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Starting a Recycling Program ​

Before you talk to a waste hauler, consider your property size, your operational needs and your recycling goals as well as access limitations on your property. 
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Questions to Consider:

  • Which recyclables will be the easiest to collect?          
  • How valuable are these recyclables?
  • What materials currently being put in the trash can be diverted (e.g. cardboard, office paper, etc.)?
  • Which employee or manager will be responsible for coordinating the recycling effort?
  • Where can a potential recycling container be located?
  • Will my current waste hauler be able to provide a recycling container?

How Much is Enough?

  • Dallas’ multi-family recycling ordinance requires 11 gallons per unit, per week of recycling capacity. 
    But what does that mean and how much is enough?  Use this handy Multi-family Recycling Capacity Calculator to determine if your property’s plan meets the requirements. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Recycling Provider:

  • What types of materials do you accept?
  • What is the minimum amount of material you will collect?
  • Can you provide a waste audit to help us determine what can be recycled?
  • Can our recyclables be collected in a single container (e.g. single-stream) or do they need to be separated by type (e.g. cardboard, plastic and metal containers, etc.)?
  • Do you provide containers or bags for recyclables?
  • Do you provide outreach materials for tenants, guests or residents?
  • What is the rate for your recycling services? What happens if my property produces a larger amount of recyclables than expected?
  • Can my property reduce the size of the waste container or the frequency of waste collections (or both) by recycling?
  • Is it possible to partner with other organizations in our building/campus/facility?
  • How often can you collect recyclables? Is it on a set schedule (e.g. every week) or on-call?
  • Can you provide us with the monthly recycling tonnages?