Municipal Archives

By Accession Number

The following information shows all collections held by the Dallas Municipal Archives.  The collections are not presented in chronological order of the events they cover; instead, they are presented in the order, by year, that the collection was acquired by the Dallas Municipal Archives (the accession number).  

If a collection name is not linked, then a collection guide has not yet been written.   The collection, however,  is still available for research; contact the Dallas Municipal Archives for information.
When contacting the Dallas Municipal Archives, reference either the collection number (e.g., 2008-001) or the collection name (e.g. City of Dallas Civil Defense Administrative Files, 1958) to identify material of research interest. 

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1991-001—Dallas Police Department Records Related to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy,

1991-002—George M. Dallas Lithograph, 1941

1991-003—Official City Songs, 1961, 1970

1991-004—The Kessler Plan, 1911-1930

1991-005—Petition for Fire Department Telephone Expenses, 1882

1991-006—Petitions and Documents Regarding Telephone Poles, 1881-1890

1991-007—Land Use Petition from E.G. Bauer, 1883

1991-008—Oak Cliff Sewerage Company Takeover of Citizens Sewerage, 1903

1991-009—Letter to C.J. Beam from R.S. Druly, 1872

1991-010—Letter From H.A. Dixon to City Secretary Earl Goforth, 1947

1991-011—White Rock Lake, 1909-1910

1991-012—Transcript Information Bonds of Chapman & Cutler, Chicago Illinois, 1937-1940

1991-013—Central Boulevard Table of Resolutions, undated

1991-014—Elections - Opinions of the Texas Attorney General, 1952-1953

1991-015—East/West Expressway Resolutions, 1952-1955

1991-016—Dallas City Code, 1911-Current

1991-017—Proprietary Schools - Board Minute Book, 1968-1971

1991-018—Mayor's Criminal Justice Task Force Report, 1986

1991-019—Dallas Police Department Historical Reports, Records, and Newsletters, 1930-Current

1991-020—Health Department Historical Reports, 1954-1972

1991-021—Civil Service Board Reports, 1931-1972

1991-022—City of Dallas Housing Department, 1938-1999

1991-023—The Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund and City of Dallas Fire and Police Pension Funds, 1952-1993

1991-024—WRR Municipal Radio, 1921-2020

1991-025—Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Historical Records, 1919-2001

1991-026—Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company, 1904, 1913-1917

