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Dallas Municipal Archives resources

Street names offer a peek into the history of an area.  Geography, civic leaders, flora, fauna, entertainers, and politicians are but a few inspirations behind street names.  Dallas is no different. The Dallas Municipal Archives has multiple resources for researching Dallas's older street names.  The reason a name was chosen may be unknown; nevertheless, materials to research include  

•  City Council Minutes and Ordinances
•  City engineer and Streets Commissioner notes
•  Property deeds and tax ledgers (from the 1800s)
•  Street name card file

Other resources

In addition to the Municipal Archives, the following list shows other resources to use when conducting street name research.   This list is not all-inclusive; it is a starter list of ideas.​

•  City directories
•  Dallas Public Library
•  Newspapers
•  Official city maps
•  Dallas County Clerk's Office
•  The Portal to Texas History
•  Sanborn Fire Insurance maps
•  SMU Archives