Municipal Archives

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The following information shows all collections held by the Dallas Municipal Archives.  The collections are not presented in chronological order of the events they cover.  The list is presented in the order, by year, that the collection was acquired by the Dallas Municipal Archives (the accession number).  If a collection name is not linked, then a collection guide has not yet been written.   The collection, however,  is still available for research; contact the Dallas Municipal Archives for information.
When contacting the Dallas Municipal Archives, you may reference either the collection number (e.g., 2008-001) or the collection name (e.g., City of Dallas Civil Defense Administrative Files, 1958) to identify material of research interest.  

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1991-001—Dallas Police Department Records Related to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy,

1991-002—George M. Dallas Lithograph, 1941

1991-003—Official City Songs, 1961, 1970

1991-004—The Kessler Plan, 1911-1930

1991-005—Petition for Fire Department Telephone Expenses, 1882

1991-006—Petitions and Documents Regarding Telephone Poles, 1881-1890

1991-007—Land Use Petition from E.G. Bauer, 1883

1991-008—Oak Cliff Sewerage Company Takeover of Citizens Sewerage, 1903

1991-009—Letter to C.J. Beam from R.S. Druly, 1872

1991-010—Letter From H.A. Dixon to City Secretary Earl Goforth, 1947

1991-011—White Rock Lake, 1909-1910

1991-012—Transcript Information Bonds of Chapman & Cutler, Chicago Illinois, 1937-1940

1991-013—Central Boulevard Table of Resolutions, undated

1991-014—Elections - Opinions of the Texas Attorney General, 1952-1953

1991-015—East/West Expressway Resolutions, 1952-1955

1991-016—Dallas City Code, 1911-Current

1991-017—Proprietary Schools - Board Minute Book, 1968-1971

1991-018—Mayor's Criminal Justice Task Force Report, 1986

1991-019—Dallas Police Department Historical Reports, Records, and Newsletters, 1930-Current

1991-020—Health Department Historical Reports, 1954-1972

1991-021—Civil Service Board Reports, 1931-1972

1991-022—City of Dallas Housing Department, 1938-1999

1991-023—The Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund and City of Dallas Fire and Police Pension Funds, 1952-1993

1991-024—WRR Municipal Radio, 1921-2020

1991-025—Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Historical Records, 1919-2001

1991-026—Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company, 1904, 1913-1917

