Development Services


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Forms By Department

The following is an alphabetical listing by Department of the forms currently on the City of Dallas web site.
Note:  all forms are in Adobe PDF format unless noted otherwise.

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Development Services Department

Address Application

Alcohol Measurement Certification Checklist

Alcohol Certification Affidavit Forms

Ambulatory Health Care Facility Attachment

Appeals Board Process Overview

Backflow Registration Form

Backflow Test Report

Backup Generator Permit

Barricade Permit Application Checklist

Building Inspection Board Appeal Application 

Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

Certificate of Occupancy Application 

Commercial Building - Finish Out/Remodel/Renovation - Application Checklist(effective July 1, 2019)

Commercial Building - Finish Out/Remodel/Renovation - Permit Processing Information Sheet

Commercial Building - New Construction and Additions

Communications Tower on Private Property

Custodial Care Facility Attachment

Demolition Permit Checklist
      Demolition Indemnification "Hold Harmless" Agreement

District Office Forms
      Building Construction Site Management Requirements
      District Office Permit Application (updated)
      Re-inspection, Afterhour, Same Day, Record Change Fee’s
      Request for Temporary Utilities Electric and/or Gas

Electrical Contractors  (Adobe PDFs)
      Electrical Contractor Registration
      Letter to Contractors

Electrical Permit Checklist

Electrical No Work Checklist - Clean and Show

Electrical Emergency Release Policy

Energy Code Compliance for Remodels/Renovations (forms)

Excavation Permit Checklist


Excavation Permit Supplement

Fence and Swimming Pool Barrier Permit Checklist 

Fire Alarm Contractor Registration

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Registration

Fire Alarm Plan Review Request     

Fire Alarm Systems Permit - Checklist

Fire Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Systems Permit - Checklist

Flammable Liquid Permit Application Checklist

Food Establishment Permit (Dallas Bldg. Code Chapter 17)

Foundation-Only Permit

General Contractor Registration Form

General Repair Scope of Work Form

Green Building Program

Homeowner's Exemption from Contractor Registration

Inspectors Notice of Violation 

Irrigation Contractor Registration

Irrigation Plan Requirements

Irrigation System Certificate of Completion Form (new)

Landscape Checklist

Land Use Questionnaire (new)

Liquid Petroleum Permit (for Plumbing Inspection Use)

Mechanical Contractor Registration

Mechanical Permit - including HVAC and Refrigeration

Mechanical Permit - Without License

Moving Permit - Additional Information for House/Structure Moving Permit

Moving Permit - Inside City to Inside City

Moving Permit - Inside City to Outside City

Moving Permit - Outside City to Inside City

Moving Permit - Letter of Intent to Clear Lot

Moving Permit - Outside City to Outside City

Moving Permit - Route Approval Form

Moving Permit - Route Pre-inspection Waiver Statement (Form)

Noise Ordinance Waiver Form

Park Land Dedication Development Fee-In-Lieu Worksheet (Example)

Paving and Grading Permit

Paving Bo​​nd Form
Paving Bond Form Information

Paving (sidewalks & drive approaches) permit

Permit Application (Application en Español - Ejemplo)

Permit Addendum Application

Permit Fee Estimate Calculator (common permit fee examples)

Personal Services Affidavit

Plumbing Contractor and Medical Gas Registration

Plumbing permit

Plumbing Permit - Grease Interceptor Guidelines

Plumbing permit - without license

Predevelopment Meeting Application (Revised 12/2222)

Prequalification Q-Team Review Checklist

Q-Team Qualitative List ​

Reforestation Program

Refund Request

Residential Infill Grading Waiver Affidavit

Residential One and Two Family Dwellings - Garage Conversion 

Residential One and Two Family Dwellings - New Construction

Residential One and Two Family Dwellings - Remodel

Residential One and Two Family Dwellings - Room Addition

Security System - Commercial

Sidewalk Waiver Checklist and Agreement

Site Plan Review Application

Solar & Photovoltaic Hot Water System Checklist

Special Inspection Requirements

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Application

Tent permit

Tent permit - Instructions to Originator of Tent

Tent permit - Petition for Erection of Tent in Residential Area

Termite Protection Form

Third Party Compliance Form  (Instructions)

Tree and Shrub Examples List

Tree Removal Permit Application (Form)

Underground Fire Line Permit Checklist

Water and Wastewater Checklist - Building Permit Review

Water and Wastewater Connection Fees

Water Distribution- Application and Contract for Installation Purposes

Water Treatment Specialist Registration

Wind Powered Generators - Checklist

Request for Zoning Verification Letter

Engineering/Surveying – Forms, Manuals, Procedures, and Checklists​

City Secretary's Office (these links go to another website, Microsoft Word document and pdf available)

Financial Disclosure Long Form

Financial Disclosure Short Form

Conflict of Interest

Code Compliance

Multi-Tenant Registration forms

Give Graffiti t​he Brush prog​ram form

Vacant Building Registration Application         (Ordinance effective September 1, 2008)

Court and Detention Services

Driver Safety Affidavit

Driving Record Request

Open Request Form

Dallas Water Utilities Department

Current Planning Division

Current Planning - Board of Adjustment

Application/Appeal to the Board of Adjustment

Filing An Appeal to the Board of Adjustment - Checklist and Owner's Affidavit

Current Planning - Subdivision

Platting Guidelines: MS Word or Adobe PDF

Platting Application: MS Word or Adobe PDF

Platting Checklist: Adobe PDF

Permit Early Release Application

Current Planning - Zoning

Chapter 51A Zoning District Standards

Deed Restriction Information Packet (includes application)

General Zoning Change Application Packet (includes application)

Planned Development District Information Packet (includes application)

Specific Use Permit Information Packet (includes application)

Zoning Application

Zoning Fee / Sign Schedule

Building Inspection

Certificate of Appropriateness application

Conservation District Work Review

Office of Historic Preservation
 Designation Report Template (Microsoft Word)

Historic Development Program Application

Environmental and Health Services

Food Protection - All Forms

Financial Services - Special Collections

Security Alarm Permit

Security Alarm Information

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit Checklist

Housing Department

Home Repair Program, General Contractors

Human Resources (All Human Resources forms listed on their Froms web page)

Office of Environmental Quality

Municipal Settings Designation - Application

Municipal Settings Designation - A Guide for Cities

Municipal Settings Designation - City Ordinance

Municipal Settings Designation - MSD's and City Council Districts Map

Park and Recreation

Fair Park - Special Event Leasing Application

Public Works and Transportation - Parking Petitions

No Parking Diagram

No Parking Petition

No Parking Petition - Instructions for Completing form

Residential Parking Diagram

Residential Parking Petition

Vehicle Hangtag Application