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​City of Fruitdale, 1937-1964

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Creator City of Fruitdale, Texas
Title City of Fruitdale
Dates 1937-1964
Quantity 2.52 linear feet
Abstract Correspondence, memoranda, financial records, meeting minutes, printed materials, and photographs.
Identification 1991-063
Language Records are in English

Scope and Content

Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, financial records, meeting minutes, printed materials, and photographs documenting the history, local government, and annexation of the city of Fruitdale, Texas.

Fruitdale was three miles south of downtown Dallas in central Dallas County. The site is now bounded by Fordham Road on the north, the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas tracks to the east, Ledbetter Drive on the south, and Sunnyvale Street to the west. It was in the original land grants of J. K. Sloan and G. L. Haas.  Although the first settlers in the area named it Christian Valley when they arrived in the 1850s, the real influx occurred after the Civil War.  In 1886, the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway was extended through Fruitdale.

On April 17, 1937, Fruitdale incorporated to avoid annexation to Dallas.  It had a population of 432 and was sometimes called Fruitdale Acres. The citizens imposed deed restrictions that allowed no businesses within the city limits.

By the 1960s, with a population of 1,418, residents no longer saw a need to remain an "island city" surrounded by the city of Dallas.  Large numbers of residents were moving in and out of the community, and there was a high turnover rate in city officials.  In early October 1964, residents voted to disincorporate.  Later that month, on October 12, Fruitdale was annexed by the city of Dallas (City of Dallas Ordinance Number 10669).

[Adapted from an entry in the Handbook of Texas (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1994), the Dallas Morning News, May 25, 1945, and the Dallas Times Herald, September 5, 1948, and August 16, 1964.]


The collection is arranged first by minutes and ordinances and secondly chronologically by subject.


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Container List

BoxFolderTitle, Date

11Memorandum to E. Lynn Crossley, City Auditor [City of Dallas] from John McArthur, concerning an audit of books and records for the City of Fruitdale, November 11, 1964
1Minutes of Board of Alderman, City of Fruitdale, Book 1: 1937-1947
2Minutes of Board of Alderman, City of Fruitdale, Book 2: 1948-1958
3Minutes of Board of Alderman, City of Fruitdale, Book 3: 1959–1964
21Index to Ordinances
2Ordinance #1 - adoption of By-Laws and Designating Elective Officers, 1937
3Ordinance #2 - providing that the fiscal year of the town of Fruitdale, Texas, shall begin the first day of July of each year, 1937
4Ordinance #3 - providing for the levying of Ad Valorem taxes, 1937
5Ordinance #4 -providing for the levying of an annual occupation tax in the Town of Fruitdale for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1937
6Ordinance #5- declaring a misdemeanor to obstruct streets or alleys with brush, wood, dirt, or filth from the cleanings of the home or any other thing calculated to obstruct the free passage of the streets
7Ordinances #s 6-7, #s9-12, 1937 [# 8 is missing] - see index in Box 2 folder 1
8Ordinance #13 - providing that whosoever shall deposit or place in or on any premises public or private, any vegetable or animal matter or slop, or etc. shall be fined, 1937
9Ordinance #14 - providing that persons called upon by the marshal or his deputy who refuse to assist him in any matter in which by law, he may be rightfully called upon to assist in the execution and duty incumbent upon him as an officer shall be fined
10Ordinance #15 - regulating the rate of speed on public streets
11Ordinance #16 - providing that the Board of Equalization meet on set days, within the corporate limits
12Ordinance #17 -  providing for the adoption of the provisions of Chapter 10 of Title 122 of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas (R. C. S.), 1925 to enforce the collection of delinquent taxes
13Ordinance #18 - appointment of officers of election
14Ordinance #19 - building code, 1939
15Ordinance #19A - further part of ordinance 19 prohibiting the establishment operation and maintenance of any kind of commercial business, 1939
16Ordinance #20 granting H. A. Rudd the right to use the streets, avenues, and public thoroughfares for operating omnibuses and other passenger motor vehicles for the transportation for hire of persons and property
17Ordinance #21 - temporary zoning
18Ordinance #22 - prohibits burning of grass and weeds, 1948
19Ordinance #23 - provides for the regulation and controlling the planting, cutting, trimming, and caring for trees and shrubs within the limits of the highways and streets or the city
20Ordinance #24 - providing for the regulation and controlling of all the dry closets within the city limits and prohibiting the building and/or erection of any type of dry closets within the city limits
21Ordinance #25 -  Linfield Drive
22Ordinance #26 - depository bond
23Ordinance #27 - blackout and air raid protection, 1949
24Ordinance #28 - amendment to building code and zoning ordinance, 1954
25Ordinance #29 - franchise for Dallas Power and Light
26Ordinance #30 - accepting provisions of Title 28 revised civil statutes of Texas, 1925, as amended, in lieu of the existing charter
27Ordinance #31 - setting city council meetings to be held on the Second Tuesday and Fourth Monday
28Ordinance #32 - waterworks wax bonds, 8/27/53
29Ordinance #33 - waterworks tax bond and levy, assessment, and collection of a tax
30Ordinance #34 - waterworks revenue bonds
31Ordinance #35 - amendment waterworks revenue bonds
32Ordinance #36 - fixing water rates
33Ordinance #37 - one-way traffic on Infield Drive in front of W. W. Bushman School and providing parking restrictions
34Ordinance #38 - waterworks rates, rules, and regulations for waterworks department
35Ordinance #43 - regulations for driving while intoxicated and reckless driving
36Ordinance #44 - monthly sanitary sewer rates
37Ordinance #45 - sanitary sewer tap charges
38Ordinance #46 - sewer Bonds
39Ordinance #47 - platting and subdividing land, 1956
40Ordinance #48 confinement of dogs
31Ordinance #50 - (not written by the City of Fruitdale; it is adopted Dallas Ordinance 6254) regulating the use of water for sprinkling watering of lawns, gardens, and shrubbery
2Ordinance #51 - prohibiting housing of trailer vehicles, 1958
3Ordinance #52 - regulating the care of vacant lots, 1957
4Ordinance #53 - regulating garbage containers
5Ordinance #55 - fixing rates for gas services
6Ordinance #56 - emergency ordinance
7Ordinance #57 - office of the City Secretary to be filled by appointment by the City Council
8Ordinance #58 - marshal appointed by city council, 1963
9Ordinance #59 - boundaries of Highway 246
10Ordinance - building codes for gas and plumbing, 1959
11Ordinance - moving of pre-assembled houses, 1960