1991-027—East Dallas Water Supply Company, 1886-1890

1991-028—Southern Methodist University Sewer Contract, 1914

1991-029—Establishment of the Dallas Public Library System, 1900

1991-030—Gill Well Bath House Agreement, 1905

1991-031—Dallas Gas Company and Lone Star Gas Company, 1910-1917

1991-032—Railroad Grade Separations in Dallas, 1915-1917

1991-033—Railroads and the Union Terminal Company, 1890-1917

1991-034—Dallas Railway Company, Interurbans, and Electric Railway, 1890-1933


1991-036—Exposition Park Paving Petition, 1904-1929

1991-037—Callahan Construction Company and Garza Dam, 1924–1926

1991-038—Municipal Auditorium Specifications, 1938

1991-039—Memorandum of Agreement - Union Terminal Company, 1924

1991-040—Land Acquisition in Other Texas Counties, 1903, 1924-1927

1991-041—T.E. Shutt - Garza Dam Contract, 1924

1991-042—Trunk Sewer Line, 1924

1991-043—Dallas Power and Light Company, 1888, 1912-1922, 1943

1991-044—Street Paving and Construction Plats, 1931-1932

1991-045—Petition to Abandon Claim to Street Grace Burr to City of Dallas, 1919

1991-046—Petition to Abandon Claim to Alley, W.J. McCray to City of Dallas, 1919

1991-047—Carrollton Dam Contract, 1912

1991-048—Dallas Municipal Building and Fred A. Jones Company Bankruptcy, 1913

1991-049—Oak Cliff Election Precinct Creation, 1913



1991-051—Street Paving, Widening, and Improvements, 1889-1930

1991-052—Vital Statistics, 1931-1957

1991-053—Annual Reports of the City of Dallas, 1888-Current

1991-054—Dallas Water Heater Hearing Proceedings and Report, 1939

1991-055—Survey of Dallas Businesses, 1987-1988

1991-056—DART and the Dallas Transit System, 1971-1987

1991-057—Redbird Airport Development Plans, 1970, 1987

1991-058—Report from the Mayor's Task Force on High Technology, 1984

1991-059—Economic Development Advisory Board - Dallas Data Book, 1984

1991-060—Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-Current


1991-062—City of Dallas Budgets and Financial Reports, 1916-Current

1991-063—City of Fruitdale, 1937-1964

1991-064—City of Kleberg, 1956-1978

1991-065—City of Dallas Construction and Fire Codes, 1905-1997

1991-066—Dallas Water Utilities Sewage Treatment and Disposal and Water Purification, 1912-1938

1991-067—Petition Protesting Baptist Memorial Sanitarium, 1920

1991-068—Vickery Place Addition, 1920

1991-069—Lagow Independent School District Annexation, 1919

1991-070—Fairland Annex Segregated Housing Materials, 1920

1991-071—Caruth Place Addition, 1920

1991-072—The J Mercer Carter Interurban Franchise Ordinance, 1906, 1908

1991-073—Ordinance Book of City Electrical Regulations, 1918, 1924

1991-074—Dallas City Charter, 1871-current

1991-075—Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan, 1986

1991-076—Appointed Officials Handbook, 1972

1991-077—Dallas Citizens Council Arts Task Force - Survey of Company Arts Support in Dallas, 1987

1991-078—City Logos, 1972-1985

1991-079—Fair Park, 1888-1930, 1972-1992

1991-080—Annual Independent Audit Reports, 1931-1950

1991-081—Municipal News & Views, 1946-1947

1991-082—City of Dallas Telephone Directories, 1949-1999


1991-083—Long Term Facility Planning Issue Paper, 1987

1991-084—Dallas Police Department Pay Raise, 2000

1991-085—Department of Streets and Sanitation, 1989

1991-086—Tax Collection Historical Items and Reports, 1955-1959

1991-087—City of Oak Cliff, 1891-1904, 1930

1991-088—Board of Equalization, 1931-1976

1991-089—Flag - Design for Municipal Flag, 1916

1991-090—Early Dallas City Council Minutes, 1866-1905

1991-091—Contracts - Bound Volumes and Index, 1898-1917

1991-092—Land Acquisitions (excludes Fair Park), 1894-1916

1991-093—Summary of the Functions and Operations of Various Departments, 1941

1991-094—City of Dallas Zoning - Early Ordinances, 1929-1965

1991-095—Department of City Planning - Includes Some Zoning, 1965-1987

1991-096—Examining and Supervising Board of Plumbers and Plumbing Appeals Advisory, 1940-1969

1991-097—City of Dallas Stationery, 1890, 1905, 1940s, 1968, 1972-73, undated

1991-098—Publications, 1956-Current

1991-099—Love Field, 1923-1941, 1966, 1987, 1996


1991-100—Dallas Population Handbook, 1960

1991-101—Parks and Recreation - Brochures and Publications, 1977-1999

1991-102—City of Dallas Sign Manuals, 1978-1983

1991-103—Voting Rights Act - Analeslie Muncy, 1975

1991-104—Bond-Financed Capital Improvement Program, 1972-1973

1991-105—Cable Television, 1973

1991-106—Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, 1965-2001

1991-107—South Dallas/Fair Park Neighborhood Preservation Economic Development Plan, 1987

1991-108—City of Renner, 1953-1977

1991-109—Dallas Citizens Charter Review Commission, 1985-1989

1991-110—Town of Preston Hollow, 1939-1945

1991-111—Municipal Bond Certificates, 1874-1972

1991-112—City of Dallas Parks, 1889-1995

1991-113—City Hall - Main Street Land Abstracts 1881-1914, 1954

1991-114—Town of Honey Springs, 1937-1947

1991-115—Redistricting Commission, 1991


1991-117—Texas Coal Company Contracts, 1896

1991-118—Maple Avenue Property Deeds, 1917-1919

1991-119—Dallas County Fresh Water Supply Districts, 1926-1929

1991-120—Dallas Flood and Levee Control Districts, 1919-1968

1991-121—Dallas County Water Control and Improvement Districts 3, 5, and 7, 1939-1951

