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Park and Recreation - Photograph Collection, 1910-2004

​Collection 2003-002


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas ​ 75201
CreatorDallas Park and Recreation Department
TitlePark and Recreation - Photograph Collection, 1910-2004
Quantity25.76 linear feet
AbstractPhotographic prints, slides, and negatives documenting City of Dallas parks.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Collection consists of photographic prints, slides, and negatives documenting City of Dallas parks from 1910 to 2004. The collection was created by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department to support promotion and marketing of Dallas parks and park facilities.

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department provides leisure, recreational, and cultural activities for the citizens of Dallas and the general public.  The department maintains more than 23,000 park acres system, which includes 382 parks, 7 lakes, 62 miles of jogging and bike trails, five tennis centers, 42 recreation centers, 1,020 sports complexes, 490 playgrounds and picnic areas, 18 pools, six 18-hole golf courses, four driving ranges, and the 106-acre Dallas zoo.   The City's first two parks, City Park (purchased in 1876) and Fair Park (purchased in 1904) predate the organization of the Park and Recreation Department.


Dallas parks, park facilities, and park properties

Park and recreation subjects
Dallas Park and Recreation Department personnel
Dallas Park Board
Dallas parks aerial photographs
Unidentified park and recreational activities

Dallas parks and the parks aerial series are filed in alphabetical order.  Within the parks series, specific titled and dated events at identified parks are filed after the primary park folders.  Recreational activities in unidentified parks are at the end.  The subjects series includes not only broad subjects such as “recreation” but also more specific recurring events and programs, such as Send a Kid to Camp.


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Park and Recreation - Photograph Collection, 1910-2004 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives.

