Municipal Archives

City Photographer Collection, 1950-1997

Collection 1999-003


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator City Photographer
Title City Photographer Collection
Dates 1950-1997
Quantity 15.21 linear feet
Abstract Negatives, black and white and color, manuscript logbooks, notes, printed material.
Identification 1999-003
Language Records are in English

Scope and Content

Photographic prints, negatives, and manuscript and printed materials documenting the work of the City Photographer division of the Equipment, Communications, and Information Services Department of the City of Dallas. 

The role of the City Photographer was to document city services, assist with public information projects, create evidentiary exhibits for the Office of the City Attorney, provide images for official city publications, and document significant events and occasions in city government.

The City Photographer division was created in 1946 and was originally a part of the Personnel Department.  Later it became a part of Building Services.   The first photographer and lab manager was C. D. Bayne, who worked from 1946 until his retirement in 1975.  The second manager was Frank Branger.   The first processing and printing lab was located at Emil Fretz Park but later moved several times, ultimately locating at 1500 Mockingbird Lane and then at City Hall. 

Other photographers on staff included C. R. Schupbach, Anthony Giuffrida, James Crittenden, Jim Ashford, and Robert Cabello.  The position of City Photographer was last administered under the department of Equipment, later Equipment, Communications, and Information Services (ECI) and was eliminated in 1989.

The bulk of the collection contains prints and negatives from 1973 to 1989; although, there are a number of prints from 1950-1962 and a legal series of negatives and some prints extending from 1962 to 1984.   Fewer than fifty prints from 1990 to 1997 were added to the collection after the City Photographer role ceased to exist.  The collection contains 8x10, 5x7, 3x5, and contact photographic prints, and transparencies and negatives in 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5 formats.


The collection contains three major series: prints, negatives, and manuscript material. Prints are organized in subseries of identified and unidentified persons; identified and unidentified buildings and places; departments; contact sheets; and publication prints.  Negatives are arranged in chronological order.   The collection also contains oversized materials.


Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from the Dallas Municipal Archives. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.


City Photographer Collection, 1950-1997 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Dallas -- Texas -- History
Dallas (Tex.) -- Pictorial works
Photography, Artistic

Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
   Prints—Dallas City Council Group Portraits, 1952-1997
Council inauguration 81030 Series A, 1981
Council inauguration 81030 Series B, 1981
Council inauguration 81030 Series C, 1981
Council inauguration 81030 Series D, 1981
Council inauguration 81030 Series E, 1981
Council inauguration, 1985
Dallas City Council Members, 1969-1993
George Allen
Jerry Bartos
William M. Blackburn
Fred Blair
Glenn Box
William E. Cothrum
Juanita Jewel Shanks Craft
John Evans
Paul Fielding
Max Goldblatt
Al Gonzales
Joe Haggar
Adlene Harrison
Elsie Faye Heggins
Don Hicks
John N. Leedom
Al Lipscomb
Ricardo Medrano
Lori Palmer
Lucy Patterson
Diane Ragsdale
Jerry Rucker
Richard F. Smith
Charles Tandy
Rolan Tucker
John Walton
Max Wells
   Dallas Mayors, 1950-1989
21Steve Bartlett
 2Jack Evans
 3Robert "Bob" Folsom
 4J. Erik Jonsson
 5Annette Strauss
 6Starke Taylor
 7Robert L. Thornton
 8Wes Wise
   City of Dallas Employees, A-Z and Unidentified, ca. 1973-1989
31A names
 2B names
 3C names
 4D names
 5E names
 6F names
 7G names
 8H names
 9J names
 10K names
 11L names
 12M names
 13N names
 14O names
 15P names
 16Q names
 17R names
 18S names
 19T names
 20V names
 21W names
 22Unidentified employees
   Non-Dallas employees
 23John F Kennedy
 24Ronald Reagan
   City of Dallas Departments, Buildings, and Places, ca. 1950-1989
41Accounting Department
 2Aviation/Love Field
​3​Building dedication plaques
 4City Attorney
 5City Auditor's Office
 6City cemetery
 7City Credit Union
 8City Hall 1500 Marilla Street 1
 9City Hall 1500 Marilla Street 2
 10City Hall 2014 Main Street
 11City Hall 2014 Main Street Bywaters Mural
 12City Buildings-3112 Canton Street
 13City Buildings-1500 Mockingbird Lane
 14City Buildings-2719 Municipal Street
City Buildings-2726 Municipal Street
[Municipal Garage]
 16City Manager's Office
 17City Secretary's Office
 18Civil Service Office
 19Computer and Information Systems
 20Conference of Minority Public Administrators reception, April 6, 1982
 21Convention Center
 22Republican National Convention, 1982
 23Corporation Court [Court and Detention Services]
 24Dallas Arts Festival, 1985
 25Dallas Fire Department
 26Dallas Health and Science Museum [Science Place]
 27Dallas Museum of Natural History
 28Dallas Police Department
51Dallas Public Library 1
​2​Dallas Public Library 2
 3Dallas Transit System
 4Dallas Water Utilities
 5Dealey Plaza
 6Equipment and Building Services
 7Fair Park
 8Farmer's Market
 9Finance Department
 10Health Department/Health and Human Services/Environmental and Health Services
11Health Department - Typhus Control, 1950-1953
12International Affairs
[20th Anniversary, German Consulate]
13Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and Learning Center
 14Memorial Auditorium
 15Mobil Donation-Council Chambers, 7/6/82
16 Municipal Garage, 2726 Municipal, 1950-1951
17Office of Weights and Measures
​18​Old City Park [Dallas Heritage Village]
Park and Recreation Department
​20​Park and Recreation Department—Bachman Recreation Center
​21​Park and Recreation Department—DeGolyer Estate
​22​Park and Recreation Department—Elm Fork Nature Center
​23​Park and Recreation Department—Pioneer Park Confederate Monument, 1960-61
​24​Park and Recreation Department—Reverchon Park
​25​Parkland Hospital, 1953
26Personnel Department
 27Print Shop, 1950, 1953
28Public Sculpture and Statuary
29Public Utilities Office
Public Works Department
31Purchasing Division
 32Reunion Arena
33Science Place [Dallas Health and Science Museum]
34Stationery Supply
35Streets and Sanitation Department
 36Summer Feeding Program, 6/24/1982
 37Tax Department
 38Thanksgiving Square
 39Union Terminal
 40WRR Radio Station, 1950, 1953
   Non-City Government Places, Subjects, and Events, ca. 1920s, ca. 1962-ca. 1981
61John Neely Bryan cabin
 2Central Expressway
 5Dallas Ballet
 6Dallas Museum of Art
 7Dallas Symphony
 8Highway Construction
 9John F. Kennedy Memorial
 10Old Red Courthouse [Dallas County]
 11Public Relations Society of America, 12/7/81
 12Reunion Tower
 13Sidewalk 6151 LaVista, 9/28/83
   Photographic prints
71City of Dallas Annual Report, 1956-57
 2Photos from "Dallas Municipal Government: A Short Study," ca. 1955
 3"A Guide to City Services," League of Women Voters of Dallas, ca. 1980
 4L1-A-N Photographs, ca. 1985
 5Chromalins/Promotional Prints, ca. 1988
 6Undated publication prints
 7Legal Prints, 1984-1985 and undated
   Contact sheets numbered series
 8Numbered Series, 68257-89019
   Contact sheets unnumbered series
 9Camille Barnett
 10Buildings and Aerials, sheets E-T
 11Convention Center
 12Dallas Fire Department Denton State School presentation
 13Fair Park and White Rock Lake
 14Bob Folsom and George Schrader
 15Magnolia Flying Horse
 16Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
 17Mayor and Council, 1977-1978
 18Joan Mondale visit
 19Munger Street [building], sheets A-D
 21Reunion Arena/Aerials
 22Reunion Tower
 23Thanksgiving Square
 24Union Tower
 25World Trade Center
 26Unidentified sheets unmatched to negatives
 27 Halftone prints
   Photographic Prints
8 Unidentified People, Places, and Events
   Black and White Negatives
9 All Subjects (except Legal), #73058-75099
10 All Subjects (except Legal), #75100-76099
11 All Subjects (except Legal), #76100-76223
12 All Subjects (except Legal), #77001-77203
13 All Subjects (except Legal), #78001-78179
14 All Subjects (except Legal), #78180-79185
15 All Subjects (except Legal), #80001-81102
16 All Subjects (except Legal), #82001-83047
17 All Subjects (except Legal), #83050-8499e
18 All Subjects (except Legal), #85000-86089b
19 All Subjects (except Legal), #86090-87120, unnumbered series, unidentified
20 All Subjects (except Legal), #83001-03060 [OS]
21 All Subjects (except Legal), #83061-83115 [OS]
22 All Subjects (except Legal), #86157-86284 [OS]
23 All Subjects (except Legal), #86287-86406 [OS]
24 All Subjects (except Legal), #87001-87158 [OS]