1991-122—City-County Hospital System, 1933-1940

1991-123—Dallas at the Crossroads, 1967-1970

1991-124—Dallas City Hall Collection, 1966-1978

1991-125—Municipal Administration Center Brochure of Alternates, 1970

1991-126—Thoroughfare Studies, 1970, 1985

1991-127—State Thomas - Tax Increment Financing District - Project and Financing, 1989

1991-128—Department of Park and Recreation - Management Study, 1991

1991-129—Audit Reports, 1990-Current

1991-130—Dallas Boards and Commissions History, 1971-1991

1991-131—Dallas in Magazines and Newspapers, 1967-1993

1991-132—Texas Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, 1989-1991

1991-133—Dallas City Code Chapter 51 Maps, 1968


1992-001—Mayor Annette Strauss Plaques and Awards, 1985-1991

1992-002—Office of Minority Business Opportunity, 1991

1992-003—Deeds, 1874-1968

1992-004—Texas Municipal League Directories of Texas City Officials, 1990

1992-005—Dallas: A Profile and Fact Book, Dallas Welcoming Committee of Republican National Convention, 1984

1992-006—City of Dallas Personnel Rules, 1933-1996

1992-007—City Auditor Letter Book, 1906-1909

1992-008—Oath of Office Certificate books, 1933-1976

1992-009—Public Notification Log, 1926-1943

1992-010—W. W. Horner Stormwater Outlet Sewers and Drainage Report, 1931-1936

1992-011—Municipal Water Reservoirs in Denton County, 1922-1928

1992-012—Incinerators, 1924-1925

1992-013—Challenge to Charter Election, 1927

1992-014—Challenge to Municipal Bond Sales, 1927-1930

1992-015—Oak Lawn Heights and Related Annexations, 1929-1934

1992-016—Street Directory City of Dallas, 1990

1992-017—Gittings Studio Portraiture Collection, 1931-1992

1992-018—Portraits of Park Board Members, 1905-1939

1992-019—Election Issues Resource Materials, 1969-1975

1992-020—Boy Scouts Letter to Dallas City Council on Recycling, 1992

1992-021—Dallas Observer - Recall Election, 1992

1992-022—Building Inspection Division of Economic Development, 1991

1992-023—Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy, 1991-1996

1992-024—Recycling Pamphlets, 1991-1992

1992-025—Bound City of Dallas Traffic Ordinances 1950, 1959, 1974

1992-026—Elections - Historical Resources, 1968-2003

1992-027—Atlas of Split Voting Precincts in the City of Dallas, 1991

1992-028—Inaugural Speech of Mayor Steve Bartlett and Farewell Address of Mayor Annette Strauss, 1991