1991-027—East Dallas Water Supply Company, 1886-1890

1991-028—Southern Methodist University Sewer Contract, 1914

1991-029—Establishment of the Dallas Public Library System, 1900

1991-030—Gill Well Bath House Agreement, 1905

1991-031—Dallas Gas Company and Lone Star Gas Company, 1910-1917

1991-032—Railroad Grade Separations in Dallas, 1915-1917

1991-033—Railroads and the Union Terminal Company, 1890-1917

1991-034—Dallas Railway Company, Interurbans, and Electric Railway, 1890-1933


1991-036—Exposition Park Paving Petition, 1904-1929

1991-037—Callahan Construction Company and Garza Dam, 1924–1926

1991-038—Municipal Auditorium Specifications, 1938

1991-039—Memorandum of Agreement - Union Terminal Company, 1924

1991-040—Land Acquisition in Other Texas Counties, 1903, 1924-1927

1991-041—T.E. Shutt - Garza Dam Contract, 1924

1991-042—Trunk Sewer Line, 1924

1991-043—Dallas Power and Light Company, 1888, 1912-1922, 1943

1991-044—Street Paving and Construction Plats, 1931-1932

1991-045—Petition to Abandon Claim to Street Grace Burr to City of Dallas, 1919

1991-046—Petition to Abandon Claim to Alley, W.J. McCray to City of Dallas, 1919

1991-047—Carrollton Dam Contract, 1912

1991-048—Dallas Municipal Building and Fred A. Jones Company Bankruptcy, 1913

1991-049—Oak Cliff Election Precinct Creation, 1913


1991-051—Street Paving, Widening, and Improvements, 1889-1930

1991-052—Vital Statistics, 1931-1957

1991-053—Annual Reports of the City of Dallas, 1888-Current

1991-054—Dallas Water Heater Hearing Proceedings and Report, 1939

1991-055—Survey of Dallas Businesses, 1987-1988

1991-056—DART and the Dallas Transit System, 1971-1987

1991-057—Redbird Airport Development Plans, 1970, 1987

1991-058—Report from the Mayor's Task Force on High Technology, 1984

1991-059—Economic Development Advisory Board - Dallas Data Book, 1984

1991-060—Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-Current


1991-062—City of Dallas Budgets and Financial Reports, 1916-Current

1991-063—City of Fruitdale, 1937-1964

1991-064—City of Kleberg, 1956-1978

1991-065—City of Dallas Construction and Fire Codes, 1905-1997

1991-066—Dallas Water Utilities Sewage Treatment and Disposal and Water Purification, 1912-1938

1991-067—Petition Protesting Baptist Memorial Sanitarium, 1920

1991-068—Vickery Place Addition, 1920

1991-069—Lagow Independent School District Annexation, 1919

1991-070—Fairland Annex Segregated Housing Materials, 1920

1991-071—Caruth Place Addition, 1920

1991-072—The J Mercer Carter Interurban Franchise Ordinance, 1906, 1908

1991-073—Ordinance Book of City Electrical Regulations, 1918, 1924

1991-074—Dallas City Charter, 1871-current

1991-075—Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan, 1986

1991-076—Appointed Officials Handbook, 1972

1991-077—Dallas Citizens Council Arts Task Force - Survey of Company Arts Support in Dallas, 1987

1991-078—City Logos, 1972-1985

1991-079—Fair Park, 1888-1930, 1972-1992

1991-080—Annual Independent Audit Reports, 1931-1950

1991-081—Municipal News & Views, 1946-1947

1991-082—City of Dallas Telephone Directories, 1949-1999

1991-083—Long Term Facility Planning Issue Paper, 1987

1991-084—Dallas Police Department Pay Raise, 2000

1991-085—Department of Streets and Sanitation, 1989

1991-086—Tax Collection Historical Items and Reports, 1955-1959

1991-087—City of Oak Cliff, 1891-1904, 1930

1991-088—Board of Equalization, 1931-1976

1991-089—Flag - Design for Municipal Flag, 1916

1991-090—Early Dallas City Council Minutes, 1866-1905

1991-091—Contracts - Bound Volumes and Index, 1898-1917

1991-092—Land Acquisitions (excludes Fair Park), 1894-1916

1991-093—Summary of the Functions and Operations of Various Departments, 1941

1991-094—City of Dallas Zoning - Early Ordinances, 1929-1965

1991-095—Department of City Planning - Includes Some Zoning, 1965-1987

1991-096—Examining and Supervising Board of Plumbers and Plumbing Appeals Advisory, 1940-1969

1991-097—City of Dallas Stationery, 1890, 1905, 1940s, 1968, 1972-73, undated

1991-098—Publications, 1956-Current

1991-099—Love Field, 1923-1941, 1966, 1987, 1996

1991-100—Dallas Population Handbook, 1960

1991-101—Parks and Recreation - Brochures and Publications, 1977-1999

1991-102—City of Dallas Sign Manuals, 1978-1983

1991-103—Voting Rights Act - Analeslie Muncy, 1975

1991-104—Bond-Financed Capital Improvement Program, 1972-1973

1991-105—Cable Television, 1973

1991-106—Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, 1965-2001

1991-107—South Dallas/Fair Park Neighborhood Preservation Economic Development Plan, 1987

1991-108—City of Renner, 1953-1977

1991-109—Dallas Citizens Charter Review Commission, 1985-1989

1991-110—Town of Preston Hollow, 1939-1945

1991-111—Municipal Bond Certificates, 1874-1972

1991-112—City of Dallas Parks, 1889-1995

1991-113—City Hall - Main Street Land Abstracts 1881-1914, 1954

1991-114—Town of Honey Springs, 1937-1947

1991-115—Redistricting Commission, 1991


1991-117—Texas Coal Company Contracts, 1896

1991-118—Maple Avenue Property Deeds, 1917-1919

1991-119—Dallas County Fresh Water Supply Districts, 1926-1929

1991-120—Dallas Flood and Levee Control Districts, 1919-1968

1991-121—Dallas County Water Control and Improvement Districts 3, 5, and 7, 1939-1951

