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Original 1844 Townsite Plan of John Neely Bryan 

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Dallas founder John Neely Bryan laid out the original town grid and named all the streets.  His 1844 townsite was a one-square-mile grid plan with eight streets running north-south and a dozen running east-west.  The original street names were as follows, and the origin information, if known from primary sources, is shown in brackets.

North-South Names
Austin [after Stephen F Austin]
Houston [after Sam Houston}
Jefferson [after Thomas Jefferson]
Lamar [after Mirabeau Lamar]
Poydras [after Julien de Lalande Poydras]
Water [closest to the Trinity River]

East-West Names
Burleson [after Edward Burleson]
Calhoun [after John C Calhoun]
Carondalet [after Francisco Luis Héctor de Carondelet]
Columbia [after Columbia, personification of America]
Jackson [after Andrew Jackson]
Polk [after James K Polk]
Wood [after George T Wood]

The juxtaposition of the Bryan and Grigsby grids is easily seen on this map.  Note that the orientation of the map is North (left), East (top), South (right), and West (bottom).  This map is located in the Dallas County Records, Deed Book D, page 688.