1992-029—Productivity Task Force, 1982-1983

1992-030—Board of Equalization, 1980

1992-031—State of the City Address by Mayor Steve Bartlett, 1992

1992-032—Affirmative Action Plans, 1983-1992

1992-033—Operational Survival Plan for Dallas and Dallas County, 1958

1992-034—Dallas Visions for Community, 1992



1993-001—Authority for Records Disposals, 1986+

1994-001—Annexation Plat Maps, 1890-1956

1994-002—Texas and Pacific Railroad, 1915-1920

1994-003—Parade Evaluation Task Force Report, 1993

1994-004—Uniform System of Accounts for Telephone Companies, 1913

1994-005—Dallas Public Schools Estimated Budget, 1934, 1939

1994-006—Board of Equalization and Appeals, 1908

1994-007—Continental Avenue Viaduct Over Trinity River, 1930

1994-008—City Council Inauguration Contact Proofs, 1991

1994-009—City Council Inauguration Photographs and Negatives, 1992

1994-010—City Council Minutes - Bound Volumes, 1866-1977

1994-011—Court Services Scrapbook and Photographs, 1950-1957

1994-012—Boards and Commissions, Annual Reports, 1992+

1994-013—Organizational Re-engineering, 1994

1994-014—Notebooks on Decisions, City Attorney Alex Bickley, 1960-1977

1994-015—Goals for Dallas, 1969-1983

1994-016—Total Quality Management, 1991

1994-017—Innovations, 1978, 1981

1994-018—County Appraisal District, 1993-1994

1994-019—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1993



1994-022—Armstrong Index, 1946-1966

1994-023—Annexation in Dallas Policy and Planning Procedures, 1972

1994-024—Zoning Ordinance - University Park, 1991

1994-025—Consumers Affairs Ordinance, 1972

1994-026—Office of Transportation Central Business District Goods and Distribution Project, 1980

1994-027—Bike Plan, Department of Transportation, 1985

1994-028—Private Industry Council of Dallas, Inc., 1992-1993

1994-029—Strategic Business Plan for Southern Dallas and Enterprise Zones, 1994-1999

1994-030—Detailed Insurance Study, 1931

1994-031—Weights and Measures Ordinance Bound Volume, 1936

1994-032—Analysis of the Procurement Process and Function, 1980

1994-033—Dallas Transit System, 1973-1987

1994-034—Designs for Dallas, 1970

1994-035—Fair Park Music Hall Renovations, 1970

1994-036—Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, 1965

1994-037—Basic Financial and Improvement Plan for the City of Dallas, 1940

1994-038—Annual Report of the Traffic Control Department, 1956

1994-039—Plans of Proposed State Highway Improvement HWY 175, 1939

1994-040—Central Boulevard Project - Part One, Houston Texas Central Railway, 1940

1994-041—City Council Candidate Orientation Materials, 1991

1994-042—City Council Inauguration Planning Materials, 1981, 1985

1994-043—City Council Inauguration, 1983

1994-044—City Council Inauguration Planning Materials, 1980-1983, undated

1994-045—City of Dallas Executives, Biographical Sketches, 1982, undated

1994-046—Economic Development, 1989

1994-047—City Council Inauguration Materials, 1993

1994-048—Department of Street and Sanitation Services Recycling Plan, 1990

1994-049—Vision Report, Department of Street and Sanitation Services, 1989

1994-050—Proposed Dis-annexation of Oak Cliff, 1990-1991

1994-051—Dallas Business Survey, 1987-1988

1994-052—Dallas Business Development, 1990, undated

1994-053—Dallas Public Library Management Review Final Report Volumes I and II, 1991


1994-054—Linear Waterway Study for the Farmer's Market Area of Downtown Dallas, 1991

1994-055—Comprehensive Economic Study, 1990

1994-056—Speeches Collected by the Public Information Office, 1980s

1995-001—Department of Aviation Policies, 1979, 1986

1995-002—City of Dallas Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program Materials, 1989

1995-003—Dallas Convention Center Master Plan Proposal, 1986

1995-004—Review of the Department of Public Works, 1977

1995-005—Property Inventory of City of Dallas Mayor and Commissioners, 1909

1995-006—City of Dallas Planning Policies Guide, 1984


1995-008—Report of the Dallas Citizens Council Privatization Task Force, 1988

1995-009—Equipment, Communications, and Information Services, 1985-1987

1995-010—City Council Agenda Sample in Braille, 1994

1995-011—Report on the Task Force on Public Housing, 1983

1995-012—Company Management Study, 1984

1995-013—Public Intoxication Study, 1985

1995-014—Citizens Surveys [Housing|, 1980, 1983

1995-015—Dallas United DPD/Task Force, 1988

1995-016—Arts District, 1984

1995-017—History of the City in Brief, 1970

1995-018—Northwest Highway Design, 1969

1995-019—Dallas Citizens Charter Review Commission Files from Chair Ray Hutchison, 1989-1995

1995-020—Posters - Events and Publicity, 1981-2012

1995-021—White Rock Lake Dredging, 1930-1942

1995-022—White Rock Lake General Subject Files, 1921-1953

1995-023—Dallas Department of Park and Recreation General Subject Files, 1911-1960

