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​Senior Affairs Commission (SAC)

The Senior Affairs Commission is a 15-member advisory board appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The functions of the Commission are​ to:​

  • Recommend the role of the City and the Commission in ensuring the provision of services to the elderly;​
  • Advise the City Council as requested on elderly issues;
  • Provide access for citizens' comments on elderly issues
  • Assist the City in the identification of programs for the elderly that are needed in the community; and
  • ​Perform other duties assigned by the City Council

The Commission holds regular meetings and committee meetings each month, with the exception of July. Much of the Commission's work is accomplished through the following SAC Committees: Elderly Safety, Budget, Communication & Technology, Housing, Health and Transportation.

Senior Affairs Commission Members

    Sharyn Fein
Carmen Arana D11.jpg
    Carmen Arana
    District 1
SAC female.jpg     
  District 2

​John Johnson, Vice-Chairman
District 3
(214) 339-5100

Myrtis Evans D41.jpg Myrtis Evans                                                                               District 4                                    


Carl Raines-District 5.jpgCarl Raines                                                   District 5


Chair, Elderly Safety Committee 

Jearldine McDaniel
District 6

    Deloris J. King
    District 7                                                       


  SAC female.jpg   Vacant

   District 8

 Mary Ann Sparks
 District 9
Chair, Socialization Committee
      Jeri Baker
      District 10

  Bill Gart
 District 11
  Chair, Housing Committee 

  Marlene Cohen
  District 12

  Syl Benenson
  District 13 
  (214) 794-4454
  Chair, Budget Committee

  Sara Wick
  District 14
 AARP Age Friendly Communities     

Senior Affairs Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes

​January 9, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​January 22 , 2018SAC AgendaMinutes
​February 13, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​February 26, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes 
​March 20, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​March 19, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes 
​April 17, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​April 16, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes 
May 15, 2017​SAC AgendaMinutes​May 21, 2018SAC Agenda Minutes 
June 26, 2017​SAC AgendaMinutes​June 18, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes 
​July 2017 - No Meeting​July 2018 - No  Meeting
​August 21, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​August 20, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes
​September 18, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​September 24, 2018SAC_AgendaMinutes
​October 16, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​October 22, 2018SAC_AgendaMinutes
​November 20, 2017SAC AgendaMinutes​November 19, 2018SAC AgendaMinutes
​December 18, 2017​SAC AgendaMinutes​December 17, 2018​SAC Agenda​Minutes


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Office of Senior Affairs​ 

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Contact Information:

Office of Senior Affairs
1500 Marilla, Room 6DN
Dallas, TX 75201​

Cobbie Ransom III, Office of Senior Affairs Administrator
(214) 670-3627​​

Myckycle M. Hart, Senior Affairs Commission Liaison
(214) 670-7883