1991-122—City-County Hospital System, 1933-1940

1991-123—Dallas at the Crossroads, 1967-1970

1991-124—Dallas City Hall Collection, 1966-1978

1991-125—Municipal Administration Center Brochure of Alternates, 1970

1991-126—Thoroughfare Studies, 1970, 1985

1991-127—State Thomas - Tax Increment Financing District - Project and Financing, 1989

1991-128—Department of Park and Recreation - Management Study, 1991

1991-129—Audit Reports, 1990-Current

1991-130—Dallas Boards and Commissions History, 1971-1991

1991-131—Dallas in Magazines and Newspapers, 1967-1993

1991-132—Texas Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, 1989-1991

1991-133—Dallas City Code Chapter 51 Maps, 1968

1992-001—Mayor Annette Strauss Plaques and Awards, 1985-1991

1992-002—Office of Minority Business Opportunity, 1991

1992-003—Deeds, 1874-1968

1992-004—Texas Municipal League Directories of Texas City Officials, 1990-1992

1992-005—Dallas: A Profile and Fact Book, 1984

1992-006—City of Dallas Personnel Rules, 1933-1996

1992-007—City Auditor Letter Book, 1906-1909

1992-008—Oath of Office Certificate books, 1933-1976

1992-009—Public Notification Log, 1926-1943

1992-010—W. W. Horner Stormwater Outlet Sewers and Drainage Report, 1931-1936

1992-011—Municipal Water Reservoirs in Denton County, 1922-1928

1992-012—Incinerators, 1924-1925

1992-013—Challenge to Charter Election, 1927

1992-014—Challenge to Municipal Bond Sales, 1927-1930

1992-015—Oak Lawn Heights and Related Annexations, 1929-1934

1992-016—Street Directory City of Dallas, 1990

1992-017—Gittings Studio Portraiture Collection, 1931-1992

1992-018—Portraits of Park Board Members, 1905-1939

1992-019—Election Issues Resource Materials, 1969-1975

1992-020—Boy Scouts Letter to Dallas City Council on Recycling, 1992

1992-021—Dallas Observer - Recall Election, 1992

1992-022—Building Inspection Division of Economic Development, 1991

1992-023—Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy, 1991-1996

1992-024—Recycling Pamphlets, 1991-1992

1992-025—Bound City of Dallas Traffic Ordinances 1950, 1959, 1974

1992-026—Elections - Historical Resources, 1968-2003

1992-027—Atlas of Split Voting Precincts in the City of Dallas, 1991

1992-028—Inaugural Speech of Mayor Steve Bartlett and Farewell Address of Mayor Annette Strauss, 1991

1992-029—Productivity Task Force, 1982-1983

1992-030—Board of Equalization, 1980

1992-031—State of the City Address by Mayor Steve Bartlett, 1992

1992-032—Affirmative Action Plans, 1983-1992

1992-033—Operational Survival Plan for Dallas and Dallas County, 1958

1992-034—Dallas Visions for Community, 1992


1993-001—Authority for Records Disposals, 1986+

1994-001—Annexation Plat Maps, 1890-1956

1994-002—Texas and Pacific Railroad, 1915-1920

1994-003—Parade Evaluation Task Force Report, 1993

1994-004—Uniform System of Accounts for Telephone Companies, 1913

1994-005—Dallas Public Schools Estimated Budget, 1934, 1939

1994-006—Board of Equalization and Appeals, 1908

1994-007—Continental Avenue Viaduct Over Trinity River, 1930

1994-008—City Council Inauguration Contact Proofs, 1991

1994-009—City Council Inauguration Photographs and Negatives, 1992

1994-010—City Council Minutes - Bound Volumes, 1866-1977

1994-011—Court Services Scrapbook and Photographs, 1950-1957

1994-012—Boards and Commissions, Annual Reports, 1992+

1994-013—Organizational Re-engineering, 1994

1994-014—Notebooks on Decisions, City Attorney Alex Bickley, 1960-1977

1994-015—Goals for Dallas, 1969-1983

1994-016—Total Quality Management, 1991

1994-017—Innovations, 1978, 1981

1994-018—County Appraisal District, 1993-1994

1994-019—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1993



1994-022—Armstrong Index, 1946-1966

1994-023—Annexation in Dallas Policy and Planning Procedures, 1972

1994-024—Zoning Ordinance - University Park, 1991

1994-025—Consumers Affairs Ordinance, 1972

1994-026—Office of Transportation Central Business District Goods and Distribution Project, 1980