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Index Terms

Dallas -- Texas -- History
Parks -- Texas -- Dallas -- History

Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
   Dallas parks, park facilities, and park properties
11Akard and Young medians, 1976
 2Alamo Park, undated
 3Anita Martinez Recreation Center, undated
 4Anita Martinez Recreation Center, child abuse seminar, 1996
 5Anita Martinez Recreation Center, Edward James Olmos reading, 1999
 6Arboretum, undated
 7Arcadia Park, 1961
 8Arlington Park, 1993
 9Arlington Park groundbreaking ceremony
 10Beckley Heights Park, 1959
 11Beckley-Saner Park, 1953-1954
 12Beckley-Saner Park, 1999
 13Bonnie View Park, 1971
 14Brownwood Park, 1960-1968
 15Buckner Park, 1964
 16Cedar Crest Golf Course, 1994-1997
 17Cedar Crest Golf Course, 1997
 18Churchill Park, 1960-1971
 19Cooper Dam, 1999
 20Cooper Dam, undated
 21Cottonwood Park, 1999
 22Cottonwood Park, undated
 23Craddock Park, undated
 24Crawford Park, undated
 25Cummings Park, undated
 26Dallas Garden Center, 1968
 27Dealey Plaza Park, 1962-1967
 28Deerpath Park, 1959
 29Elm Fork Park, 1968
 30Elm Central, undated
 31Elm-Live Oak Triangle, 1966
 32Elm-Pearl Triangle, 1964
 33Eloise Lundy Park, 1999
 34Exall Park, undated
 35Exline Park, 1942
 36Fair Park, 1965
 37Fair Park, Grand Prix, 1984
 38Freedman's Memorial, 1969
 39Fretz Park, 1928, 1958-1971
 40Fretz Park, 1997
 41Fretz Park, 1997 (2)
 42Fruitdale Park, 1990-1991
 43Fruitdale Park, 1990
 44Garrett Park, 1965
 45Grauwyler Park, 1949-1950
 46Green Park, undated
 47Green Park, undated
 48Griggs Park, 1955
 49Hamilton Park, 1960-1968
 50Harry Stone Park, 1960
 51Hulcy Park, 2001
21Jaycee Zaragoza Park, undated
 2Jaycee Zaragoza Park, undated (2)
 3J. J. Craft Park, 1966
 4Kidd Springs Park, 1996
 5Lake Cliff Park, 1942-1969
 6Lee Park, 1965
 7Lindsley Park, 1965
 8Love Field medians, undated
 9Martin Weiss Park, 1957
 10Mattie Nash & Myrtle David Park, 1997
 11McCree Park, 1960
 12Moore Park, 1955-1962
 13Moore Park, 1962-1967
 14Norbuck Park, 1960
 15Oak Cliff Founders Park, 1971
 16Opportunity Park [Confederate Cemetery], 1966
 17Owenwood Park, 1995
 18Pacific Plaza, 1969
 19Park Police, 1963-1967
 20Parkdale Park, 1951-1955
 21Pemberton Hill Park, 1960
 22Pershing Square, 1964
 23Pike Park, undated
 24Pioneer Park, 1966
 25Pleasant Grove Park, 1960
 26Pleasant Oaks Park, 1959-1967
 27Randall Park, 1949
 28Reverchon Park, 1910-1943 and undated
 29Reverchon Park slides, 1969-1977
 30Ridgewood-Belcher Recreation Center renaming ceremony, 1996
 31Ridgewood-Belcher Recreation Center tour, undated
 32Samuell-Elam Park, 1960
 33Samuell Farm, 1955-1998
 34Samuell Grand Park, 1954-1967 and undated
 35Samuell Grand Park slides, 1965-1978
 36Samuell Grand Park slides, 1965-1978 (2)
 37Samuell Grand Park slides, 1965-1978 (3)
31School parks, 1959
 2Singing Hills Park, undated
 3Singing Hills Park, 1995
 4Stevens Park and Golf Course, 1997
 5Stevens Park and Golf Course, 1997 (2)
 6Stevens Park and Golf Course, undated
 7Stone Place Mall, 1966
 8Tenison Park Golf Course, undated
 9Tenison Park Golf Course, 1997
 10Tenison Park Golf Course, 1997 (2)
 11Thurgood Marshall Park, 1964, 1971, 1998
 12Thurgood Marshall Park, undated
 13Tietze Park, 1946-1950s
 14Tommie M. Allen Park, undated
 15Tommie M. Allen Park, undated (2)
 16Tommie M. Allen Park, undated (3)
 17Turtle Creek Park, 1956-1968 and undated
 18Umphress Park, 1997
 19W. W. Bushman Park, 1999
 20Walnut Hill Park, 1957-1960
 21Walnut Hill Park, undated
 22West Dallas Housing, 1961
 23White Rock Lake Park, 1910
