2G]

5Glendale Park [3G]

5Glover Park [4G]

5Grauwyler Park [5G]

5Greiner Park [6G]

5Griggs Park [7G]

5Hamilton Park [1H]

5Harry Stone Park [2H]

5Hattie Rankin Moore Park [3H], 1965

5Herndon Park [4H]

5Highland Hills Park [5H]

5Hillview Park [6H]

5Indian Ridge Park [II]

5Jaycee Park [1J]

5Joe's Creek Parkway [2J]

5Jones Playlot [2J]

6Kidd Springs [1K]

6Kiest Park [2K], 1965

6Kiest Park [2K11.1], 1952

6Kimble Park [3K]

6Kiowa Park [4K]

6Lagow Park [1L]

6Lake Cliff Park and Campsite [2L-3S]

6Lakewood Park [3L]

6Lawnview Park [4L]

6Lee Park [5L]

​Lemmon Park [9L]

6Lindsley Park [6L]

6Lizzie Oliver Park [7L]

6Lochwood Park [8L]

6Magna Vista Park [13M]

6Maple Park [1M]

6Maple Park Zoning, 1961

6Marcus Park [10M]

6Marsalis Park [2M]

6Martin Weiss Park [3M]

6McCree Park [4M]

6McCree Park Annex [14M]

6Meadow Stone Park [12M]

6Midway Manor Park [5M]

6Moore Park [6M]

6Mountain Valley Park [11M]

6North Arcadia Park [2N]

6North Hampton Park [4N]

6North Lake Park [5N]

6Northaven Park [3N]

6Northaven Park [A-5354]

6Northwood Park [6N]

6Oak Cliff Park [1O]

​Opportunity Park [3O]

6Owenwood Park [2O]

7Parkdale Park [1P]

7Parkview Park [2P]

7Pecan Grove Park [3P]

7Pemberton Hill Park [4P]

7Pike Park [5P]

7Pioneer Park [6P]

7Pleasant Grove Park [7P]

7Pleasant Oaks Park [8P]

7Polk Park [10P]

7Preston Hollow Park [9P]

7Randall Park [1R]

7Redbird Park [2R]

7Renner Park [3R]

7Reverschon [sic] Park [4R]

7Rhoads Terrace Park [5R]

7Ridgewood Park [6R]

7Rochester Park [7R]

​Roosevelt Park [10R]

7Royal Park [8R]

7Ruthmede Park [9R]

7Samuell Grand Park [1S]

7Samuell-Garland Park [4S]

7Sargent Park [15S]

7Singing Hills Park [14S]

​Skyline Park [10S], 1964

7Sleepy Hollow [8S]

​South Central Park [12S]

​St. Augustine Park [7S]

​St. Francis Park [13S]

7Stevens Park [9S]

7Tenison Memorial Park [1T]

7Terry Park, [2T]

7Thomas Hill Park [3T]

7Tiezte Park [4T]

7Tipton Park [7T]

7Turner Plaza Park [5T]

7Twin Falls Park

8Urban Park [1U]

8Urbandale Park [2U]

8Valleyview Park [1V]

8Veterans Park [2V]

8Wahoo Park [1W-2W]

8Walford Park [3W]

8Walker Park [15W]

8Walnut Hill Park [4W]

8Webb Chapel Park [5W]

8Weichsel Park [6W]

8West Dallas Housing [7W]

8West Dallas Housing Zoning Map [A-2398-1], 1961

Westhaven Park [17W]

8Westmoreland Park [8W]

8Wheatley Park [9W]

8White Rock Lake [10W key]

8White Rock Lake [10W-1]

8White Rock Lake [10W-2]

8White Rock Lake [10W-3]

8White Rock Lake [10W-4]

8White Rock Lake [10W-5]

8White Rock Trail Park [11W]

8Wonderview Park [18W]

8Woodland Springs Park [14W]

8Wynnewood Parkway [13W]