1994-027—Bike Plan, Department of Transportation, 1985

1994-028—Private Industry Council of Dallas, Inc., 1992-1993

1994-029—Strategic Business Plan for Southern Dallas and Enterprise Zones, 1994-1999

1994-030—Detailed Insurance Study, 1931

1994-031—Weights and Measures Ordinance Bound Volume, 1936

1994-032—Analysis of the Procurement Process and Function, 1980

1994-033—Dallas Transit System, 1973-1987

1994-034—Designs for Dallas, 1970

1994-035—Fair Park Music Hall Renovations, 1970

1994-036—Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, 1965

1994-037—Basic Financial and Improvement Plan for the City of Dallas, 1940

1994-038—Annual Report of the Traffic Control Department, 1956

1994-039—Plans of Proposed State Highway Improvement HWY 175, 1939

1994-040—Central Boulevard Project - Part One, Houston Texas Central Railway, 1940

1994-041—City Council Candidate Orientation Materials, 1991

1994-042—City Council Inauguration Planning Materials, 1981, 1985

1994-043—City Council Inauguration, 1983

1994-044—City Council Inauguration Planning Materials, 1980-1983, undated

1994-045—City of Dallas Executives, Biographical Sketches, 1982, undated

1994-046—Economic Development, 1989

1994-047—City Council Inauguration Materials, 1993

1994-048—Department of Street and Sanitation Services Recycling Plan, 1990

1994-049—Vision Report, Department of Street and Sanitation Services, 1989

1994-050—Proposed Dis-annexation of Oak Cliff, 1990-1991


1994-052—Dallas Business Development, 1990, undated

1994-053—Dallas Public Library Management Review Final Report Volumes I and II, 1991

1994-054—Linear Waterway Study for the Farmer's Market Area of Downtown Dallas, 1991

1994-055—Dallas First:  A Comprehensive Economic Study on the City of Dallas & Its Suburbs, 1990

1994-056—Speeches Collected by the Public Information Office, 1980s

1995-001—Department of Aviation Policies, 1979, 1986

1995-002—City of Dallas Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program Materials, 1989

1995-003—Dallas Convention Center Master Plan Proposal, 1986

1995-004—Review of the Department of Public Works, 1977

1995-005—Property Inventory of City of Dallas Mayor and Commissioners, 1909

1995-006—City of Dallas Planning Policies Guide, 1984


1995-008—Report of the Dallas Citizens Council Privatization Task Force, 1988

1995-009—Equipment, Communications, and Information Services, 1985-1987

1995-010—City Council Agenda Sample in Braille, 1994

1995-011—Report on the Task Force on Public Housing, 1983

1995-012—Company Management Study, 1984

1995-013—Public Intoxication Study, 1985

1995-014—Citizens Surveys [Housing|, 1980, 1983

1995-015—Dallas United DPD/Task Force, 1988

1995-016—Arts District, 1984

1995-017—History of the City in Brief, 1970

1995-018—Northwest Highway Design, 1969

1995-019—Dallas Citizens Charter Review Commission Files from Chair Ray Hutchison, 1989-1995

