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This page contains audio and video pieces from some of the individuals who participated, in one way or another, in the 14-1 lawsuit by being lawyers, plaintiffs, or community leaders.  Also included are clips from four of the first members of the elected 14-1 Council.

The over-arching topic discussed is the importance of the 14-1 ruling to Dallas citizens and the Dallas government.  Other themes are the historical social and political issues for the black and Latino populations in Dallas' at-large voting districts, how different legal, political, and activist groups worked together during the lawsuit, the benefits and geography of single-member districts, and, finally, what advice the individuals have for students interested in their local governments. 

The following three sound bites from December 20, 1990, are included to provide an example of the climate in City Council meetings during the time of the lawsuit and related negotiations.  Tensions could run high on both sides of the horseshoe, as the Dallas Council Chambers are called, between Council Colleagues and Council Members and citizens. Council Colleagues varied in their opinions on how to address and resolve Dallas' voting district problems.

Clip 1—The voices are Glenn Box and Al Lipscomb
Clip 2—The voice is Diane Ragsdale
Clip 3—The voices are Charles Tandy, Al Lipscomb, and Diane Ragsdale


Plaintiffs' Attorneys

Defendant - The City of Dallas

Roy Williams*

Marvin Crenshaw

Betsy Julian and Mike Daniel

Annaleslie Muncy
City Attorney

Single-Member District Advocates

Results of the Trial—The 14-1 Dallas City Council

*Excerpt from Sharing the Power:  A Voter's Voice Special.  Used by permission from KERA.

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