Dallas Animal Services

Lost Pets

lost pet ad-03.jpgMissing a pet? Text “Lost” to (833) 936-0421 for more information and resources.
¿Perdio a su mascota? Texte "Perdido" al (833) 936-0421 para obtener más información y recursos.

Lost & Found Pet Reports
Whether you lost your pet or found someone else's, we ask that you complete a lost or found pet report through our database system. Visit PetHarbor to submit a report or review the ones already posted and increase your odds of a reunion.  To get started, enter your zip code in the left-hand column.

Finding Rover

Finding Rover is a free app that uses facial recognition to help reunite owners with their lost pets. Collars fall off but faces don't! Learn more and download the app at https://findingrover.com/.

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The Shadow App

Shadow is a free community-led app that reunites lost dogs in greater Dallas-Fort Worth.
If your dog is missing, we recommend alerting the Shadow community by downloading the app at this link: https://shadowapp.com/ 


Lost Pets at DAS

We get more than 100 animals in each day, so please view this page daily to look for your pet (mobile-friendly page). If you see a pet that you believe could be yours come into our shelter as soon as possible to see them in person -- hours are 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Lost pets are held in our shelter for 3 days before being evaluated for our adoption program. Please email petsupport@dallascityhall.com if you have any questions or would like to connect with a staff member.

ON A PHONE OR TABLET? VIEW THE MOBILE-FRIENDLY LINK! Type in zip code 75212 to locate Dallas Animal Services! 

Other Ways to Find Your Pet

  • Come into the shelter to see the animals in person during open hours.* If you live near the city limits of other towns, visit their animal shelters, too! (*Because of COVID-19, please be sure to view our pets online first and only come to the shelter if you believe we have your pet. Email petsupport@dallascityhall.com if you have any questions or would like to connect with a staff member.)
  • Spread the word on social media pages like NextDoor, Facebook (including local neighborhood and community pages), and Twitter.
  • Post "Lost Pet" flyers in the community, including at local veterinary offices.
  • Ask your neighbors, postal delivery workers, yard crews, etc. if they've seen your pet. 

If DAS Has Your Pet

There are fees associated with daily boarding, impoundment, vaccination (if you don't have proof of current rabies vaccination), microchipping and spay/neuter. You may speak to a representative at the Lost and Found desk to discuss the fees or access them online (per Dallas City Code Section 7-2.6, details fees for redeeming your pet).

Don't Forget to Microchip

If you live in the Dallas City Limits, your pets must be microchipped -- it's the law! 

It's also their best chance of finding their way home if they go missing!  Microchips are not GPS trackers; they are small computer chips that are inserted below the skin of pets that store a unique identification number. When an animal shelter or veterinarian scans an animal's chip, they record the microchip ID number and contact the microchip directory to get the owner's contact information. Unlike collars and ID tags, microchips are permanent and cannot get lost. Dogs that are microchipped are 238% more likely to make it back home and cats are 2000% more likely! 

DAS is currently NOT offering our microchip services to the public due to the COVID-19 emergency. Most veterinarians will microchip your pet for you.

Found or Stray Animals

If you have found a stray and need to turn it into our shelter,  please call 3-1-1 for further instructions. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, please do not come to DAS without to surrender a stray before calling 3-1-1 and receiving further instructions.

If you have a stray and can keep it in your home while you look for the owner, please make a Found Pet Report, then make sure to share it through Facebook, Nextdoor, flyers, etc!