Dallas Animal Services

Adopt Heartworm Positive Dogs

Dallas Animal Services are treating heartworm dogs once adopted.

Adopting a heartworm positive dog doesn't have to be a costly investment anymore. We can treat heartworm positive dogs who are four years old or younger and have been evaluated by our vet staff.

Once you find a dog that you want to adopt, you can ask our front desk to have the dog evaluated by our vets and make sure that the dog is available for heartworm treatment. Once the dog has been cleared by our vets and you are done with our adoption process, you will be given further information about treatment. Treatment lasts around 2 to 3 months from giving your dog a daily pill for the first month to having your dog rest for a month after receiving heartworm injections.

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While it may sound like a difficult start in the beginning, please read our testimonials from our fosters parents who have treated their foster dog.


"Isabell did well with her heartworm treatment. She is more active now since her treatment has ended. When I first started fostering her, she was not an active girl and now she enjoys running around and walking around outside. I thought it would be a lot more work but with the support of Dallas Animal Services it was much easier than my initial thoughts. We as a community can save more dogs if people opened their homes to heartworm positive dogs." -Gabriela Alvarado



"Every since Topaz went through his heart worm treatment he acts like he has a second chance at life. The heartworm treatment was very simplistic. I went home with 30 days of medication when I took him home to foster. His appointments of heartworm injections went well and the staff was very friendly. Topaz's favorite part about all of this was it gave him an excuse to be a lazy dog." -Chelsea Smith


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"Dallas Animal Services have made it super easy to treat Mavis. The people at DAS have walked us through every step, and the only challenge is conviencing our playful and happy girl to be a lazy dog for 12 weeks. Small price to pay to get Mavis at 100% health." -Heather L. Nelson