Historic Preservation

Office of Historic Preservation

Historic buildings are those structures that possess any one of the following merits: character; location of a significant historical event; identification with a historically significant person or persons; cultural, economic, social, or historical heritage; architectural style; architect or master builder; architectural innovation; archaeological significance, or value as an aspect of community sentiment or pride.

Individually listed Dallas Landmark Structures are protected by historic district ordinances and require a Certificate of Appropria​teness​​ ​before work on the site can begin. ​

Click on the resource page to view preservation criteria, photographs, nomination forms, and other relevant information for that site:

Image​​​​​​Resource Name​AddressDistrict No.
​​3829 N. Hall St.​
3829 N. Hall St.
​4928 Bryan St. ​4928 Bryan St. ​H/131
​Adams-Gullet Duplex​5543-45 Sears St. ​H/134
​​Adams Hats Buil​​ding​​​2700 Canton St. ​​​​​H/81​
Adolphus Hotel​1321 Commerce St. ​H/36
​​​​Ahab Bowen House​2614 Boll St. ​​H/116
​Albert Anderson House​300 Centre St. ​H/88
​Allen Building​​1700 Commerce St. ​​H/146
Allen House​​2603 Fairmont​H/108
American Beauty Mill​2400 S. Ervay St. ​H/78
Bama Pie Company​1701 Fourth Ave. ​H/109
​Betterton House​705 N. Marsalis Ave. ​H/71
Big Spring Site​1121 Pemberton Hill Rd. ​H/147
Bishop Arts Building​408 W. Eighth St. ​H/95
​Bluitt Sanitarium/RF Aspley Building​2036-38 Commerce St. ​H/102
Booker T. Washington School​2501 Flora St. ​H/44
Boyd Hotel​2934 Elm St. ​H/80
Bromberg/Patterson House​3201 Wendover Rd. ​H/119
Busch/Kirby Building & Annex​1509-11 Main St. ​​H/37
Cedar Crest​2223 W. Jefferson Blvd.​H/24
Cedar Springs Fire Station​3828 Cedar Springs Rd.​H/8
Christ Episcopal Church​534 W. 10th St. ​H/123
City Hotel​2528 Elm St. ​H/93
Clifford D. Hutsell House​7035 Lakewood Blvd.​H/127
Columbus A. Langley Grocery​1501-05 Beaumont St.​H/45
Cox Farmhouse​11210 Cox Ln. ​H/58
Crown Hill Mausoleum​9700 Webb Chapel Rd. ​H/49
Cumberland Hill School​1901 N. Akard St. ​H/42
Dallas High School (Crozier Tech)​2214 Bryan St. ​H/101
Dallas Power & Light Building ​1506 Commerce St.​​H/121
Dallas Power & Light Building - East Substation​3700 Willow St.​H/91
​Dallas Tent & Awning Building​3401 Commerce St. ​H/68
David Crockett Elementary School​401 N. Carroll Ave. ​H/63
DeGolyer House & Gardens​8525 Garland Rd.​​H/38

Eagle Ford School
​1601 Chalk Hill Rd.

East Dallas Christian Church​629 Peak St. ​H/65
F.A. Brown Farmstead​4611 Kelton Dr.​H/34
​Fannin Elementary School​4800 Ross Ave.​H/77
Federal Reserve Bank ​400 S. Akard St.​​H/6

Fidelity Union Life Complex​Pacific, Bryan, and N. Akard St.​H/126
Fire Station No. 16​5501 Columbia Ave.​H/40
First Presbyterian Church​401 S. Harwood St. ​H/16
​​Former Dr Pepper Dallas Bottling Plant​​409, 413, 425, and 429 Second Ave.​H/103
​Freedman's Cemetery​Central Expwy and Lemon Avenue​H/54
Garvin Cemetery​4000 W. Northwest Hwy​H/130
​G&J Manufacturing Company​​​3912 Willow St. ​H/104
Gilliam House​​3817 Wendelkin St.​H/145
Good Luck Gas Station​903 Cadiz St. ​H/56
Good Samaritan Hospital​4526 LeLand Ave.​H/140
Goodyear & Goodrich Buildings​3809 Parry Ave & 4140 Commerce St.​H/98
Grace United Methodist Church​4105 Junius St. ​H/9
Gulf Refining Company - Hickory Street Annex​501 Second Ave.​H/136
Harlan Building​2018 Cadiz St.​H/41
Harris Kemp House​2822 Maple Springs Blvd.​H/141
Higginbotham - Bailey Building​900 Jackson St. ​H/26
​Interstate Forwarding Building​3200 Main St.​H/50
Interurban Building​1500 Jackson St. ​H/105
​J.L. Long Middle School​6160 Reiger Ave.​H/120
James Madison High School​3000 Martin Luther King Blvd. ​H/62
​Juanita Craft Home​2618 Warren Ave.​H/97
Joseph P. and Lucy Parks Estate​6220 Worth St. ​H/133
Kalita Humphreys Theater​3636 Turtle Creek Blvd.​H/122
King Mansion​3417 Gillespie Ave.​H/29
Kings Court Apartment​1234 Kings Highway​H/55
Knights of Pythias Temple​2551 Elm St.​H/46
Kovandovitch House​523 Eads Ave.​H/39
L. Butler Nelson Cemetery​2900 Hatcher St.​H/135
La France Building ​3600 Commerce St.​H/83
​Lakewood Theater​1825 Abrams Rd. ​H/148
Lincoln High School​5000 Oakland Ave.​H/74
​​​Luna Tortilla Factory​​1615 McKinney Ave.​H/110
Magnolia Building​108 S. Akard St. ​H/7
Majestic Theater​1923 Elm St.​H/21
Mallory Drug Store​900 W. Jefferson Blvd.​H/89
Mayor Bradford House​2905 Maple Ave.​H/75