 24White Rock Lake Park, 1962
 25White Rock Lake Park, undated
 26White Rock Lake Park, undated (2)
 27White Rock Lake Park, 1977-1978 and undated
 28White Rock Lake Park, undated (3)
 29White Rock Lake Park, DeGolyer Estate, 1976
 30White Rock Lake Park, 1996
 31White Rock Lake Park, Flag Pole Hill, undated
 32White Rock Lake Park, March of Dimes, 1996
 33William Blair Jr. Park, undated
 34Woodland Cemetery, undated
 35Dallas Zoo, aerial views, undated
 36Dallas Zoo, aerial views, undated (2)
 37Dallas Zoo, 1950-1966, 1979
 38Dallas Zoo, undated
 39Dallas Zoo, undated (2)
 40Dallas Zoo, 1983
   Unidentified park and recreational activities
41Antz movie promotional event, 1996
 2Canine Frisbee throw, 1994
 3National Recreation and Playground Association Ethnic Minority Society photographs, 1996
 4Geographical Information Systems Day, undated
 5Great American Cleanup, 1991
 6Jennifer McRorey's cleanup project, undated
 7Jesse Jackson ceremony with park board members, 1995
 8Journey of Hope-Pi Kappa Phi, 1997
 9Keith Sweat basketball benefit, 1992
 10Larry Johnson press conference, 1995
 11March for Parks, 1996
 12Minyard's $60,000 donation for pools, 1994
 13National Arts event, undated
 14Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, 1995
 15Dallas park services fair, undated
 16Policeman bikes donation by Kiest Recreation Center Advisory Council, 1994
 17Preschool swimming safety presentation, 2002
 18Push America, undated
 19Send a Kid to Camp, 1997
 20Send a Kid to Camp, 1997
 21Send a Kid to Camp, undated
 22Send a Kid to Camp, undated (2)
 23Send a Kid to Camp, undated (3)
 24Send a Kid to Camp, undated (4)
 25Senior Games and Health Fest, 1996
 26Wellness Center fitness fair, 1994
 27World Frisbee Disc Championship, 1996
   Park and recreation subjects
51Aquatics programs, undated
 2Flooding in parks, undated
 3Fourth of July celebrations, undated
 4Landscaping at Convention Center, City Hall, various parks, undated
 5Landscaping at Turtle Creek Park, undated
 6One-Act play, 1977-1978
 7Pierre Bourdelle bas relief panels at Baylor Hospital, 1997
 8Plant specimens (Phil Huey), 1974-1991
 9Plant specimens, various locations, undated
 10Recreation slides, undated
 11Recreation slides, undated (2)
 12Recreation slides, undated (3)
 13Recreation slides, undated (4)
 14Recreation photographs, undated
 15Recreation, senior programs, undated
 16Tennis programs for physically challenged, undated
 17Wildflower areas, 1985
 18Wildflower areas, 1985 (2)
 19Historical segregated parks, 1915, 1965 and undated
 20Publication prints, undated
   Dallas Park and Recreation Department personnel
61Employee awards, 1992
 2Employee picnic, 1993
 3Aurelio Castillo recognition, 1995
 4Clerical staff retreat, 1996
 5Employee Christmas party, 1996
 6Employee awards at Farmer's Market, 1998
 7Park and Recreation Department administrative staff, undated
 8Park Police personnel, 1974
 9Cedar Crest, Tenison, and Stevens golf course staff, undated
 10Executive team, undated
 11Carolyn Bray birthday party, undated
 12Richard Zavala farewell party, undated
 13Employee awards, undated
 14Employee awards, undated (2)
 15Employee awards, undated (3)
 16Unidentified Park Department employee event, undated
 17Unidentified Park Department personnel, undated
   Dallas Park Board
71Park Board, 1980
 2Park Board at Texas Recreational and Park Society, 1994
 3Park Board member Dwaine Carraway and Texas State University staff at Cotton Bowl, 1995
 4Park Board recognition of Send a Kid to Camp, 1995
 5National Tennis Association recognition, 1996
 6Park Board meeting, 1996
