Sanitation Services

Information Regarding Recent Collection Delays

January 3, 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers and appreciate their understanding as we work to improve the efficiency of our services going forward.

Sanitation’s new recycle and garbage collection routes implemented on Monday, December 5, provide collection services over five days, Monday through Friday, rather than the previous four-day collection schedule — which will allow for more efficient use of City equipment, shorten the workday for Sanitation crews, and allow for maintenance on equipment to begin earlier each day, along with other environmental and economic benefits. With the new routing, Sanitation crews now have approximately 100,000 points-of-service each day between recycle and garbage collections, 20,000 fewer than under the previous route model.  

As Sanitation truck drivers are settling into their new routes, managers and supervisors are monitoring and making routing adjustments as needed to ensure timely service delivery going forward. Sanitation management is aware that container collection has been overlooked in some areas by drivers with limited familiarity of their new service areas, resulting in higher-than-normal complaints to 3-1-1. These oversights are being corrected.  

Additionally, Sanitation fleet availability continues to be an issue, as heavy equipment parts and labor for both the City and its outside vendors continues to be a challenge.  Sanitation makes every effort to limit collection delays to recycling, and for no more than 24 hours.  Unfortunately, limited equipment availability, high set out volumes following the holidays, and the lingering impacts of the severe cold weather event on temporary staffing turnout compounded collection delays in some areas last week.  Sanitation reset yesterday morning, beginning all Monday routes on time.