McAdams Cemetery
​409 Guthrie St. 

McCree Cemetery
9934 Audelia Rd. 

Melrose Hotel​3015 Oak Lawn Ave.​H/22

Mercantile Bank Building
​1704 Main St. 

Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
​33 Haymarket Rd. 

Mitchell Building
​3800 Commerce St. 

North Dallas High School​3120 N. Haskell St​H/111
Oak Cliff United Methodist Church​541-49 Jefferson Blvd. ​H/90
Oak Lawn Methodist Church​3014 Oak Lawn Ave.​H/27
Old City Hall​106 S. Harwood St. ​H/17
Old Parkland Hospital​3819 Maple Ave.​H/31
Old Tige Fire Station​3801 Parry Ave.​H/3
Olive & Myers Building​2220 Canton St. ​H/70
Olive & Myers Manufacturing Building​2200 Young St.​H/106
​​One Main Place​1201 Main St. ​H/150
Palace Blacksmith Shop​2814 Main St. ​H/107
Park Brothers Warehouse​2639 Elm St. ​H/51
Phyllis Wheatley School​2908 Metropolitan Ave.​H/61
Pike Park​2807 Harry Hines Blvd.​H/96
​Pioneer Cemetery ​Marilla and Young St. ​H/114
Plaza Hotel​1933 Main St. ​H/28
Republic Bank Tower​325 N. St. Paul St. ​H/117
Republic National Bank (Davis) Building​1309 Main St. ​H/87
Santa Fe Building I​1114 Commerce St. ​H/43
Santa Fe II Freight Terminal & Warehouse​1122 Jackson Ave. ​H/85
Scottish Rite Cathedral​500 S. Harwood St. ​H/19
Sharrock/Niblo Farmstead​6900 Grady Niblo Rd.​H/143
Shiels House​4602 Reiger Ave.​H/132
​Shingle Style House​3506 Cedar Springs Rd.​H/12
Sons of Hermann​3414 Elm St. ​H/32
Southern Pine House​3003 Kinmore St. ​H/52
Spence Middle School​4001 Capital Ave. ​H/76
St. Ann's School​2514 Harry Hines Blvd.​H/94
St. James AME Temple​624 Good-Latimer Expy.​H/99
St. Joseph's Catholic Church & Academy​2712 Swiss Ave. ​H/138
St. Paul United Methodist Church​1816 Routh St. ​H/18
Stanley Marcus House​10 Nonesuch Rd.​H/137
Stephen J. Hay Elementary School​3801 Herschel Ave.​H/124
Sunset High School​2120 W. Jefferson Blvd.​​H/144​
Tal​ley-Polk House​2917 Reagan St.​H/115
Texas Farm & Ranch Building​3306 Main St. ​H/67
Texas Theater​231 W. Jefferson Blvd. ​H/112
Turtle Creek Pump Station​3630 Harry Hines Blvd. ​H/14
U.S. Post Office​400 S. Houston St.​H/23
Underwood House​​​5310 Park Lane​H/149
Union Station​400 S. Houston St. ​H/5
W.H. Adamson High School​201 E. 9th St. ​H/139
Wales Apartments​4515 Live Oak St. ​H/69
Western Union Building​2028-34 Main St. ​H/73
White Rock Bath House​521 Lawther Dr.​H/79
White Rock Pump Station​2900 White Rock Rd.​H/35
Woodrow Wilson High School​100 S. Glasgow Dr. ​H/53
​​Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Chu​rch​909 Morrell Ave.​H/118