1995-020—Posters - Events and Publicity, 1981-2012

1995-021—White Rock Lake Dredging, 1930-1942

1995-022—White Rock Lake General Subject Files, 1921-1991

1995-023—Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-1960

1995-024—Park System (Publication), 1915

1995-025—Park Board Annual Reports, 1911-1995, 2002-2003

1995-026—Dallas Department of Park and Recreation Construction and Concessions,

1995-027—Fair Park, 1905-1918, 1930-1952


1995-029—City Council Inauguration, 1995

1995-030—Everette Lee DeGolyer Estate, 1972-1990

1995-031—W. W. Samuell Estate, 1886-1977

1995-032—Park and Recreation Department Subject Files:  Dealey Plaza, 1940-1942

1995-033—Recreation Manuals, 1943-1983

1995-034—The Ulrickson Committee Report, 1927-1930

1995-035—Dallas Zoo (Marsalis Park), 1952-1955, 1968-1980, 1991

1995-036—Dallas Police Department Park Patrol Manuals, 1957-1985

1995-037—Park and Playground System (Publication), 1921-1923

1995-038—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Maps

1995-039—Memorials and Monuments, 1936, 1959-1982

1995-040—Park Department - Management Studies, 1977-1981

1995-041—Audit Reports and Budgets - Dallas Park and Recreation Funds, 1931-1961

1995-042—Park Department Time Logbooks, c. 1912-1920

1995-043—Park Department Works Progress Administration Records, 1939-1940

1995-044—White Rock Lake Improvements, 1956-1982

1995-045—State Fair of Texas Reports and Studies, 1908-1986

1995-046—Dallas Museum of Art, 1926+

1995-047—Grauwyler Park and John and Emma Grauwyler, 1827-1963

1996-001—Office of the City Secretary, 1963

1996-002—City Ordinances Index, 1871-1973

1996-003—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Centennial History Working Papers and Research Materials, 1972-1976

1996-004—Auditor's Reports, 1977-1989

1996-005—Majestic Theatre Renovations, 1967-1997

1996-006—Citizen Input Summary - General Obligation Bond, 1995

1996-007—Cityplace Area Project and Financing Plan, 1993

1996-008—Dallas Public Art Planning Reports, 1977-1987

1996-009—Sports Arena Investigation, 1978-1997

1996-010—City Plan Commission Membership List, 1919-1989

1996-011—Report on City of Dallas Fixed Properties, 1939

1996-012—Bond-Financed Capital Improvement Programs, 1958, 1962, 1964

1996-013—City of Dallas Program of Services, 1975


1996-015—Fair Park Aquarium Feasibility Study, 1994

1996-016—Five Mile Creek Flood Plain Management Plan, 1976

1996-017—Purchasing, 1960-1995

1996-018—Space Requirements Report for the Municipal Administration Center, 1966

1996-019—Study of the Organization and Operations of the Dallas City Council, 1973

