Dallas Animal Services

Barking Dogs

For assistance with dogs barking for an extended period of time, please ​contact 311. Provide the call taker with as much information as possible including location, date, time of the incident, and any other specific details you might have. DAS will contact the dog owner and the complainant as long as the information is provided to 311.

The complainant can also file an outside complaint with the prosecutor's office. The dog has to be recorded barking consecutively for fifteen (15) minutes or longer.  Reference: Section 7-7.4 Dallas City Code

View the Outside Complaint Form.

If the owner continues to allow the animal to cause a disturbance, you may file a complaint with the City Attorney's Office. You may file the application with the City Attorney's Office located at 2014 Main Street, Room 227, Dallas, Texas 75201. For assistance in filing the complaint, please contact the City Attorney's Office, Prosecution Division at 214-670-4439.