Sanitation Services

​​Sanitation Services

Frequently​ Asked Questions

How do I report that my garbage, brush or recycling was not picked up?

To report missed garbage, brush or recycling, call 3-1-1 when dialing from inside the city limits, or 214-670-5111 when dialing from outside the city limits.

What is the monthly Sanitation fee?

The current single family residential monthly sanitation fee is $30.53 (tax included). Commercial businesses should call 214-670-3555 to request an estimated monthly fee schedule.

When are my brush or bulky items scheduled to be picked up?

To determine the week your brush and bulky items (large limbs, bagged leaves, furniture, mattresses, and box springs) are to be picked up in your neighborhood, Click Here and enter your address. Your collection information will show up in the right column.

How can I have construction/remodeling material picked up or brush/bulky items picked up outside the normal collection week?

There is an additional fee for this Cost Plus service. Construction or remodeling materials such as lumber or roofing materials can be picked up as a Cost Plus service, as well as on demand collection of brush/bulky objects outside of normal collection week. Call 3-1-1 for more information about the process and to schedule cost estimates. Bricks, concrete, rocks and dirt are not collected in either the Cost Plus or regular brush and bulky trash collection services.

Why am I being charged a sanitation fee for a vacant structure?

Sanitation fees are charged in conjunction with water service. The City does not provide a sanitation service credit on active water accounts. If you are paying water and sanitation fees for a vacant structure, you may wish to contact Dallas Water Utilities at 214-651-1441 regarding suspension of water service.