1995-024—Park System (Publication), 1915

1995-025—Park Board Annual Reports, 1911-1995, 2002-2003

1995-026—Dallas Department of Park and Recreation Construction and Concessions,

1995-027—Fair Park, 1905-1918, 1930-1952



1995-029—City Council Inauguration, 1995

1995-030—Everette Lee DeGolyer Estate, 1972-1990

1995-031—W. W. Samuell Estate, 1886-1977

1995-032—Park and Recreation Department Subject Files:  Dealey Plaza, 1940-1942

1995-033—Recreation Manuals, 1943-1983

1995-034—The Ulrickson Committee Report, 1927-1930

1995-035—Dallas Zoo (Marsalis Park), 1952-1955, 1968-1980, 1991

1995-036—Dallas Police Department Park Patrol Manuals, 1957-1985

1995-037—Park and Playground System (Publication), 1921-1923

1995-038—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Maps

1995-039—Memorials and Monuments, 1936, 1959-1982

1995-040—Park Department - Management Studies, 1977-1981

1995-041—Audit Reports and Budgets - Dallas Park and Recreation Funds, 1931-1961

1995-042—Park Department Time Logbooks, c. 1912-1920

1995-043—Park Department Works Progress Administration Records, 1939-1940

1995-044—White Rock Lake Improvements, 1956-1982

1995-045—State Fair of Texas Reports and Studies, 1908-1986

1995-046—Dallas Museum of Art, 1926+

1995-047—Grauwyler Park and John and Emma Grauwyler, 1827-1963

1996-001—Office of the City Secretary, 1963

1996-002—City Ordinances Index, 1871-1973

1996-003—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Centennial History Working Papers and Research Materials, 1972-1976

1996-004—Auditor's Reports, 1977-1989

1996-005—Majestic Theater, 1978-1992

1996-006—Citizen Input - General Obligation Bond-Financed Capital Improvement Program, 1995

1996-007—City Place, 1993

1996-008—Dallas Public Art Planning Reports, 1977-1987

1996-009—Sports Arena Investigation, 1994

1996-010—City Plan Commission Membership List, 1919-1989

1996-011—Fixed Properties Audit Report by McAlpine Carter, 1937-1938

1996-012—Bond-Financed Capital Improvement Programs, 1958, 1962, 1964

1996-013—City of Dallas Program of Services, 1975

1996-014—Dallas Development Guide, 1988

1996-015—Dallas Aquarium, 1994

1996-016—Five Mile Creek Flood Plain Management Plan, 1976

1996-017—Study of the Organization and Operations of the Dallas City Council, 1973