 7Christmas Park Board meeting, 1996
 8Park Board presentations to Dianne Curry and Dwaine Carraway, 1997
 9Park Board meeting, 1998
 10Park Board, 1999
 11Dallas Park Board 100th birthday, 2004
 12Park Board meeting with Seattle Seahawks player, undated
 13Park Board presentation to Alan Walne and golf skit by Jere Mills, undated
 14National Junior Tennis League presentation, undated
 15Unidentified Park Board meeting, undated
 16Unidentified Park Board meeting, undated (2)
   Dallas parks aerial photographs
81Aikin Park, 1997
 2Akard Park, 1997
 3Alamo Park, 1965-1974
 4Alta Mesa Park, 1970-1972
 5Anderson Bonner Park, 1975-1977
 6Anita Harris Phelps Park, 1976
 7Apache Park, 1956-1975
 8Arapaho Park, 1967-1977
 9Arbor Park, 1977-1997
 10Arcadia Park North, 1960-1997
 11Arcadia Park, 1958-1997
 12Arden Terrace Park, 1958-1971
 13Arlington Park, 1997
 14Audelia Park, 1997
 15B.B. Owen 1982-1997
 16Bachman Lake Park, 1954-1977
 17Bayonne Park, 1997
 18Beckley-Saner Park, 1954-1973
 19Beckley Heights Park, 1956-1977
 20Beeman Cemetery, 1977
 21Bel-Aire Park, 1965-1973
 22Bent Tree Meadow, 1997
 23Bentwood Park, 1997
 24Bert Fields Park, 1982
 25Betty Marcus Park, 1997
 26Beverly Hills Park, 1947-1973
 27Bickers Park, 1982
 28Bishop Flores Park, 1976-1997
 29Bitter Creek Park, 1976
 30Blue Bird Park, 1997
 31Bluff View Park, 1947-1973
 32Bonnie View Park, 1962-1972
 33Boulder Park, 1967-1973
 34Brownwood Park, 1958-1972
 35Buckner Park (Samuell), 1954-1982
 36Bulova/Homecoming Cemeteries, 1977
 37Bushman Park, 1963-1977
91California Crossing Park, 1956-1997
 2Campbell Green Park 1974-1997
 3Casa Linda Park, 1947-1977
 4Casa View Park, 1954-1974
 5Cedar Crest Park, 1954-1973
 6Cedar Ridge Preserve, 1997
 7Cedardale Park, 1960-1973
 8Celebration of Life Park, 1982
 9Celestial Park, 1977
 10Central Square Park, 1954-1973
 11Central Yard Park, 1959-1976
 12Cherrywood Park, 1954-1974
 13Chestnut Park, 1997
 14Cheyenne Park, 1958-1970
 15Churchill Park, 1959-1997
 16City Hall Plaza, 1982
 17City Park, 1948-1997
 18Cochran Park, 1954-1966
 19Cole Park, 1947-1997
 20College Park, 1962-1975
 21Colonial Park, 1955-1972
 22Cotillion Park, 1964-1972
 23Cottonwood Park, 1974
 24Cox Lane Park, 1968-1976
 25Craddock Park, 1954-1972
 26Crawford Memorial Park, 1954-1977
 27Crestline Park, 1977
 28Crockett Park, 1997
 29Crown Park, 1954-1973
 30Cummings Park, 1964-1977
101Dallas Arboretum, 1997
 2Dallas Nature Center, 1997
 3Dallas Zoo, 1997
 4Danieldale Park, 1958-1982
 5DeGolyer Estate interior
 6Dealey Plaza Park, 1954-1982
 7Deep Green Park, 1997
 8Deerpath Park, 1949-1976
 9DeGolyer Estate, 1977
 10Devon-Anderson Park, 1966-1997
 11Diamond Park, 1969-1977
 12Downtown Dallas, 1971
 13Eladio R. Martinez, 1977-1982
 14Elgin B. Robertson Park, 1971-1982
 15Eloise Lundy Park, 1947-1977
 16Emerald Lake Park, 1997
 17Everglade Park, 1968-1972
 18Exall Park, 1954-1997
 19Exlline Park 1947-1973
 20Exposition Plaza, 1997
 21Fair Oaks Parks, 1959-1997
 22Fair Park, 1927-1997
 23Ferguson Park, 1954-1976
 24Ferris Park, 1959-1977
 25Field-Frazier Park, 1959-1973
 26Fireside Park, 1964-1976
 27Fish Trap Lake, 1982
 28Five Mile Creek Greenbelt, 1997
 29Flag Pole Hill Park, 1961-1982
 30Forest Cliff Park, 1997
 31Forest Meadows Park, 1972-1977
 32Forest Park, 1968-1972
 33Founders Square Park, 1997
 34Frankford Park, 1997
 35Frazier Park, 1959-1973
111Freedman's Memorial Cemetery, 1965-1982
 2Fretz Park, 1964-1972
 3Friendship Park, 1976
 4Fruitdale Park, 1965-1976
 5Gannon Park, 1962-1977
 6Garrett Park, 1954-1973
 7Gateway Park, 1973-1982
 8Genaro Park, 1982
