Dallas Animal Services

Tethering and Confinement


 An owner of a dog may only tether a dog if the dog is in the owner's immediate possession and accompanied by the owner. In addition, the owner of a tethered dog shall:

      (1)   not allow the dog to be tethered in any manner or by any method that allows the dog to become entangled or injured;

      (2)   use a properly fitted harness or collar that is specifically designed for the dog; and

      (3)   attach the tethering device to the dog's harness or collar and not directly to the dog's neck. 

Reference: 7-4.7 Dallas City Code


According to chapter 7-3.1 of Dallas City Code, an owner commits an offense if the fail to restrain an animal at all times in a fenced-in yard, in an enclosure pen, in a structure, or by a tethering device, but only if the animal is in the owner's immediate possession and accompanied by the animal's owner, and, if the animal is a dog, the owner complies with the requirements in Section 7-4.7 of Dallas City Code.

Dogs that are kept outdoors require an area that is at least 150 sq ft. for each dog six (6) months of age or older. The confining structure must be constructed with materials that will not allow the dog to escape, but still provide access to its doghouse, a building or shelter.

The doghouse, building or shelter must provide protection from the elements, allow adequate room for movement and must be structurally sound.

Reference: 7-4.9 Dallas City Code