1996-018—Purchasing, 1960-1965, 1992-1995

1996-019—Report on City Government by Marketing Research Corp, 1971

1996-020—Space Requirements Report for the Municipal Administration Center, 1966

1996-021—American Legion National Convention, 1964


1996-022—Wildflower Research Center, 1983

1996-023—Dallas Health and Science Museum, 1960-1979

1996-024—Central District Development Plan, 1970

1996-025—Land Transactions Map and Dallas City Hall, 1912-1971

1996-026—Friends of the Dallas Public Library - The First Forty Years, 1991

1996-027—State of The City Address - Mayor Ron Kirk, 1996, 1999

1996-028—Beer Sales in University Park, 1928-1930

1996-029—Citizens Information Task Force, 1985

1996-030—Independent Audit Financial Reports, 1974

1996-031—Bond Programs, 1962, 1982

1996-032—Dallas Museum of Natural History, 1967-1981, undated

1996-033—Organizational Structure, 1996

1996-034—Pauper's Cemetery and the Henninger-Brewer Company, 1914

1996-035—The Dallas Plan, 1994, 1997

1996-036—Corporate Strategic Plan, 1994

1996-037—Annual City Council and Management Planning Session, 1995

1996-038—STAR - Dallas Public Library Computer System, 1996

1996-039—Annexation Ordinance Project, 1903-1993

1996-040—City Ordinances - Bound Volumes, 1871-1978

1997-001—Records Management Policy Committee, 1995

1997-002—Sanitary Sewer Construction Contracts, 1910-1915

1997-003—Street Paving Contracts - Texas Bitulithic Co., 1904-1908

1997-004—Paving Project - Exposition Avenue, 1908

1997-005—Sidewalk Paving, 1911-1918

1997-006—Dallas Convention Center Expansion, 1969


1997-007—Dallas Transit Master Plan Committee, 1962

1997-008—City of Dallas Sports Commission, 1965-1971

1997-009—Public Welfare, 1938-1946

1997-010—Advisory Public Health Board, 1947-1969, undated

1997-011—Branch Library Service for Dallas Report, 1958

1997-012—Air Quality, 1968

1997-013—Dilution of Natural Gas at Joshua Plant Report, 1935

1997-014—Barber Asphalt Paving Company Contracts, 1900-1906

1997-015—Winslett-Eldridge Company Contracts, 1910-1916

1997-016—Dallas Lime and Gravel Company Contracts, 1911-1917

1997-017—Tax Assessments Filed with Dallas County, 1931-1932

1997-018—Municipal Bond Sales, 1927-1946

1997-019—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1997

1997-020—Municipal Building Contracts, 1913-1914

1997-021—Public Utility Service Corporation Annual Reports, 1911-1922

1997-022—Sewer Contracts with C. W. Olcott, 1909-1916

1997-023—Fair Park Improvements, 1941-1980, undated

1997-024—Robert S. Sloan, City Secretary Retirement, 1997


1997-025—Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light Rail Opening, 1996

1997-026—City-County Industrial School for Boys Board of Managers Minutes, 1938-1960

1997-027—City-County Public Welfare Board, 1956-1959

1997-028—Public Utilities Hearings, 1969-1973

1997-029—Plaques and Awards - Mayor Steve Bartlett

1997-030—City Park - Preliminary Research Brochure by James A. Newett, 1965

1997-031—Cultural Affairs Division of the Department of Park and Recreation, 1971

1997-032—Park Board Secretary Correspondence, 1970

1997-033—Juanita Jewel Craft Recreation Center Dedication, 1974

1997-034—Facility Needs of the Performing Arts in Dallas, 1972

1997-035—Natural Open Space Plan, 1979

1997-036—Building Inspection Newsletter - "Building Express", 1990

1997-037—Park Board and Lady Bird Johnson, 1975

1997-038—Dallas County Beverly Hills Fresh Water District No. 2

1997-039—Bonds and Contracts, 1905-1906

1998-001—Cole Purchase and Turtle Creek Land Acquisitions, 1914-1918

1998-002—Trinity River Improvements, 1997

1998-003—Election - Campaign Expense Reports, 1969

1998-004—The Bartholomew Plan, 1943-1957

1998-005—Abstracts of Title for Street Improvements, 1888-1945

1998-006—Employee Benefits Packages, 1981, 1990-1991

1998-007—Dallas Public Library Association, 1900-1901

1998-008—Dallas Public Schools, 1944-1947

1998-009—Martinez Anti-Tuberculosis Fund, 1917

1998-010—Traffic Signals - Garrett Patents, 1937

1998-011—City Council Compensation, 1941

1998-012—Capital Improvement Program - "Dallas at the Crossroads", 1967-1972

1998-013—Quality Customer Service Action Plan

1998-014—Legislative Program

1998-015—State of Community Study

1999-001—Map Collection, 1868-Current

1999-002—Photographs Not Related to Other Collections

1999-003—City Photographer Collection, 1950-1997

1999-004—City Plan Commission Minute Books, 1919-1983

1999-005—City of Dallas Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board Minutes, 1958-1986

1999-006—Personnel Pay Plans

1999-007—Dallas Fire Department Training Records, 1965-1990

1999-008—Personnel - Council Resolutions


2000-001—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1999

2000-002—Public Information Office Photographs, 1985-1999

2001-001—Dallas City Council and Oak Cliff Town Meeting Videotapes, 1989-1999

2001-002—Dallas Municipal Archives Artifacts Collection, 1890, 1947-1987, undated

2001-003—Love Field Album and Photographs, 1918-1993

2001-004—Dallas Police Academy Motion Picture Film and Videotape, 1957-1973, 1984-1991