 9Glencoe Park, 1954-1972
 10Glendale Park, 1954-1977
 11Glover Park, 1954-1976
 12Grauwyler Park, 1947-1982
 13Greenway Park, 1975-1976
 14Greenway Park, 1954-1973
 15Greiner Park, 1954-1977
 16Griggs Park, 1949-1982
 17Grove Oaks Park, 1976
 18Hamilton Park, 1957-1974
 19Hampton /Colorado, 1997
 20Harrell Park, undated
 21Harry Stone, Park, 1959-1974
 22Hammerly Park, 1982
 23Harry S. Moss Park, 1977-1997
 24Harry Stone Park, 1955-1966
 25Hattie Rankin Moore Park, 1954-1982
 26Herndon Park, 1954-1977
 27Hillcrest/Hunt Park, 1997
 28Hillview Park, 1968-1977
 29Holcomb Park, 1982
 30Hulcy Park, 1997
121Idlewyld Park, 1982
 2Ignacio Zaragoza Park, 1977-1982
 3Indian Ridge Park, 1964-1977
 4J.J. Lemon Park, 1964-1974
 5James W. Aston Park, 1997
 6Jamestown Park, 1971-1977
 7Jaycee-Zaragoza, 1957-1974
 8Jim Street, 1982
 9Joe P. Hawn, undated
 10Joe's Creek Parkway, 1967
 11John C. Phelps Park, 1969-1997
 12John Carpenter Plaza Park, 1982
 13Jones Playlot Park, 1968-1977
 14Joppa Preserve, 1960-1997
 15Juanita J. Craft Park, 1954-1973
 16K.B. Polk Park, 1964-1997
 17Katie Jackson Park, 1997
 18Katy Trail Park, 1997
 19Keenland Escarpment Greenbelt, 1997
 20Keller Springs Park, 1982-1997
 21Kensington Park, 1997
 22Kidd Springs Park, 1947-1977
 23Kiest Park, pre 1939-1982
 24Kimble Park, 1966
 25Kiowa Park, 1972
 26Kiowa Parkway, 1997
 27Kleberg Park, 1997
 28L.B. Houston Golf Course, 1964-1997
 29L.B. Houston Las Colinas Area Park, 1974
 30L.B. Houston Nature Area Park, 1963-1972
 31L.B. Houston Shooting Range (Elm Fork), 1972
 32La Reunion Cemetery, 1977
 33Lake Cliff Park, 1945-1966
 34Lake Highlands North Park, 1962
131Lake Ray Hubbard Captain's Cove Marina, 1971-1975
 2Lake Ray Hubbard Chalet Bay Marina, 1975
 3Lake Ray Hubbard Chantilly Bay, 1971
 4Lake Ray Hubbard Dal Rock Marina and Elgin Robertson Park, 1971-1975
 5Lake Ray Hubbard Eastern Hills Marina, 1975
 6Lake Ray Hubbard Forney Dam Park Site, 1971
 7Lake Ray Hubbard Point Royal Marina, 1975
 8Lake Ray Hubbard Rush Creek Yacht Club, 1975
 9Lake Ray Hubbard, 1968
 10Lake Ray Hubbard/Rockwall Fishing Marina, 1971-1975
 11Lake Ray Hubbard: Chandler's Landing, 1975
 12Lakeland Hills Park, 1974
 13Lakewood Library, undated
 14Lakewood Park, 1959-1973
 15Lawnview Park and extension, 1954-1975
 16Lawrence Playlot, 1982
 17Liberty Park, 1974
 18Lindsley Park, 1947-1977
 19Lizzie Oliver Park, 1956-1977
 20Lochwood Park, 1956-1977
 21Love Field, 1950
 22Lubben Plaza Park, 1997
 23Magna Vista Park, undated
 24Majestic Theatre, 1977
141Maple Park, 1954-1997
 2Marcus Park, 1966-1982
 3Martin Luther King Park, 1971-1977
 4Martin Weiss Park, 1947-1977
 5Maryland Park, 1976
 6McCommas Bluff Park, 1997
 7McCree Park Annex, 1966-1975
 8McCree Park, 1958-1975
 9Meadowstone Park, 1971-1977
 10Memorial Auditorium, 1957-1964
 11Merrifield Park, 1977
 12Merriman Parkway, 1973
 13Midway Manor Park, 1959-1973
 14Mildred L. Dunn Park, 1950-1977
 15Miller Park, 1976
 16Monarch Park, 1997
 17Montgomery Playfield, 1967
 18Moore Park, 1947-1977
 19Moss Park, 1959-1977
 20Mountain Creek Lake Park, 1962-1972
 21Mountain Valley Estates Park, 1967-1977
 22Mountain View College, 1982
 23Munger Park, 1959-1982
 24Netherland Park, 1974-1975
151Nick Tract, 1977
 2Norbuck Park, 1961-1966
 3North Hampton, 1954-1977
 4North Lake Park, 1957-1977
 5Northaven Park, 1955-1972
 6Northwood Park, 1959-1977
 7Oak Cliff Founders Park, 1959-1997
 8Old East Dallas Work Yard Park, 1982-1997
 9Old Renner Park, 1997
 10Opportunity Park and Confederate Cemetery, 1977
 11Opportunity Park, 1966-1977
 12Orbiter Park, 1976-1982
 13Orbiter Park, 1986
