​Public Meetings

Dallas Department of Transportation works with internal and external agencies on projects that impact roads in the City of Dallas. The following public meetings are being held to address current and future projects. 

June 22, 2021- TxDOT Interstate 345 (I-345) 

TxDOT is facilitating a feasibility study of I-345. This study is just the beginning of a process that will help TxDOT determine the best way to address the needs of the roadway and the traveling public as they plan for current and future development. The purpose of the I-345 feasibility study is to develop and analyze conceptual alternatives for I-345 and attendees will be able to learn about the study process and provide input on the future of I-345. 

A virtual public meeting along with two in-person options will be offered. Registration is required for the in-person meetings. To view the meeting notices in English and Spanish, venue maps and registration information, visit TxDOT I-345 Feasibility Study.