2001-005—Ethics Commission, 2001

2001-006—Public Works and Transportation Department Publications, 1990-2000

2001-007—Revenue and Tax Division, 1989

2002-001—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Plans and Drawings, 1911-1960

2002-002—Public Works Department, 1935-38, 1979+

2002-003—Dallas Water Utilities Project Documentation, 1960-1991

2002-004—Public Works and Transportation Department Photographs, 1926, 1944, 1972, 1979-1995

2002-005—Charter Review Commission, 2002-2003

2002-006—WRR Audiotape, 1991-1998

2002-007—Fair Park Mural Conservation, 1999-2000

2002-008—Human Resources Photographs, 1988-1999

2002-009—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 1998


2003-001—Aerial Map Photographs of Dallas, Texas 1930, 1949, 1974, 1979

2003-002—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Photograph Collection, 1910-2004

2003-003—Dallas City Council Portrait, 1963

2003-004—Master Plan Minority Report [Elizabeth Blessing], 1963

2003-005—City of Dallas Mayor Portraits, 1894-2001

2003-006—Employee Retirement Fund

2003-007—Dallas Public Library Publications

2003-008—Planning Department Maps

2003-009—Park and Recreation Department Renaissance Plan

2003-010—History of the Dallas Zoo

2003-011—External Audits

2003-012—Plat Maps on Microfilm

2003-013—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2001

2003-014—Vector Control Photographs, c. 1935-1968

2003-015—Report on the Dallas Park System, 1934

2003-016—Dallas Police Headquarters Mural Installation, 2003

2003-017—Dallas Public Library Master Plan 2000-2010

2003-018—City Attorney's Office Photographs

2003-019—City Manager's Office

2003-020—Dallas and Fort Worth City Councils Joint Meeting, 2002

2003-021—Computer and Information Services Slides

2003-022—Code of Ethics and Conduct Task Force, 1975-1980

2003-023—Economic Development

2004-001—Garza Dam Scrapbook

2004-002—Park and Recreation Department Property History, 1959

2004-003—Oak Cliff Boulevard Median Plans, 1925-1946


2004-005—Dallas Park Board

2004-006—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Reports, Studies, and Administrative Documents, 1964-2004


2005-001—Forward Dallas

2005-002—Sid Stahl Dallas Park Board Papers, 1975-1979

2005-003—Abstracts of Title (including Samuell Estate), 1902-1963

2005-004—Code Enforcement

2005-005—Public Works Survey Division Cemetery Files, 1887-2005

2005-006—Fair Park Esplanade Conservation

2006-001—Dallas Planning Department Publications and Related Materials, 1966-1990

2006-002—City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2005

2006-003—Dallas Park Department Recreation Centers and Facilities

2006-004—Public Works and Transportation Department Maps, Plans, and Drawings

2006-005—Miguel Casanova Photographs, 1986-2001

2007-001—Dallas City Council Photographs and Videotape

2007-002—Laura Miller Photographs

2008-001—City of Dallas Civil Defense Administrative Files, 1958

2008-002—Earl Hart Family - White Rock Lake Collection, 1926-1948

2008-003—Equipment and Building Services Photographs, 1997-1999


2008-005—Equipment and Building Services Photographs


2010-002—Dallas Fire Department Photographs

2010-003—Jim Anderson Planning Department Collection, 1965-1996

2010-004—Dallas Farmers Market - Henry Forschmidt Collection

2010-005—Surtran Records

2010-006—Dallas Motion Picture Classification Board Records

2010-007—Performing Arts Center Dallas - Funding, Campaign, and Opening Materials

2010-008—City of  Dallas Tax Rolls, 1880-1981

2011-001—Goforth Family Papers

2011-002—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photographs, 2011

2011-003—Communication and Information Services Albums and Artifacts

2012-001—City of Dallas Historic Preservation Program Files, 1978, 1982-1986

2012-002—Public Information Office Video and Photography, 2001-2011

2012-003—City of Dallas Historic American Building Survey/Section 106 Documentation Files

2012-004—US Census Data and Correspondence, 1990, 2000

2012-005—Dallas Redistricting Commission Records

2012-006—Dallas Park and Recreation Department Plaques and Memorials Documentation, 1971-1979

