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Sanitary Sewer Construction Contracts, 1910-1915

​Collection 1997-002


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorDallas Water Utilities
TitleSanitary Sewer Construction Contracts
Quantity4.75 linear inches
AbstractContracts, bid specifications and proposals, correspondence
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Collection documents the construction of sewerage in the City of Dallas between 1910 and 1915.  

Sanitary sewers have the purpose of conveying domestic and industrial wastewater away from their sources to a wastewater treatment plant and are operated separately and independently of storm drains, which carry the runoff of rain and other water which wash into city streets. Sanitary lines generally consist of laterals (services to a particular unit), mains, and manholes. Wastewater has been collected by City of Dallas since the 1880s and the City’s first sewage treatment plant became operational in 1917.

Collection contains typescript and printed contracts, bid specifications and proposals, and correspondence between the City of Dallas and Dallas Lime and Gravel Company in 1913.


The collection is arranged chronologically.  


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Sanitary Sewer Construction Contracts, 1910-1915 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Container List 

BoxFolderTitle, Date
11Sanitary and Storm Sewer Proposals, Contracts and Specifications for January-February, 1910-1911
 2Sanitary Sewer Contracts for March, 1911
 3Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for April-May, 1911
 4Sanitary Sewer Contracts for August, 1911
 5Sanitary Sewer Contracts for November-December, 1911
 6Sanitary Sewer Contracts for January-May, 1912
 7Sanitary and Storm Sewer Proposals, Contracts and Specifications for July, 1912
 8Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for August, 1912
 9Sanitary Sewer Contract for November, 1912
 10Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for December, 1912
 11Sanitary Sewer Contracts for January-February, 1913
 12Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for March, 1913
 13Sanitary Sewer Contracts for April, 1913
 14Sanitary Sewer Contracts for June and correspondence from Dallas Lime and Gravel Company, 1913
 15Sanitary Sewer Contracts for August-September, 1913
 16Sanitary Sewer Contracts for October-November, 1913
 17Sanitary Sewer Contracts for January, 1914
 18Sanitary Sewer Contracts for February, 1914
 19Sanitary Sewer Contracts for March, 1914
 20Sanitary Sewer Contracts for April, 1914
 21Sanitary Sewer Contracts for May, 1914
 22Sanitary Sewer Contracts for June, 1914
 23Storm Sewer Contract for July, 1914
 24Sanitary Sewer Contracts for August, 1914
 25Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for September, 1914
 26Sanitary Sewer Contracts for October, 1914
 27Sanitary Sewer Contracts for November-December, 1914
 28Sanitary and Storm Sewer Contracts for February, 1915