 14Owenwood Park, 1958-1982
 15Pagewood Park, 1974
 16Park in the Woods, 1997
 17Parkdale Park, 1947-1977
 18Parkview Park, 1959-1976
 19Peacock Branch Park, 1977
 20Peary Park, 1997
 21Pecan Grove Park, 1956-1972
 22Pecan Park/Five Mile Creek, 1997
 23Pegasus Plaza Park, 1997
 24Pemberton Hill Park, 1976-1997
 25Peter Pan Park, 1971-1977
 26Pike Park, 1954-1982
 27Pine Park, 1975
161Pioneer Cemetery Park, 1960-1997
 2Pleasant Mound Cemetery, 1973
 3Pleasant Oaks Park, 1955-1966
 4Pointer Park, 1982-1997
 5Preston Green Park, 1982
 6Preston Hollow Park, 1949-1997
 7R.P. Brooks Park, 1997
 8Rain Forest Park, 1977
 9Randall Park, 1954-1982
 10Ray Park, 1997
 11Reagan Park, 1975
 12Renner Park, 1957-1976
 13Reunion Park, 1982
 14Reverchon Park, 1947-1976
 15Rhodes Terrace Park, 1954-1967
 16Ricketts Branch Creek Park, 1975-1997
 17Ridgewood Park, 1954-1997
 18Robert E. Lee Park, 1950-1972
 19Rochester Park Annex, 1961-1962
 20Rochester Park, 1954-1997
 21Roosevelt Park, 1968-1976
 22Rose Haggar Park, 1997
 23Rosemeade Park, 1997
 24Royal Park, 1962-1973
 25Rush Creek Yacht Club, 1971
 26Ruthmeade Park, 1959-1976
171Salado Park, 1974
 2Samuell-Elam Park, undated
 3Samuell-Beaumont, 1974
 4Samuell-East (Farm), 1997
 5Samuell-Garland Park, 1955-1982
 6Samuell-Grand Park, 1958-1997
 7Samuell-Mesquite Park, 1955
 8Samuell-New Hope Park, 1955-1972
 9San Jacinto Plaza Park, 1982
 10Sand Springs Park, 1997
 11Sargent Park, 1972
 12Scotland Park, 1976-1997
 13Scyene Trail Park, 1997
 14Seale Triangle Park, 1974
 15Seaton Park, 1976
 16Shaw Park, 1971-1977
 17Simonds Lake, 1973
 18Singing Hills Park, 1976
 19Skyline Park, 1961-1977
 20Sleepy Hollow Park, 1963-1976
 21South Central Park, 1963-1977
 22St. Augustine Park, 1955-1976
 23St. Francis Park, 1968-1975
 24Stafford Park, 1982
 25Stevens Park and Golf Course, 1954-1976
 26Stone Park, 1966-1977
 27Sugarberry Park, 1975
 28Sun Valley Park, 1997
 29T.G. Terry Park, 1950-1973
181Tama Park, 1982-1997
 2Tenison Golf Course and Park, 1954-1982
 3Thanksgiving Square Park, 1969
 4Thomas Hill Park, 1947-1966
 5Thurgood Marshall Park and Recreation Center, 1962-1997
 6Tietze Park, 1947-1997
 7Timberglen Park, undated
 8Tipton Park, 1969-1982
 9Tokalon Park, undated
 10Tommie M. Allen Park, 1962-1997
 11Trinity River Greenbelt, 1973
 12Trinity River, 1997
 13Turner Plaza Park, 1959-1972
 14Turtle Creek Park, 1959-1974
 15Turtle Creek Parkway, 1967-1974
 16Twin Falls Park, 1971-1977
 17Umphress Park, 1954-1997
 18Union Terminal, 1954-1967
 19Urban Park, 1977
 20Urbandale Park, 1947-1974
 21Valley View Park, 1957-1997
 22Veterans Park, 1956-1974
 23Walford Park, 1954-1974
 24Walnut Hill Park, 1954-1972
 25Webb Chapel Park, 1956-1976
191Weichsel Park, 1954-1997
 2West Dallas Area, 1962-1973
 3West Dallas Housing Project, 1956-1976
 4Westhaven Park, 1962-1997
 5Westmoreland Park, 1954-1997
 6Westmount Park, 1977
 7Wheatland Park, 1977
 8Wheatley Park, 1959-1973
 9White Creek (lower), 1997
 10White Rock Creek Trail, 1997
 11White Rock Greenbelt Extension 1975
 12White Rock Greenbelt South, 1971
 13White Rock Lake Park Dixon's Branch, 1973
 14White Rock Lake Park Expansion, 1965-1974
 15White Rock Lake, 1967-1975
 16White Rock Parkway, 1959
 17White Rock Trail, 1965-1973
 18Whitehurst Street, undated
 19Willie Mae Butler Park, 1997
 20Willoughby Park, 1982
 21Wonderview Park, 1971-1977
 22Woodland Springs, 1967-1976
 23Wynnewood Park, 1967-1976
24Wynnewood Parkway, 1964-1973

Oversized Materials

​Oversized materials
North Lake (5N14.7), 7/1961
White Rock Lake - spectators watching boat races, undated ​