Municipal Archives

Public Works and Transportation Department Photographs, 1926, 1944, 1972, 1979-1995

​Collection 2002-004


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator City of Dallas Public Works and Transportation Department
Title Public Works and Transportation Department Photographs
Dates 1926, 1944, 1972, 1979-1995
Quantity 2.085 linear feet
Abstract 35mm color slides, 35mm and 5x7 color and black and white negatives and color and black and white photographic prints documenting Public Works and Transportation projects.
Identification 2002-004
Language Records are in English

​Scope and Content

Collection consists of 35mm color slides, 35mm and 5x7 color and black and white negatives, and color and black and white photographic prints documenting City of Dallas Public Works and Transportation construction and replacement projects, people, places, and events.

Public works activities as they are known today were originally under the direction of the city engineer.  After a major reorganization of City of Dallas departments following the move to council-manager form of government in 1930, the Department of Public Works was created.  Transportation-related activities were later added, then removed from the department in 2011.  As a combined department, its mission was to preserve, improve, and construct Dallas' infrastructure and facilities to provide effective, safe, and efficient protection of property, movement of people and goods, and access to city facilities for citizens of Dallas.

Project documentation includes specified and unidentified street and road construction and replacement and aerial photography.  Love Field construction projects are well represented, as well as extensive documentation of the moving of the Charles Umlauf sculpture at the entrance to the airport, "Spirit of Flight."


The collection is arranged with no particular structure.


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Public Works and Transportation Department Photographs, 1926, 1944, 1972, 1979-1995 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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City planning -- Texas -- Dallas
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Photography -- City Government -- Texas -- History
Public works -- Texas -- Dallas
Streets -- Texas -- Dallas Metropolitan Area
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Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
11Pegasus Plaza dedication, color slides, 1995
 2Pacific and Main Streets, February 1989
 3Meyerson Symphony Center, 1989
 4McKinney Avenue Trolley, 1989
 5McKinney Avenue Trolley, 1989
 6Dallas Arts District, 1989
 7Dallas Arts District, 1989
 8Aerial Views, Central Business District, 1989
 9Ross Avenue, 1989
 10Main Street, 1989
 11Negatives, Kleberg community, December 1988
 12Olive Street, color prints, June 1987
 13Accident, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Lamar Street, photographer Ron Crippens, April 1986
 14Color prints, Pearl off-ramp, Arts District, March 1983
 15Dallas Pedestrian Tunnel System, 1981
 16Architectural model, Dallas Museum of Art, circa 1979
 17Construction of Reunion Arena, 1979
 18Negatives, Hampton Road Area, G.A. McAfee, 1944
 19Farmers Market, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
 20Negatives, Dallas Farmers Market, undated
 21Bullington Truck Terminal Plaza, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
 22Dallas Pedestrian Tunnel System Plans, undated
 23Arts District, color prints, undated
 24McKinney Avenue Trolley, slides, undated
 25McKinney Avenue Trolley, negatives and prints, undated
 26McKinney Avenue Trolley, slides, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
 27Exposition Plaza, undated
 28Exposition Plaza negatives, undated
 29Record Street before construction, San Jacinto before construction, circa 1983
 30Record Street construction, color prints, and negatives, undated
 31Jefferson Boulevard renovation and landscaping, undated
 32Plans for Bernal Drive project, undated
 33Copy photographs of proposed construction in West End and State-Thomas Historical Districts, undated
 34Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway and Central Expressway looking west, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
21Illustrations of Alpha Road, undated
 2Parkway Center landscaping and irrigation, undated
 3Plans for Kleberg Road, undated
 4Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center construction, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
 5Main Street pedestrian way, undated
 6West End and Pacific Avenue, undated
 7Jefferson Boulevard, undated
 8Photographic survey of Austin Street corridor, circa 1983
 9Record Street ribbon-cutting ceremony, undated
 10Road construction, Main Street and Oakland Avenue, undated
 11Aerial views of downtown, photographer Ron Crippens, 1989
 12Water main, 1989
 13Dallas lighting survey, 1987
 14Unidentified location, 1985
 15Unidentified Public Works Projects, circa 1982
 16Demolition of unidentified building, circa 1972
 17Aerial views, 1926 and undated
 18Unidentified Dallas landscaping, undated
 19Unidentified Dallas Public Works projects, undated
 20Unidentified Dallas roadways, garden, and water features, undated
 21Unidentified Dallas roads and highways, undated
 22Parkway and median landscaping, undated
 23Unidentified Dallas landscape and roadway projects, undated
31Photographs and copy photographs of Dallas area garden flora, undated
 2Unidentified construction in Dallas, undated
 3Unidentified work project plans, undated
 4Unidentified Dallas street views, undated
 5Dallas garden features and flora, undated
 6Unidentified Dallas roadways, gardens, and houses, undated
 7Unidentified Dallas street views and gardens, undated
 8Street views from various United States cities, undated
 9Unidentified series of negatives, undated
 10Unidentified aerial photographs, undated
 11Aerial views looking northwest, photographs by Ron Crippens, undated
 12Downtown Dallas aerial views, undated
 13Copy photographs and maps, undated
 14Unidentified survey of Lamar Street, undated
Unidentified construction project, undated
 16Landscape features at unidentified locations, undated
 17Unidentified Dallas road work, undated
 18Unidentified project, undated
 19Love Field construction and landscaping, circa 1988-1989
 20Love Field construction and landscaping, circa 1989
 21Love Field construction and landscaping, Spirit of Flight, circa 1989
 22Love Field, Spirit of Flight, 1989
41Love Field, Spirit of Flight, 1989
 2Love Field, Spirit of Flight re-dedication, 1989
 3Love Field, Spirit of Flight reconstruction, undated
 4Love Field roadways and parking, undated
 5Love Field, photographer Ron Crippens, undated
 6Photographs of Love Field and other unidentified public works sites, undated
 7Love Field original sign at entrance and parking, undated
 8Old Love Field original sign, undated
 9Construction at Love Field, undated
 10Love Field Landscaping, undated
 11Love Field construction - Spirit of Flight, undated
 12Love Field - Spirit of Flight, undated
 13Love Field, undated
 14Love Field parking lots and Spirit of Flight sculpture, undated
 15City of Dallas Public Works Department employees, December 1992
 16Public Works and Transportation Department Employees, April 1989
 17Public Works and Transportation Department Employees, March 1989
 18Public Works and Transportation Department employees, 1981
 19Fire Department presentation, 1980
 20Slideshow presentations - notes and memoranda of Ron Crippens, undated
 21Presentation on a public park, undated
 22Presentation, "Who Becomes a Civil Engineer?", undated
 23Presentation, "Building Civilization," Dallas Branch, American Society of Civil Engineers, undated