All Subjects (except Legal), #88118-88295, 89002-89020  [OS]

Unnumbered Series:
            200 Block Jefferson Avenue
            911 Services
            Camille Barnett
            Fred Blair
Buildings and Aerials, Rolls E-T
Christmas at City Hall, 12/3/1988
City Hall, Exterior and Interior
Convention Center
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport [map]
Dallas Police Department
Dallas Public Library, 5/10-82
Data Services
Farmers Market
Bob Folsom, George Schrader
Magnolia Flying Horse
Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
Mayor and Council, 1977-1978
Joan Mondale Visit
Munger [Avenue] Rolls A-D
Park Employee of the Month, 5/23/89
Personnel Brochure
Robert Reeves and Todd Gritch, 8/26/82
Reunion Arena/Aerials
Reunion Tower
Road Crew [Public Works]
School Safety Awards, 8/11/82
Spencer [retirement]
Taylor Publishing Buildings and Compound
Thanksgiving Square
Union Station
World Trade Center
Unidentified People, Places, and Businesses
WRR Studio and Museum of Natural History, 7/15/82
   Color negatives
26 All subjects (except Legal), #75052-78192
27 All subjects (except Legal), #78193B-82088C
28 All subjects (except Legal), #82088-83106
29 All subjects (except Legal), #83107-86206
30 All subjects (except Legal), #86225-1989, unnumbered, unidentified
31 All subjects (except Legal), #82096-8535 [OS]
32 All subjects (except Legal), #8541-86157 [OS]
33 All subjects (except Legal), #86172-86407 [OS]
34 All subjects (except Legal), #87002-87157 [OS]
35 All subjects (except Legal), #88166-89022, unnumbered [OS]
   Black and white legal negatives
36 Legal, #14-799-14-913, 10/16/1962-10/1/1963
37 Legal, #14-913-14-1000, 10/3/1963-1/24/1964
38 Legal, #L68021-L70038
39 Legal, #L70041-L72026
40 Legal, #L73001-L76099
41 Legal, #L76100-L77099
Black and White Negatives, Legal, #L77100-L86094
Color Negatives, Legal, #L83113-L88254
   Photographic prints
Dallas Public Library, Undated.[OS]
Union Terminal, Undated.[OS]
   Manuscript materials
Photographic Work Logs, 1965-1986
Photographic Work Logs (Legal), 5/11/76-3/19/83
Supplies and Equipment Lists, 1954-1955
Sample Photography Work Request Forms, ca. 1987
Notes on specific assignments and detailed negative identifications, 1969 and undated
​Oversized materials
​Flagpole Hill with Radio Station WRR building and towers, undated