1996-020—Report on City Government by Marketing Research Counselors, 1971

1996-021—American Legion National Convention, 1964

1996-022—Wildflower Research Center, 1983

1996-023—Dallas Health and Science Museum, 1947-1985

1996-024—Central District Development Plan, 1970

1996-025—Land Transactions Map and Dallas City Hall, 1912-1971

1996-026—Friends of the Dallas Public Library - The First Forty Years, 1991

1996-027—State of The City Address - Mayor Ron Kirk, 1996, 1999

1996-028—Beer Sales in University Park, 1928-1930

1996-029—Citizens Information Task Force, 1985

1996-030—Independent Audit Financial Reports, 1974

1996-031—Bond Programs, 1962, 1982

1996-032—Dallas Museum of Natural History, 1967-1981, undated

1996-033—Office of the City Manager - Organizational Structure, 1996

1996-034—Pauper's Cemetery and the Henninger-Brewer Company, 1914

1996-035—The Dallas Plan, 1994, 1997

1996-036—Corporate Strategic Plan, 1994

1996-037—Annual City Council and Management Planning Session, 1995

1996-038—STAR - Dallas Public Library Computer System, 1996

1996-039—Annexation Ordinance Project, 1903-1993

1996-040—City Ordinances - Bound Volumes, 1871-1978

​1996-041—City Council Minutes Indexes, 1917-1967

1997-001—Records Management Policy Committee, 1995

1997-002—Sanitary Sewer Construction Contracts, 1910-1915

1997-003—Street Paving Contracts - Texas Bitulithic Company, 1904-1909

1997-004—Street Improvements, 1907-1908

1997-005—Sidewalk Paving, 1911-1918

1997-006—Dallas Convention Center Expansion, 1969

1997-007—Dallas Transit Master Plan Committee, 1962

1997-008—City of Dallas Sports Commission, 1965-1971

1997-009—Public Welfare, 1938-1946

1997-010—Advisory Public Health Board, 1947-1969, undated

1997-011—Branch Library Service for Dallas Report, 1958

1997-012—Air Quality, 1968

1997-013—Dilution of Natural Gas at Joshua Plant Report, 1935

1997-014—Barber Asphalt Paving Company Contracts, 1900-1906

1997-015—Winslett-Eldridge Company Contracts, 1910-1916

1997-016—Dallas Lime and Gravel Company Contracts, 1911-1917

1997-017—Tax Assessments Filed with Dallas County, 1931-1932

1997-018—Municipal Bond Sales, 1927-1946

1997-019—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1997

1997-020—Municipal Building Contracts, 1913-1914

1997-021—Public Utility Service Corporation Annual Reports, 1911-1922

1997-022—Sewer Contracts with C. W. Olcott, 1909-1916

1997-023—Fair Park Improvements, 1941-1980, undated

1997-024—Robert S. Sloan, City Secretary Retirement, 1997

1997-025—Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light Rail Opening, 1996

1997-026—City-County Industrial School for Boys Board of Managers Minutes, 1938-1960

1997-027—City-County Public Welfare Board, 1956-1959

1997-028—Public Utilities Hearings, 1969-1973

1997-029—Plaques and Awards - Mayor Steve Bartlett

1997-030—City Park - Preliminary Research Brochure by James A. Newett, 1965

1997-031—Cultural Affairs Division of the Department of Park and Recreation, 1971

1997-032—Park Board Secretary Correspondence, 1970

1997-033—Juanita Jewel Craft Recreation Center Dedication, 1974

1997-034—Facility Needs of the Performing Arts in Dallas, 1972

1997-035—Natural Open Space Plan, 1979

1997-036—Building Inspection Newsletter - "Building Express", 1990

1997-037—Park Board and Lady Bird Johnson, 1975

1997-038—Dallas County Beverly Hills Fresh Water District No. 2

1997-039—Bonds and Contracts, 1905-1906

1998-001—Cole Purchase and Turtle Creek Land Acquisitions, 1914-1918

1998-002—Trinity River Improvements, 1997

1998-003—Election - Campaign Expense Reports, 1969

1998-004—The Bartholomew Plan, 1943-1957

1998-005—Abstracts of Title for Street Improvements, 1888-1945

1998-006—Employee Benefits Packages, 1981, 1990-1991

1998-007—Dallas Public Library Association, 1900-1901

1998-008—Dallas Public Schools, 1944-1947

1998-009—Martinez Anti-Tuberculosis Fund, 1917

1998-010—Traffic Signals - Garrett Patents, 1937

1998-011—City Council Compensation, 1941

1998-012—Capital Improvement Program - "Dallas at the Crossroads", 1967-1972

1998-013—Quality Customer Service Action Plan

1998-014—Legislative Program

1998-015—State of Community Study

1999-001—Map Collection, 1868-Current

1999-002—Photographs Not Related to Other Collections

1999-003—City Photographer Collection, 1950-1997

1999-004—City Plan Commission Minute Books, 1919-1983

1999-005—City of Dallas Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board Minutes, 1958-1986

1999-006—Personnel Pay Plans

1999-007—Dallas Fire Department Training Records, 1965-1990

1999-008—Personnel - Council Resolutions

2000-001—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1999

2000-002—Public Information Office Photographs, 1985-1999

2001-001—Dallas City Council and Oak Cliff Town Meeting Videotapes, 1989-1999

2001-002—Dallas Municipal Archives Artifacts Collection, 1890, 1947-1987, undated

2001-003—Love Field Album and Photographs, 1918-1993

2001-004—Dallas Police Academy Motion Picture Film and Videotape, 1957-1973, 1984-1991

2001-005—Ethics Commission, 2001

2001-006—Public Works and Transportation Department Publications, 1990-2000

2001-007—Revenue and Tax Division, 1989

2002-001—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Plans and Drawings, 1911-1960

