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Dangerous Dogs

Dallas Animal Services encourages responsible pet ownership through continued education and outreach efforts. If a dog has been deemed dangerous in the City of Dallas, the owner must comply with specific requirements to ensure that people feel safe where they live, work, and play. Dangerous dog determinations are governed by both Texas law and local Ordinances.

Dangerous Dog Definition

Dangerous Dog Affidavit (PDF)

Dangerous Dog Affidavit (Witness) (PDF)

Requirements for Ownership of a Dangerous Dog

Preventing and Reporting Dog Bites

Dangerous Dogs Data

Dangerous Dog Database

Aggressive Dog Database

Animal Bites

A person bitten or scratched by an animal should report the incident by calling 311. Dallas Animal Services will investigate the incident and quarantine the animal if the attack caused broken skin.

A person may request an affidavit to request a dangerous dog hearing (if the dog caused bodily injury). To request an affidavit, click below or call 214-670-8313 and an affidavit will be mailed or faxed to you.

Dangerous Dog Affidavit (PDF)

Reference Section 7-4 of Dallas City Code