Sanitation Services

Authorized Private Haulers

​The companies listed below have been granted a non-exclusive franchise by the Dallas City Council to provide solid waste collection or hauling services to commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties in the city of Dallas.  A company must hold a franchise in order to legally provide solid waste collection or hauling services in Dallas.  This authorization to conduct business does not constitute an endorsement of services by the City of Dallas. 

The Department of Sanitation Services provides solid waste collection services for attached and detached single-family properties and duplexes. Private haulers may not provide services to these locations.

For information about authorized multi-family recycling haulers, click here.

To report missing or incorrect information, or to report private haulers believed to be operating in the city of Dallas without a franchise, email

Franchisee NameCouncil Agenda Item No.Ordinance No.
A S Interiror, Inc07-100026616
AA Aplications, Inc.07-100026609
ABC Waste and Recycling, Inc.07-100026610
Accurate Waste Control, Inc.07-100026611
Advantage Waste Disposal07-100026612
Allied National Mattress , Inc07-100026613
Allied Waste Services, Inc07-100026614
Amos Taylor, Jr.07-100026615
Baymon Servall, L.P.10-131227881
Beam & Sons, Inc.08-308427385
Big Foot Trash Hauling07-100026617
Billy L. & Joan Nabors, Inc.07-100026618
Billy Matthijetz dba Matthijetz Drywall09-170127595
Blue Bonnet Waste, Inc.07-100026619
Blue Ribbon Industries, LLC07-100026620
Branton Company, Inc07-100026621
Broncos Trash Hauling09-278927722
Bubba Tugs Corporation21-052831798
Building of Hope CDC09-232727664
C & W Wrecking & Demolition 09-278927723
Calvin Lindamood07-100026622
Champion Waste Services07-100026623
Clean Ceiling Plus, Inc., d/b/a Phelps Industries, Inc.07-100026624
Clint Horticulture, Inc. 07-100026625
CMH Mobile Homes & Transport, Inc 07-100026626
Community Waste Disposal, L.P.07-100026627
Coverall Management & Assoicates, Inc.11-027628099
D & A Waste Services07-100026628
D.E.A.A. Corporation09-278927725
Dallas Life Foundation07-100026630
Dal-Tile Corporation07-100026629
David Melville Excavating, Inc. 09-278927724
DB Disposal Services07-100026631
Diana Martinez dba Absolut Waste Solutions10-214727965
Elio Porras, dba Multi Service10-275128039
Empire Disposal, Ltd.07-100026632
Environmental Recycle, Inc.08-142027159
Exodus Demolition, Inc07-100026633
F Hall Mowing10-088327836
Father and Son Roofing07-100026634
Ferris Container Service07-100026635
Fredy A. Sorto, Inc.08-142027160
Freedman Metals, Inc.07-100026636
Garcia Fence08-142027162
Good Scents Services, LP07-100026637
Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc.07-100026638
GWG Wood Group, Inc.07-100026639
Hart Brothers Waste Removal, L.P.07-100026640
Haywood Rubin08-142027163
HEC Roofing Co., Inc.07-100026641
Henry Building, Inc.07-100026642
Herdez Trucking Co.10-088327837
Heritage Roofing Service07-100026643
Horn Brothers Roofing07-100026644
Hurricane Waste Systems, LLC.09-232727666
I.S.L. Roofing08-142027164
IESI Texas Corporation07-100026645
Intercon Construction Company, Inc.10-088327835
J & K Excauation 28711-027628102
J.F. Services, Inc.07-100026646
Jawas of Dallas, LLC09-232727667
Jim Dennehy07-100026647
John A. Arnold, Inc.08-142027165
Johnnie Campbell08-142027166
Jose Cruz Villalon08-142027168
Jose Gallegos08-142027161
Jose Luis Gallegos07-100026648
Jose Mejia 07-100026649
JR's Demolition & Excavating, Inc.09-232727668
Juan Carlos Carreno dba JC Waste Service19-008631081
K&S Disposal, LLC21-052831801
K-Construction Co., Inc.07-100026650
King Trash Hauling07-100026651
Larman Construction, Co., Inc.07-100026652
Larry Miller Roofing07-100026653
Lindamood Demolition, Inc.19-008631082
Lindamood Evcavating10-088327838
Liquid Envriromental Solutions of Texas, LLC10-088327839
Lovie's Hauling08-142027167
Luis Construction Services, Inc.09-232727669
Maria Valadez07-100026654
Mario Maldonado Mendoza dba Delta Waste Services10-275128040
Master's Drywall & Acoustical07-100026655
Medco Construction, LLC07-100026656
Methroplex Greenhaven Landscape, Inc07-100026657
Miguel Lopez07-100026658
Moore Disposal, Inc.07-100026659
Northstar D and R, Inc21-052831799
O.T. Smith Trucking07-100026661
Office Boy, Ltd.09-278927726
Orr Contractors, Inc.07-100026660
Orr Contractors, Inc.08-142027169
PCM Construction Services, LLC09-232727670
Perrenot-Miz Services, Inc. dba PM Lasco Services09-297427756
Portillo and Sons Transportation, LLC19-008631083
Potter Contractors, Inc.07-100026662
Prism General Contractors, Inc.07-100026663
R & R Roofing and Repair08-142027170
Ranger Waste Management, LLC19-008631084
Republic Waste Services of Texas, Ltd. d/b/a Duncan Disposal07-100026664
Riata Properties07-100026665
Ridgecrest Mobile Home Community07-100026666
Rivas Lawn Service, Inc.07-100026667
RJ Hauling07-100026668
R-Mac Contracting, Inc. 09-232727671
Roadrunner Waste, Inc. 09-232727672
Roger's Produce, Inc.07-100026669
Rowell Investments, Inc. d/b/a Jericho Services07-100026670
Ruben's Clean up07-100026671
S & H Waste Disposal07-100026672
S. Benitez Enterprises, Inc.09-232727663
Saxon Construction11-027628100
Scrap It, LLC21-052831800
Service First Disposal, Inc.08-142027171
Seyforth Roofing, Co., Inc07-100026673
Sigma Marble & Granite, Inc.07-100026674
Standard Waste Systems, Ltd.07-100026675
Star Fence08-142027172
Star Waste Remove08-142027173
Texas Ranger Disposal, Inc.07-100026676
The Salvation Army 07-100026677
Tipplett Waste Services, d/b/a/Trash Truck Repair07-100026681
Tiretex, Inc.07-100026678
TJ's Trees & More, LTD, LLP10-088327841
T-K Construction, Inc.07-100026679
TM Roofing07-100026680
Turbo Roofing07-100026682
Universal Recycling07-100026683
USA Recycling, Inc.07-100026684
Village Interiors, Inc.07-100026685
Vincent Improvements & Painting Services, Inc.07-100026686
Virginio Rios11-027628101
Waste Management of Texas, Inc.07-100026688
Waste Management, Inc.07-100026687
Yellow Rose Disposal, Inc.09-278927727

Current as of December 13, 2022

In order to remain in good standing, franchisees must adhere to the terms and conditions provided in the ordanance granting the franchise, including timely remittance of any payments due to the City.  A franchise may be suspended or revoked for reasons stated in the franchise ordinance or in Dallas City Code Section 18-37.

More information about solid waste franchise requirements can be found here.