12Agreement with the Missouri, Kansas, & Texas Railroad, 1939
13Contract with the City of Dallas for water services, 1948-1958
14Council actions, 1951
15City Secretary correspondence 1, 1952-1966
16City Secretary correspondence 2. 1952-1966
17Contract: Jones, Phillips and Watkins, 1953-64
18Employees and other insurance, 1953-1060
41Revenue Bonds–waterworks, 1953
2Agreement between Fruitdale and Harry Breymer, 1954
3Ledger - City of Fruitdale, 1954-1961
4U. S. Civil Defense, 1954-1956
5Fruitdale Annual Reports, 1954-1962
6Fruitdale Acres, 1955

Notice to citizens concerning sewer tap and connection charge, November 28, 1955
8Dallas ordinance 6972 (lawn watering), 1956
9David Graham Hall Foundation Public Health, 1956-1959
10Masonic Lodge Petition, 1956
11Texas Bank and Trust 1, 1956-1964
12Texas Bank and Trust 2, 1956-1964
13Ledger - water interest and reserve fund, 1956-1962
14City Elections files, 1957
15Dallas Power and Light proposed substation, 1957
16Fireworks sales permits, 1957-58
17Harold Davis Surety Bonds, 1957
51Income tax 1, 1957-1962
2Income tax 2, 1957-1962
3Inventory of property for gas, telephone, and light companies, 1957
4Police Department bids for vehicular items, 1957-1960
5Zoning petitions, 1957
6Ben Griffin Tractor Company, 1958
7J. E. Frazer, Volunteer firefighter, 1958
8Police payroll, 1958
9Fire Department reports, 1959-1964
10Fruitdale Acres Muriel Murphy, Murphy Warranty Deed, 1959
11Oaths of Office, 1959
12State of Texas Health Department, 1959
13Budget, 1960-1963
14County Fire Contracts, 1960
15Agreement - City of Fruitdale and Dallas Power and Light Company, 1962
16Correspondence, 1962-64
17Building Permit fee book, 1962-1963
18Ledger - General Fund, Fire Department Fund, Water Revenue Fund, 1962-1964
61Financial Reports, 1963-64
2Police department, 1963
3Election to "abolish the town of Fruitdale," August-September, 1964
4Social Security, 1964
5Texas Municipal Reports, 1964
6Official picture file, undated
7Map - Fruitdale Improvement District, undated
8Street project, undated