2012-007—City of Dallas Health Department Program Files and Photographs, 1948-2005

2013-001—City of Dallas Street Lighting Project Photographs, 1949-1968

2013-002—Kidd Springs Creative Playground Scrapbook and Photographs

2013-003—Dallas Memorial Auditorium Time Capsule

2013-004—Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Joint Revenue Bond Sale Proceedings Transcripts

2013-005—Bachman Water Purification Plant Plans and Drawings

2013-006—Aviation Director Files on President John F. Kennedy Visit, 1963-1964, 2011-2013


2014-001—Reunion Arena Collection

2014-002—William Oren Trogdon John F. Kennedy Assassination Research Collection,


2014-003—Dallas Convention Center Photographs

2014-004—Dallas Fire Department Planning for Republican National Convention Security, 1984

2014-005—US Conference of Mayors meeting

2014-006—US Census (Dallas Office Records), 2010

2015-001—Delia Jasso Papers

2015-002—Dallas Fire Department Awards Banquets, 1964-1984

2015-003—Board of Adjustment Minutes

2015-004—Mike Rawlings Collection

2015-005—City of Dallas John F Kennedy Commemoration, 2013

2015-006—Del Crouser Dallas Transportation Planning and Engineering

2015-007—Dallas Convention Center Event Files, 2008-2010


2016-001—South Dallas Cultural Center

2016-002—US Army Corps of Engineers Trinity River Documents

2016-003—Amos Saunders Dallas Railway Company Collection

2016-004—Dallas Police Ambush, 2016

2016-005—City Design Studio Publications, 2011-2012, undated

2016-006—Office of Emergency Management Collection

2016-007—Walker et al. vs. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, et al. Records, 1989-2003

2017-001—Office of the City Secretary Maps

2017-002—Dallas Water Utilities Maps

2017-003—Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender Employee Association of Dallas, 2015-Current

2017-004—Dallas Water Utilities Red River Pump Station Collection

2017-005—Emil Fretz - Mary Ellen Holt Collection, 1854-1928, undated

2017-006—Mayor's Task Force on Confederate Monuments Collection, 2017-2018

2017-007—Francis C Xavier Central Business District Photography Collection, 1980-1983

2017-008—Kalita Humphreys Theater Center Master Plan, 2010

2017-009—Trinity River Conservation Corps Project Records

2018-001—Friends of the Dallas Municipal Archives Collection, 2018-current

2018-002—Sanitation Department Images



2018-004—James P McChesney Photography Collection

2018-005—City Council Inauguration Planning, History, and Video

2018-006—Mayor's International Ball Records, 1980-1997

2018-007—Henry Moore Dallas Piece Videos, 1978-1982

2018-008—Pegasus Project Technical Manual

​2018-009—City of Dallas Protest Documentation Collection


2018-011—City of Dallas Department of Transportation Sign Shop Operations Collection

​2018-012—Fair Park Operations Collection

2018-013—Dallas Park Board Minutes, 1904-1973

2018-014—Citizens for Reconciliation and Unity Collection, 2017-2018

2018-015—Park and Recreation Department Public Relations

2018-016—Trinity River Corridor Project Documentation and Public Relations

2019-001—Dallas City Hall Plans and Drawings, 1968-1978

2019-002—City Photography

2019-003—Visit Dallas Collection

2019-004—Oral Histories, 2018-Current

2019-005—Dallas Water Utilities Water Conservation Program

2019-006—Adam Medrano Collection

2019-007—Dallas City Council Inauguration Photos, 2019

2019-008—Jim Hart Dallas City Council Papers, 1983-1985

2019-009—Lorlee Bartos Political Campaign Materials Collection, 1985-2019

2019-010—Frances James Cemetery Files Collection

2019-011—Eric Johnson Collection

2019-012—Dallas Municipal Archives Exhibits and Programs

2019-013—Al Lipscomb Collection

2020-001—Willis Winters Park and Recreation Department Administrative Records

2020-002—Tim Dalbey Dallas Archaeological Reports and Studies

2020-003—City of Dallas COVID-19 Response Collection