2002-002—Public Works Department, 1935-38, 1979+

2002-003—Dallas Water Utilities Project Documentation, 1960-1991

2002-004—Public Works and Transportation Department Photographs, 1926, 1944, 1972, 1979-1995

2002-005—Charter Review Commission, 2002-2003

2002-006—WRR Audiotape, 1991-1998

2002-007—Fair Park Mural Conservation, 1999-2000

2002-008—Human Resources Photographs, 1988-1999

2002-009—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1998

2003-001—Aerial Map Photographs of Dallas, Texas 1930, 1949, 1974, 1979

2003-002—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Photograph Collection, 1910-2004

2003-003—Dallas City Council Portrait, 1963

2003-004—Master Plan Minority Report [Elizabeth Blessing], 1963

2003-005—City of Dallas Mayor Portraits, 1894-2001

2003-006—Employee Retirement Fund

2003-007—Dallas Public Library Publications

2003-008—Planning Department Maps

2003-009—Park and Recreation Department Renaissance Plan

2003-010—History of the Dallas Zoo

2003-011—External Audits

2003-012—Plat Maps on Microfilm

2003-013—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2001

2003-014—Vector Control Photographs, c. 1935-1968

2003-015—Report on the Dallas Park System, 1934

2003-016—Dallas Police Headquarters Mural Installation, 2003

2003-017—Dallas Public Library Master Plan 2000-2010

2003-018—City Attorney's Office Photographs, 1965

2003-019—Dallas and Fort Worth City Councils Joint Meeting, 2002

2003-020—City Manager Speeches, 1989-1994

2003-021—Computer and Information Services Slides

2003-022—Code of Ethics and Conduct Task Force, 1975-1980

2003-023—Dallas Development Guide, 1987-1997

2004-001—Garza Dam Scrapbook

2004-002—Park and Recreation Department Property History, 1959

2004-003—Oak Cliff Boulevard Median Plans, 1925-1946


2004-005—Dallas Park Board

2004-006—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Reports, Studies, and Administrative Documents, 1964-2004

2005-001—Forward Dallas

2005-002—Sid Stahl Dallas Park Board Papers, 1975-1979

2005-003—Abstracts of Title (including Samuell Estate), 1902-1963

2005-004—Code Enforcement

2005-005—Public Works Survey Division Cemetery Files, 1887-2005

2005-006—Fair Park Esplanade Conservation

2006-001—Dallas Planning Department Publications and Related Materials, 1966-1990

2006-002—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2005

2006-003—Dallas Park Department Recreation Centers and Facilities

2006-004—Public Works and Transportation Department Maps, Plans, and Drawings

2006-005—Miguel Casanova Photographs, 1986-2001

2007-001—Dallas City Council Photographs and Videotape

2007-002—Laura Miller Photographs

2008-001—City of Dallas Civil Defense Administrative Files, 1958

2008-002—Earl Hart Family - White Rock Lake Collection, 1926-1948

2008-003—Equipment and Building Services Photographs, 1997-1999


2008-005—Equipment and Building Services Photographs


2010-002—Dallas Fire Department Photographs

2010-003—Jim Anderson Planning Department Collection, 1965-1996

2010-004—Dallas Farmers Market - Henry Forschmidt Collection

2010-005—Surtran Records

2010-006—Dallas Motion Picture Classification Board Records

2010-007—Performing Arts Center Dallas - Funding, Campaign, and Opening Materials

2010-008—City of  Dallas Tax Rolls, 1880-1981

2011-001—Goforth Family Papers

2011-002—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2011

2011-003—Communication and Information Services Albums and Artifacts

2012-001—City of Dallas Historic Preservation Program Files, 1978, 1982-1986

2012-002—Public Information Office Video and Photography, 2001-2011

2012-003—City of Dallas Historic American Building Survey/Section 106 Documentation Files

2012-004—US Census Data and Correspondence, 1990, 2000

2012-005—Dallas Redistricting Commission Records

2012-006—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Plaques and Memorials Documentation, 1971-1979

2012-007—City of Dallas Health Department Program Files and Photographs, 1948-2005

