Water Utilities

​Water Utilities FAQs

​What is sewer?

Wastewater (sewer), is the used water that goes down the drains inside our houses and businesses. The wastewater portion of your bill pays the costs associated with cleaning wastewater and returning it to the Trinity River.

How is the residential sewer (wastewater) bill calculated?

Your monthly sewer charge is based on an average of your water use billed during the previous winter months (December, January, February and March) or your current month's use, whichever is less.

What causes occasional taste and odor changes in Dallas water?

All water has its own unique taste and odor characteristics. Dallas, like many other water suppliers, occasionally experiences taste and odor changes. In the summer and early fall, algae in area lakes occasionally give water an earthy taste and odor. Temperature change and excessive rain also can alter taste. These changes do not affect the safety of the water.