Dallas Animal Services

Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return


​Why Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)?

Trap-Neuter-Return is the only proven, humane method to control outdoor cat populations. The process involves humanely trapping outdoor cats, having them spayed or neutered, microchipped, ear-tipped for easy identification, and vaccinated, then returning them to where they were found. This process prevents them from reproducing and also puts an end to many problematic behaviors like yowling, fighting, and marking.  


Section 7-3.1 of the city ordinance allows for the care of feral cats participating in an approved TNR program. 

What is a feral cat?

A feral cat is any homeless, wild or untamed cat. However, TNR can be used for community cats as well. These are cats that are social but do not have one single home. Learn how you can get involved in TNR and help community cats. 

Are you the manager of a community cat colony? Fill out this application so that we can keep track of the cats in Dallas. Please email your completed application to: DASServiceRequest@dallascityhall.com.

Why Don't You Trap and Euthanize the Cats? 

Trapping and euthanizing cats was used for decades in the United States and has proven ineffective in controlling the cat population.  Why?

Learn how to get involved in helping community cats.