2013-001—City of Dallas Street Lighting Project Photographs, 1949-1968

2013-002—Kidd Springs Creative Playground Scrapbook and Photographs

2013-003—Dallas Memorial Auditorium Time Capsule

2013-004—Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Joint Revenue Bond Sale Proceedings Transcripts

2013-005—Bachman Water Purification Plant Plans and Drawings

2013-006—Aviation Director Files on President John F. Kennedy Visit, 1963-1964, 2011-2013

2014-001—Reunion Arena Collection

2014-002—William Oren Trogdon John F. Kennedy Assassination Research Collection, 1952-1964

2014-003—Dallas Convention Center Photographs

2014-004—Dallas Fire Department Planning for Republican National Convention Security, 1984

2014-005—US Conference of Mayors meeting

2014-006—US Census (Dallas Office Records), 2010

2015-001—Delia Jasso Papers

2015-002—Dallas Fire Department Awards Banquets, 1964-1984

2015-003—Board of Adjustment Minutes

2015-004—Mike Rawlings Collection

2015-005—City of Dallas John F Kennedy Commemoration, 2013

2015-006—Del Crouser Dallas Transportation Planning and Engineering

2015-007—Dallas Convention Center Event Files, 2008-2010

2016-001—South Dallas Cultural Center

2016-002—US Army Corps of Engineers Trinity River Documents

2016-003—Amos Saunders Dallas Railway Company Collection

2016-004—Dallas Police Ambush, 2016

2016-005—City Design Studio Publications, 2011-2012, undated

2016-006—Office of Emergency Management Collection

2016-007—Walker et al. vs. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, et al. Records, 1989-2003

2017-001—Office of the City Secretary Maps

2017-002—Dallas Water Utilities Maps

2017-003—Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender Employee Association of Dallas, 2015-Current

2017-004—Dallas Water Utilities Red River Pump Station Collection

2017-005—Emil Fretz - Mary Ellen Holt Collection, 1854-1928, undated

2017-006—Mayor's Task Force on Confederate Monuments Collection, 2017-2018

2017-007—Francis C Xavier Central Business District Photography Collection, 1980-1983

2017-008—Kalita Humphreys Theater Center Master Plan, 2010

2017-009—Trinity River Conservation Corps Project Records

2018-001—Friends of the Dallas Municipal Archives Collection, 2018-current

2018-002—Sanitation Department Images

2018-003—Dallas Park Board Minutes, 1905-2003

2018-004—James P McChesney Photography Collection

2018-005—City Council Inauguration Planning, History, and Video

2018-006—Mayor's International Ball Records, 1980-1997

2018-007—Henry Moore Dallas Piece Videos, 1978-1982

2018-008—Pegasus Project Technical Manual

​2018-009—City of Dallas Protest Documentation Collection


2018-011—City of Dallas Department of Transportation Sign Shop Operations Collection

​2018-012—Fair Park Operations Collection


2018-014—Citizens for Reconciliation and Unity Collection, 2017-2018

2018-015—Park and Recreation Department Public Relations

2018-016—Trinity River Corridor Project Documentation and Public Relations

2019-001—Dallas City Hall Plans and Drawings, 1968-1978

2019-002—City Photography

2019-003—Visit Dallas Collection

2019-004—Oral Histories, 2018-Current

2019-005—Dallas Water Utilities Water Conservation Program

2019-006—Adam Medrano Collection

2019-007—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photos, 2019

2019-008—Jim Hart Dallas City Council Papers, 1983-1985

2019-009—Lorlee Bartos Political Campaign Materials Collection, 1985-2019

2019-010—Frances James Cemetery Files Collection, 1900-2018

2019-011—Eric Johnson Collection

2019-012—Dallas Municipal Archives Exhibits and Programs

2019-013—Al Lipscomb Collection

2020-001—Willis Winters Park and Recreation Department Administrative Records

2020-002—Tim Dalbey Dallas Archaeological Reports and Studies

2020-003—City of Dallas COVID-19 Response Collection

2021-001—Dallas City Council Inauguration, 2021

2021-002—Botham Jean Boulevard Renaming, 2021

2021-003—Traffic Signs Division Collection

2021-004—Hensley Field Project