Sanitation Services

​Sanitation Services



Did you know that at least 30% of what goes into the City of Dallas landfill is compostable kitchen and yard waste? You have the power to help eliminate this waste by starting your very own backyard composting bin or indoor vermicomposting bin! 

Composting is nature's way of recycling. Not only does composting help reduce waste, but it reduces your need for expensive and harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, provides nutrients to your soil, and helps retain moisture so you don’t have to water as often.


What Can Be Composted?
  • CompostPageImage.jpgKitchen waste (e.g. egg shells, vegetable & fruit scraps)
  • Leaves
  • Straw
  • Wood chips or sawdust (the wood must be untreated)
  • Yard trimmings
  • Shredded paper, Cardboard, Newspaper
  • Coffee grounds
What Should Not Go In the Compost Pile?
  • Meat, fish & poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Grease or oils
  • Pet feces
  • Treated Wood
  • Ashes
  • Glossy paper
The Dallas Zero Waste team holds Composting Seminars in the Fall and Spring.
To view some of the presentations, please see below.
Composting Overview
Texas Worm Ranc​h - Vermicomposting